Britain’s Well Thought-Out Alternative to the LaRouche Plan: War, Genocide, Coups, and the End of National Sovereignty

Si se puede march in Caracas, Venezuela. January 23, 2019 (VOA)

Si se puede march in Caracas, Venezuela. January 23, 2019 (VOA)



Over the course of 50 years of scientific endeavor and organizing, Lyndon LaRouche and his international movement have consistently presented, and helped bring into existence, a New Paradigm which is an alternative to the dying British Empire, and which is worthy of the dignity of Man. A science-based physical economic system is now taking shape around China’s Belt and Road Initiative. And a resurgence of national sovereignty and an end to British geopolitics is gaining traction, with Russia’s strategic intervention into Syria, and President Trump’s obstinate efforts to also end geopolitics, as seen in such examples as the Korean Peninsula, and his withdrawal of US troops from Syria. A broader, working alliance among the U.S., Russia, China and India would of course seal the fate of geopolitics forever.

The British Empire’s response to this existential threat to their system has been eloquent.

  • As the U.S. and China prepare for crucial trade talks in Washington later this week, on the instructions of Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping, Britain’s trustworthy apparatus in the U.S. Department of Justice yesterday launched a 23-count criminal indictment against the Chinese chip giant Huawei—with impeccable timing designed to sabotage those talks. And today, Britain’s war-hawk apparatus in the U.S. intelligence community and the Senate held hearings to denounce Russia and China, and their alliance, for being the greatest threat to U.S. national security—because they are intent on the scientific and technological development of their nations, and because of the Belt and Road Initiative.
  • That same British-run gang remains intent on toppling President Trump, or sinking him with their geopolitical gambits. They are inventing non-existent crimes; trying to entrap victims into crimes they themselves committed; and if none of that works, politically waterboard and otherwise terrorize them into plea bargains to lyingly incriminate the President.
  • The British continue to organize heavily for the Green depopulation of the planet, with Germany at the center of their drive. To their criminal, unscientific campaigns for denuclearization, decarbonization, and de-dieselization, they have added their insistence that crucial, absolutely safe herbicides such as glyphosate (used extensively in agriculture as Roundup) be banned, on the grounds that it is “carcinogenic.” This is like the earlier environmentalist campaign to ban the use of DDT, the success of which led to the death of millions as a result. It is intentional genocide.
  • Britain’s chicken-hawk gang in Washington has been put into high gear to carry out regime-change in Venezuela, not to come to the rescue of the suffering Venezuelan people, as they proclaim, but to put an end to the Westphalian system of national sovereignty. They also intend to deny China and Russia any role throughout Ibero-America—especially of the Belt and Road alternative to their dying speculative system.

The most effective way to make sure that these dangerous, but rearguard British actions fail, is to stop their attempted coup d’etat against President Trump in the United States—as Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche has repeatedly insisted. As part of that, ensure that Lyndon LaRouche, 30 years after his unjust incarceration, is finally exonerated, and that his policies are adopted by all nations around the world, most especially the United States.

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