LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – You’ll Know Where You’re Going When You Plant Your Marker 50 Years Hence

There are tectonic changes taking place in the world which require a completely different mode of thinking than following “the news.” One of the central ideas of Lyndon LaRouche was that the creative vision of the future, when acted upon, determines the present and the principle of analysis situs, in that respect, must determine your present actions. Seen from that place, the characteristics of which Lyndon LaRouche set forth in Earth’s Next 50 years, where are we and what is the road ahead? What are the real battles ahead, the imposed ideologies both internal and in the population itself, which must be superseded?

Tonight, we will discuss the present strategic situation from that standpoint, recognizing that the way forward must be defined by the ideas of LaRouche, in particular the Four Laws. In a population which is deliberately surveilled, profiled, confused, and disoriented, like nemesis, these ideas continue to actually shape world events and there is much reason for optimism. That is, if we do as Lyn continually did, seize the moment from the highest standpoint and act to advance his ideas with his maxim for doing so: brevity and force.

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