LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – The Turbulence of Entering a New Paradigm


Prior to the sound barrier being broken there were numerous attempts by those not understanding the physical principles of supersonic flight. It was observed that as the barrier was approached incredible turbulence occurred, such that planes simply were shorn of their wings and crashed to the ground. Such was the conclusion of sense certainty. Discovery of the actual physical principles involved, the fact that a cone formed around the plane of increasingly compressed air, which was responsible for the turbulence, finally led to redesign of the aircraft which minimized the result of the turbulence caused by the cone. Now, escape into the calm air at supersonic speeds, became possible although the calm air which had always surrounded the cone.

We are at such a moment. It is time to redesign the plane. This week saw ever more revelations concerning the coup directed at the President of the United States, and rejection of the Brexit deal negotiated by British Prime Minister May. The war propaganda accompanying these events has reached a fever pitch and it may seem that we stand at the edge of chaos. At the same time, China has begun to grow plants on the Moon while exploring its far-side and experimenting with the potential fuel for fusion power, a potential massive upshift in the energy flux density of the platform for breakthrough human development. Let’s talk, tonight, about how we redesign the plane.

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