The World Is At a Showdown Moment — A New Paradigm vs. the Entire Geopolitical Apparatus in the West

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko [UNIAN Information Agency]

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko [UNIAN Information Agency]



The provocation launched by the government of Ukraine on Sunday — deploying three military ships into Russian territory without the required notification — has achieved the intended results. Russia seized the ships, Poroshenko declared martial law, and Nikki Haley spread her usual filth at the UN Security Council, blaming Russia for an “outrageous violation of sovereign Ukrainian territory,” and “another reckless Russian escalation,” while claiming to be speaking for the President. She was not — in fact, President Trump just minutes later said: “We do not like what’s happening, either way, we don’t like what’s happening, and hopefully it will get straightened out.” The press immediately denounced Trump for “not singling out Russia.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed the reality: “The fact that it was done under the goodwill and direct order of the leadership [in Kiev] is undoubtable.” He also addressed the fact that the provocation was aimed not only at Russia, but at President Donald Trump as well: “We cannot guarantee that those political forces in the United States that are seeking to break down Trump’s presidency will not venture new provocation. On the contrary, further provocations and attempts to destroy our relations are highly likely.”

Lavrov added, “If martial law is declared, then radical nationalists may feel that they have been given a free hand.” Indeed, bands of black-hooded Ukrainian neo-nazis have attacked the Russian Embassy in Kiev, and the Consulates in Lviv and Kharkov, burning cars, tires, Russian flags, and throwing molotov cocktails into the compounds. It is feared that the extremely unpopular Poroshenko will cancel the scheduled elections in March under a provision in the Martial Law code.

The immediate target is the Trump-Putin meeting being planned to take place on the sidelines of the Nov. 30-Dec. 1 G20 Summit in Argentina. Similarly, the planned Trump-Xi Jinping meeting at that Summit is the target of a barrage of anti-China, anti-Belt and Road attacks coming from the Anglo-American think tanks and their press whores.

Were President Trump to use these meetings to impose a new paradigm among these three great powers — the U.S., Russia, and China — utilizing the considerable power granted to the President over foreign policy in the U.S. Constitution, he could end the British Empire’s drive to use the U.S., yet again, as the “dumb giant” to fight the Empire’s wars, this time a world war against Russia and China, which would leave no winners.

The timing is crucial. The western financial system has gone into gyrations, as the gurus of London and Wall Street can no longer hide the scope of the multiple monetary bubbles ready to burst. GM today announced the closure of three plants in the US and Canada, with nearly 15,000 layoffs of factory and white collar workers. The wildly inflated, leveraged corporate bond market is today’s “subprime mortgage” bubble, while the record rate of stock buy-backs is no longer enough to prop up the stock bubble.

But rather than run for cover, it must be faced, that these bubbles are not the real economy. Money is not the economy. Real production and technological advances which lift the productivity of labor globally — that is the real economy, as clearly understood by Alexander Hamilton and his fellow “American System” economists, including Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Dexter White in forging the Bretton Woods System at the end of World War II.

Were President Trump to use this pregnant moment to bring Russia, China, India, Japan, and others together, to restore the Bretton Woods structure, ending the speculation in currencies and junk bonds which loot the real economy, and joining in the New Silk Road development process which is now transforming Africa, Asia, Ibero-America, and even several countries in Eastern and Southern Europe — if he were to adopt this approach at the G20 meetings, the otherwise inevitable crash could be avoided, and a true new economic and cultural renaissance could be set in motion among all nations.

Our responsibility is to convey this reality, and hope, to the American people and people around the world — that the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche have been proven to be true in the real world over and over again over the past fifty years. Now the time has come in which those ideas are capable of being understood by a rapidly expanding layer of the population. It is this knowledge in the minds of the citizenry which is the essential ingredient needed to give the President the backing and the direction he needs. These last four days before the G20 are a moment of great opportunity, which must not find a little people.

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