New York Times Freaks: Hypes Absolutely Insane FBI Allegation that Trump Committed Treason when He Fired Comey


The New York Times of Saturday, January 12th, blared the headline, in oversized type: “FBI Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia.” A closer look reveals that the Times plagiarized this article largely from the Epoch Times, the Falun Gong’s anti-China newspaper. Epoch Times had been leaked the transcript of former FBI Attorney Lisa Page’s June, 2018 testimony to the Congress. According to both the Times and the anti-China rag, when Trump fired James Comey, the top levels of the FBI, who had thoroughly imbibed British intelligence Kool-Aide about Trump and Russia, didn’t just orchestrate the hiring of Special Counsel Robert Mueller to pursue the bogus Trump/Russia investigation. They also opened a full FBI counterintelligence operation now targeting directly the President of the United States. Previously, they had pretended to be just investigating people associated with the Trump Campaign. The counterintelligence investigation centered, in effect, on whether the President of the United States had committed treason. In the deranged McCarthyite fever generated by the Christopher Steele/British intelligence information warfare operation against the United States which began in late 2015, these circles in the FBI apparently believed that Russia had been formally declared an enemy of the United States.

This is the arrogant off the wall atmosphere in which the unhinged, unelected arbiters of American foreign policy in the Justice Department deliberated a putsch, in legal garb, against the American President. This is the atmosphere in which Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein talked about wearing a wire to the White House while approving, at the same time, the hiring of Robert Mueller to find out whether Comey’s firing was a criminal obstruction of justice by Donald Trump. Mueller’s hiring and Rosenstein’s supervision of the more operationally slow moving Special Counsel operation to take out the President, were more than a little legally and ethically off the wall. Rosenstein played a key role in orchestrating Comey’s firing by Trump and now was supervising an investigation of his own conduct. But, such problems had months ago been swept aside at the mad top levels of the FBI and Main Justice since they had already committed so many violations of policy and outright crimes that one more could not possibly matter.

Why is this coming out now? You might ask. One of the uses of each of these accusations is to freeze the President in denunciations of Russia and actions further imperiling any sane US/Russia relationship as the President defends himself against the outrageous and completely fictional claim that he is a traitor. Whether the leakers intended that, or whether, instead, by unveiling the insanity of these accusations and the dangerously criminal actions they spurred, the leakers are themselves attempting to spur declassification of the very seedy, illegal, and British operation behind all of this, remains an open question. The President has so far held off on declassification as a matter of his own legal strategy. The British have also complained about Trump’s desire to declassify, undoubtedly making every threat imaginable. Recently, the Daily Caller revealed that the Democracy Integrity Project funded to the tune of $70 million by Tom Steyer and George Soros to pursue Christopher Steele’s fabricated Russiagate claims, post-election, had ties to New Knowledge, the cyberwarrior firm caught rigging Alabama’s Senatorial election in 2017 by running a false flag operation to link Republican candidate Roy Moore to the Russians. Among the facts revealed in the Daily Caller article is that Jonathan Morgan of New Knowledge is involved in a propaganda effort to convince the President not to declassify key documents which would reveal crimes by the British, the CIA, the FBI and the Obama White House in the 2016 election. Jonathan Morgan told the BBC that the very popular #ReleasetheMemo twitter account was a Russian directed social media campaign.

Lisa Page is best known for her texts with her lover, Peter Strzok, the lead agent on the Trump/Russia investigation, with whom she was conducting an extra-marital affair. She was, otherwise, the legal counsel to fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and part of Jim Comey’s inner circle at the highest levels of the FBI. Here is what Page had to say about Russia, according to the transcript cited by Epoch Times: “I do always hate the Russians,” . . . “Russia poses the greatest threat certainly to Western ideals of any of our foreign adversaries. And we have vast foreign adversaries. But even the threats that are posed by China or by Iran or North Korea or others doesn’t speak to sort of the core of Western democracy, right? . . .It is my opinion that with respect to Western ideals and who it is and what it is we stand for as Americans, Russia poses the most dangerous threat to that way of life.” Really. You just have to ask what is this woman’s idea about “our way of life?” Her lover, it will be recalled, texted her about the unsavory “smell” of Trump supporters in Virginia and they laughed about the species called Trump voters. Their way of life apparently means that FBI and Main Justice run the United States, not the President as stipulated in that minor historical relic known as the U.S. Constitution. Turns out that Page used to work, for five years, for Bruce Ohr, the former third man in the DOJ Criminal Division who was tasked as a back-channel to receive further reports from the British disinformation guy, Christopher Steele, when some people in the FBI insisted that Steele be fired in October of 2016. Ohr, otherwise, had a long standing relationship to both Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson. Simpson and his Fusion GPS were the dead drops for the British operation which attempted to swing the U.S. election to Hillary Clinton.

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