European, U.S. Governments Are Paralyzed: Crisis Is a Time for Big Ideas, of LaRouche

UK Prime Minister Theresa May travelled to the Berlin to have a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at the Chancellery. Dec 11, 2018 (flickr/number10gov)

UK Prime Minister Theresa May travelled to the Berlin to have a bilateral meeting with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at the Chancellery. Dec 11, 2018 (flickr/number10gov)


A crisis, of the failed British elite’s making, has seized the governments of the “major powers” of Europe, emphatically including that of the UK itself, eliminated their credibility, and robbed their power to govern. It has left stable only Italy, because of its new government’s rejection of British geopolitics.

The British insistence on a NATO war confrontation with Russia, and the stubborn imposition of economic austerity since even before the financial crash, has blown up the coalitions and triggered mass protests against the governments of these “western world-leading” governments which tried to ram through these policies. They are paralyzed, essentially vacuums of power, while their economies sink, one by one, back into recession.

But the British intelligence-led outright coup attempt against President Donald Trump, ongoing now since he first became a candidate three years ago, has also paralyzed the United States government.

With Trump’s intentions clear — to establish cooperative relations with Russia and China and to end regime-change wars — the British have furiously attacked him through NATO elites in Europe, through “legal assassin” Robert Mueller, through Democratic hacks and neo-Con warmongers, turning every small step of progress into a year’s work.

Despite Trump’s individual executive actions, in the eyes of Americans, the government has become unable to function. His peace and cooperation policy is blocked by British war policy.

In crises of this kind of vacuum of credible government, many thinking citizens begin to disdain the phrases liberals and conservatives read from their cue cards and talking points. They look for explanations of events on a higher, even a historical level. Thus, the growing success of the 18-month mobilization by LaRouche Political Action Committee to show Americans that this is, precisely, a British imperial coup attempt against President Trump. The campaign began in mid-2017 with mass circulation of LPAC’s Dossier on “Legal Assassin” Robert Mueller. Americans now readily grasp this British intelligence attack; pro-Trump “pundits” reflect and accept it.

The real history of “how we got into this crisis” requires a still higher level of thinking, of which some are becoming capable. It is a furious British imperial reaction to the potential success, from 50 years’ organizing, of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche’s campaign to create a economic paradigm developing the underdeveloped countries with credit and machine-tool capabilities of the industrial powers.

The infrastructure “great projects” they called the World Land-Bridge have been brought forward along with China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The potential exists for a Eurasian development “triangle” of Russia, India, and China, to join the United States in a new international credit system, a new Bretton Woods, as Lyndon LaRouche has specified for decades. And the British-instigated jailing of him 30 years ago, becomes the paradigm for the British drive to take down President Trump now.

In the recruitment for the national conference of the Schiller Institute this weekend, there are welcome signs that this new understanding can take hold. The LaRouches’ paradigm of economic progress led by science, and revived classical culture to restore people’s humanity, is the subject of the conference.

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