LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – Get Off the News Cycle Roller-coaster; It is Costing Us a Country


Where do you stand on Venezuela, pro regime change or not? What about the Wall? Are you for it or against it? Will losing the Wall fight cost Trump the Presidency as many who voted for him state? What about abortion? Did you know that the Democratic Governor of Virginia just endorsed infanticide, following the path plowed by Cuomo in New York? Single payer, would it bankrupt us? Is it really the best system?

These are just a few of the issues plucked from yesterday’s headlines which are designed to cause you to immediately respond. Take a position. This is the discourse. This is the range of thought. Do you intuit, correctly, that this presentation of what you should be concerned about is manufactured in some way? After all, these issues seem real, and they are. But, they are also based on years of surveillance and profiling of your preferences and ideas about yourself and your society. And their presentation is designed to evoke a simple thumbs up, thumbs down, just like the games at the coliseums of Rome. Hitler, after all, dispensed with all institutions of government but claimed he was democratic by presenting questions directly to the public in plebiscites.

In the meantime, those presently contending to save their power over determining all of this are out to destroy the President by any means necessary. On Wednesday, this nation’s intelligence “chiefs” sat in a compliant Congress and, uniformly, contradicted every single aspect of Donald Trump’s war avoidance policy. Senator Chuck Schumer called on these self-proclaimed mandarins to “educate” the President, knowing as he otherwise admits, that these people can kill you six ways to Sunday. The “coup” is not an “issue.” It is the determining force, however, in the presentation of all of these “issues” and how the battle is fought by emboldened and intelligent patriots to stop it, will determine the future of the nation and the world. The British are out to preserve their imperial form of society which has destroyed the nation, much of the world, and hidden our actual history and the ideas which made the nation. The roller-coaster of issues and their emotional pitch beckon us away from fundamentals, from LaRouche’s impassioned ideas about man and nature from which we can discern the order of the world and deliberate the way forward, starting with the question, where do we want to be, 50 years hence? Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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