The British Empire Is Deployed To Stop Potential Major Advances by Trump with China and North Korea

Presidents Trump and Kim shaking hands in the summit room during the 2018 Singapore Summit. June, 2018

Presidents Trump and Kim shaking hands in the summit room during the 2018 Singapore Summit. June, 2018


It’s a predictably familiar pattern: On the eve of major potential progress by President Donald Trump in his policies of building good relations with China and Russia, and ending the Bush-Obama era of perpetual wars, the British Empire and its assets inside the United States orchestrate some sort of a provocation to slam Trump, to change the strategic agenda, and/or to hornswoggle him into backing their suicidal policies.

On April 6, 2017, the very day Trump was holding his historic summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, Trump was fed lies to convince him to support an American military strike inside Syria—albeit one that was far less serious than what the British would have liked. It was designed to torpedo U.S.-Chinese relations altogether, but it did not achieve that result.

On July 16, 2018, just as Trump was set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Special Counsel Robert Mueller tried to scuttle the summit by indicting a dozen Russian individuals and companies as part of his so-called “Russia collusion probe.” Again the gambit failed to stop the summit, although serious damage was done to U.S.-Russian relations.

And now, with the U.S.-China trade talks making progress and being extended beyond the March 1 deadline by President Trump, with the prospect of a broad deal to be agreed to by Trump and Xi personally in the near future; and on the eve of Trump’s second summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un scheduled for Feb. 27-28 in Hanoi, the British are at it with impeccable timing. Mueller is grandstanding yet again with a sentencing report in the Manafort case, and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is scheduled to testify before open committee hearings in Congress on Feb. 27, at exactly the moment Trump will be meeting with Kim. And most seriously, the orchestrated Venezuela crisis is heading towards serious violence and a possible foreign invasion and coup d’état as early as this week—with the unfortunate repeated public backing of this policy by Trump himself—just as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo heads to Colombia to meet with “Interim President” Juan Guaidó on Feb. 25.

And hanging over all of these strategic developments like the darkest of dark clouds, is the danger of a global showdown of the West with Russia, accelerated by the U.S. withdrawal from the INF Treaty, and reflected in the sobering remarks by President Putin in his Feb. 20 address to the Russian Federal Assembly.

None of these British provocations and policies can be defeated piecemeal. To have productive U.S.-China relations, the U.S. has to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative to forge a New Bretton Woods system. To stop the perennial regime-change wars, British geopolitics as practice and philosophy must be replaced by Cusa’s invention of the sovereign nation-state and the Westphalian system. To be rid of the danger of thermonuclear annihilation, a Four Power cooperative agreement of Mutually Assured Survival, not Mutually Assured Destruction, needs to be promptly put in place.

In fact, all of these issues and crises, and the international chaos and cultural despair they have unleashed, can only be turned around with a global Renaissance based on a concept of Man as a uniquely creative species—which is the heart and soul of the New Paradigm which Lyndon LaRouche spent his entire life bringing into existence.

It is to that end that we rededicate ourselves to achieving the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche, and to honoring the memory of his continuing achievements, as was done in an hour-long tribute to LaRouche broadcast on Dominican Republic cable TV on Feb. 23.

Justice for the man means justice for his ideas.

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