The Fruits of Lyndon LaRouche’s Passion and Dedication are Everywhere Around Us

Lyndon LaRouche in discussion with some of his closest collaborators, during a LaRouchePAC LIVE broadcast on YouTube. August 10, 2015 (LaRouchePAC)

Lyndon LaRouche in discussion with some of his closest collaborators, during a LaRouchePAC LIVE broadcast on YouTube. August 10, 2015 (LaRouchePAC)


Among the statements of support and condolence coming in from around the world to his wife Helga and his associates since Lyndon LaRouche’s death two days ago, we can start, today, by taking special note of those from Italy and those from Russia. The new Italian government, not yet one year old, despite its problems, represents the first such successful revolt in Western Europe against the tyranny of the European Union and for economic development. It has enshrined Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law, championed around the world by LaRouche, as everyone knows, in its coalition program.

This would never have happened without Lyndon LaRouche’s patient work, and his repeated visits to Italy with Helga. It would never have happened without the LaRouche Italian organization “Movisol.” But what else was integral to it? None of it would have happened without the campaign of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche and the Schiller Institute for the Verdi tuning of C=256 Hertz, beginning in 1988. The world’s leading singers, led by the greatest Italian artists, championed this lower tuning at home and around the world.

From science, from music, comes a political revolution. Who would have believed it possible? Who but Lyndon LaRouche?

The great change for the better in Russia visible under Vladimir Putin’s leadership since 2000, was prepared by decades of Lyndon LaRouche’s work, beginning latest 1977 when Russia was part of the Soviet Union. It was then that LaRouche began to elaborate what became known as the “Strategic Defense Initiative” when President Reagan announced it as U.S. policy on March 23, 1983. It was simultaneously a scientific-technological program, a military program to overcome “mutually-assured destruction,” and an economic program for world development. Its objective was a world Westphalian system featured combined economic development, as Franklin Roosevelt had envisioned for the post-World War II world.

The new Soviet government of Yury Andropov (and his successor Mikhail Gorbachov) rejected the SDI, and LaRouche forecast that the Soviet system would collapse within about five years as a result.

Thus, already under the Soviets, LaRouche and his views were well known in Russia, especially among scientists–but he continued his involvement there even from the Federal prison where he was thrown as revenge for winning the U.S. government for the SDI policy. Paroled after five years, LaRouche made the video “Storm over Asia,” which forecast the course of British intervention against Russia through Central Asia, which later became the first great crisis Putin had to face as President. LaRouche travelled to Russia repeatedly in the 1990s, meeting with leading scientists, politicians and economists.

In Russia, in Italy, these are only two of the many ways in which LaRouche has profoundly shaped history, as a citizen, without money or political office. We are carrying on from here to bring his efforts to fruition.


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