Out of the Bushes and Into the Future


In 1988, 30 years ago, Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, called for launching the largest economic recovery program in U.S. history with a timeline of 39 years from his initiating call. At the center of the program was a mission to Mars as LaRouche famously elaborated in his groundbreaking “Woman on Mars” campaign broadcast. That same year, British intelligence and financial interests, then led in the United States by President H.W. Bush, put Lyndon LaRouche in jail. That action, by the “gentlemen” assassins, the oligarchs of Anglo-Dutch imperialism, created one of the great lost chances of human history. Not only was LaRouche put in jail, but Bush, Mitterrand, and Margaret Thatcher undertook to loot and destroy the Soviet Union as the Berlin Wall fell, imposing a new Roman Empire model for “governance” of the world, rather than LaRouche’s proposal to create a durable peace through development between and amongst nation states. Decades of economic collapse, cultural degeneration, and war followed.

Today, we have a President who keeps kicking over the establishment chessboard, most importantly in embracing the nation state, rather than globalization, as the keystone for a new human renaissance. Trump’s courage in doing this, against the daily murderous rage of our elites, has finally given us a chance. But the Trump presidency cannot succeed without the type of giant leap forward Lyndon LaRouche demanded in the Woman on Mars. As a new collapse of the decadent post Bretton Woods financial system looms large, only the creative breakthroughs described in LaRouche’s Fourth Law for Economic Recovery, development of fusion power and industrialization of the moon can provide the density of economic development and mobilization of the popular will and imagination necessary to avoid a New Dark Age. That Dark Age, portending a mass kill of whole populations, is already being put into place. It features calls to dismantle whole economies and a return to the primitive local control feudalism now being featured in the Bernie Sanders Green Agenda here in the United States, and in the attacks on populations by neo-fascists, such as Macron in France. How do we turn a mass strike protest, like the yellow jackets’ upsurge in France, into a mass strike for real economic development? Join us for tonight’s discussion with Kesha Rogers, who just ran a highly successful campaign for these ideas in Texas.

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