Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Demonstrate Why the British Fear Them, and Why Trump Is Right to Be Friends With Both

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, delivers his address to the Federal Assembly. February 20, 2019. Moscow (Photo: TASS)

President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, delivers his address to the Federal Assembly. February 20, 2019. Moscow (Photo: TASS)



The urgency of convening LaRouche’s “Four Powers” — Russia, China, India and the U.S. — to implement a New Bretton Woods reform of the bankrupt western financial system, and finally put an end to the geopolitics of the British Empire, was demonstrated today by major speeches by Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. The speech by Putin — his annual state of the union to the Federal Assembly — and by Xi — a speech to the scientists and engineers who placed the Chang’e 4 on the far side of the Moon — conveyed an optimism and a vision for the future of Mankind which reflected the ideas and the passion of Lyndon LaRouche over these past fifty years. If not for the frantic British coup attempt against President Trump, his stated commitment to such optimism and scientific progress would be lifting the US out of the Western morass, to join Russia and China in the New Silk Road, in cooperation in space, and in building a new global financial system to replace the broken gambling casinos in London and on Wall Street.

Trump is so far sticking to his intention to pull the US out of the colonial wars in Syria and Afghanistan. With Asia and the Mideast moving towards peace through development within the geometry of the New Silk Road, the British are throwing their full weight behind dragging Trump into a contrived war in the Americas. While Russia and others are sending aid to Venezuela, neocon fanatic Sen. Marco Rubio is in Columbia, trying to provoke regime change, and perhaps even all out war. As of now, Trump has been echoing the regime-change line, but he must be freed from the British operations and urged to follow the kind of approach exemplified by the Singapore Model that is working so well with North Korea.

Plans for a Memorial for Lyndon LaRouche are in preparation. Greek Professor George Tsobanoglou, a long time friend of LaRouche and the Schiller Institute, today issued his condolences to Helga, adding: “If I may suggest, there is a need for an International Conference in a key European Capital to articulate the work of Lyndon H. LaRouche and the principles he devoted his life for. This I believe will be a Mnemosynon, as his ideas will be in dialog with the Future, which is already here.”


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