Fireside Chat – The British Come Out of the Shadows: We Will Prevent a Second Trump Term!


Join us LIVE at 9pm Eastern. The British House of Lords just published a Report on what they want to do between now and 2020. They are emphatic: Donald Trump must not get a second term. They plan to use world-wide censorship, and information warfare to accomplish Trump’s loss. Aside from the United States, they are focused on China, India, and Russia as their foreign policy priorities. These are, of course, the same Four Powers Lyndon LaRouche says have the combined scientific, economic, and cultural potential to cause a new Renaissance, even in the midst of a collapse of the Wall Street/City of London bubble, provided they throw off all remnants of British liberal thought. You can see that two forces in the world right now understand grand strategy: the British, and Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.

At the same time that the Lords were publishing their Report and some of the “proceedings” which led to it, one arm of the Empire’s black propaganda and psyops operation was being exposed: the military intelligence Integrity Initiative. It has multiple overlaps of personnel and tactics with the circles of Sir Richard Dearlove, Christopher Steele’s controller, the same guy who wrote the filthy fake propaganda piece about Donald Trump which has dominated U.S. political discussion for well over two years. It overlaps heavily with Orbis Business Intelligence, Steele’s spook firm.

Defeating this means organizing a full scale counter-offensive, primarily in the real world of mind and culture. How do we create the mission in our fellow citizens to become, like our founders, citizen philosophers and scientists, intellectually equipped to step in and run the economy and major policy if necessary? Defeating this means a level of mental ruthlessness, “Entschlossenheit” in creating the basis for the Four Powers agreement and a New Bretton Woods monetary system providing long term credit for the massive development projects which are the fundamental human need now.

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