Europe’s ‘Free World’ Impostors Are Falling — German, French and British Leaders on the Brink

Theresa May's first PMQs as Prime Minister, July 20, 2016 (Photograph © UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor)

Theresa May’s first PMQs as Prime Minister, July 20, 2016 (Photograph © UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor)



The British Parliament yesterday found the Government of Theresa May in contempt of Parliament, for refusing to turn over the Legal Advice from the Attorney General on the legal impact of Prime Minister May’s phony Brexit deal, which leaves Britain in the Custom’s Union and does not resolve the difficult issue of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The Parliament also ruled that the Parliament, not the Prime Minister, shall determine what steps to take if her Brexit deal is voted down next Tuesday in the Parliamentary vote, as it is expected it will. May’s government, as the old English nursery rhyme goes, is about to have a great fall, with no hope that all the King’s Horses and all the King’s Men can put it together again. The problem is, that she will likely be replaced with somebody as crazy as Boris Johnson as the Tory party leader, although a new general election could result from the chaos, probably bringing in Jeremy Corbin and the Labour Party.

Then look across the Channel. French President Emmanuel Macron, who is implementing the insane Paris Climate accord by taxing carbon at the expense of the already declining standard of living of the citizenry, finally backed down to the mass strike phenomenon of the “yellow vests,” and postponed a planned tax on fuel, only to discover that the people will not stand down in return for a few crumbs. He may soon fall as well.

Next door in Germany, Angela Merkel (who was anointed the “leader of the free world” by the British when Trump was elected) is stepping down as head of the CDU on Friday, after having lost support from her party. She says she will remain as Chancellor, but, as the London Daily Express headlines today: “END OF MERKEL: Friedrich Merz CDU victory THIS WEEKEND could spark IMMINENT exit” as Chancellor. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, head of Germany’s Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität party, noted today that the two candidates vying to replace Merkel as CDU chief are disasters in their own right.

Meanwhile, on Wall Street, the speculators were grateful that the funeral for George H.W. Bush today provided an excuse to close down the markets, hoping to cool things off after Tuesday’s 800-point decline. But the financial bubble will not evaporate so easily, any more than the evil of the Bush family legacy will evaporate due to the fake eulogies filling the media.

President Trump, who won the Republican nomination for President by fiercely denouncing the Bush wing of the party — the neoconservative war hawks from Wall Street — is paying his respects to the 41st president today. But he is also sending out tweets making abundantly clear that he intends to repair the damage done by the Bush presidencies and the Obama presidency — to bring the United States into cooperation with Russia and China, to end the arms race, to end the trade conflict, and to restore sovereignty to the United states, and to all nations. As he said at the United Nations in September in regard to the impoverished, drug-ridden nations of Ibero-America: “Make their nations great again.” Trump’s cooperation with the newly-inaugurated President of Mexico Lopez Obrador is intended to solve the migrant crisis in the only possible way — by creating development and jobs for their people. AMLO today called on the US and Canada to join with him in creating a development fund for Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala — the nations whose populations have been left to suffer under abject poverty and subservience to the drug cartels.

While the neocons, both Republicans and Democrats, are hell-bent on provoking war with Russia and China, Trump is showing the courage to insist on cooperation and friendship with both nations, rather than confrontation. With the Russiagate coup attempt against Trump now exposed as a British intelligence operation, he is increasingly free to carry out his original intentions to end the regime-change wars and super-power confrontation, as the necessary precondition to realizing his effort to restore the productive economy of the United States.

In Europe, too, there are signs of life, as the new Italian government, which includes several close friends of the LaRouche movement, is standing up against EU dictates to impose austerity on its citizens, and calling for Glass-Steagall, open cooperation with China on the New Silk Road, and an end to the self- destructive sanctions on Russia, while appealing to all Europeans to join in this effort. Today, the Portuguese government signed an agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Lisbon to join the Belt and Road Initiative, seeing their country as a vital hub for connecting the Silk Road routes across Eurasia with the Americas, just as Portugal’s Henry the Navigator established his country as a leading sea explorer, whose discoveries led Columbus to the “New World.”

Trump cannot depend on his own cabinet to carry out his intentions. He depends on the people, as demonstrated with his incredible mass rallies (which assured him of a Senate which would reject any impeachment effort), and his twitter account, which bypasses the disgusting American press to address the population directly. It is here where we must exert our full power, the power of ideas developed by Lyndon LaRouche, to inspire the power of creativity in the population.

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