The Fraud of The Green New Deal


With the release of the so-called Green New Deal yesterday, we need only look to the economic disaster now facing Germany to see what such anti-growth green economic policies have wrought. Joining us from Germany is Reiner Apel, EIR German Correspondent, to describe the situation on the ground, where the Yellow Vest protests have now begun to emerge in Germany and continue to occur in France. We are also joined by Paul Gallagher, EIR Economics Editor, who asserts the essential truth of human economics as has been demonstrated decisively and undeniably by Lyndon LaRouche: there are no limits to growth! Increases and decreases in energy flux density are directly correlated to life-expectancy and mortality rates, and any attempt to embrace a reversal of centuries of growth in technology and productivity will lead to a collapse in the potential population density of the human species.

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