LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – The Sputtering British Coup Against Trump

First published Thursday, February 14, 2019

Over the past 48 hours, there are increasing signs that the British coup against Trump is sputtering toward collapse. The Senate Intelligence Committee has stated there was no Russian collusion. Bill Binney and others have provided new irrefutable proofs throwing the central premise of this atrocity into question: that the Russians hacked the DNC. Yes, it is true that deranged Democrats continue to attack the Presidency, but they have nothing to offer but the bankrupt and genocidal Green New Deal. The regular Republicans, remain devoted to the nostrums of the British fascists who led the Mt. Pelerin Society’s effort to reshape the post World War II world, worshipping Mammon and not knowing the secret of how society can reproduce itself at a higher level of productive and cultural existence.

Now the debate will turn to one which is primarily economic and about the future, 50 years hence, and about the forgotten men and women who cannot flourish under either of the current economic “trends.” That is the debate Lyndon LaRouche prepared us to win, with his method and his ideas. The way forward could not be clearer.


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