If You Want to End the Coup Against the President, Exonerate LaRouche – LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

The British appear to have temporarily succeeded in paralyzing the presidency of the United States. They are using the useful dupes in the Democratic Party, the controlled propaganda organs of the national media and Hollywood, and an army of brainwashed and alienated young people. President Trump persistently proclaims a desire for peace and moves to implement it; the Anglophilic operatives surrounding him sabotage him and conspire ever anew. A largely insane Congress, bent on war or blackmailed, cheer. It’s our job to ensure that this moment is what it is, an ephemeral moment. We have started to do just that. Bill Binney and others have now demonstrated, scientifically, that all of the horse manure published against Trump is just that. It starts with the demonstrable fact that the Russians did not hack the DNC and John Podesta in order to elect Donald Trump.

We confronted just such a British born atrocity and poisoning of our affairs before, in the prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche. Robert Mueller and associates employed the same gestapo tactics. The media, daily, spewed hate, inventing ever new and salacious fake fables. In the LaRouche case, the propaganda teams were coordinated by CIA contractor John Train and sponsored by George H.W. Bush. Prosecutors were handed the surveillance files of both British intelligence and the NSA from which to conduct a script for infiltration and production of claimed criminal conduct. They then proceeded to fill out their plan, using the same “shock and awe” warfare tactics used against associates of the President: a four hundred person armed raid ancillary to a plan for assassination of the subject, LaRouche, multi-million dollar contempt of court fines, a government instigated civil bankruptcy of all entities associated with LaRouche.

When their Boston prosecution of LaRouche fell apart because of prosecutorial misconduct, they rushed a new prosecution, in Alexandria, Virginia, allowing 5 weeks between indictment and trial. This prosecution claimed loan fraud based on the fact that loans to the bankrupted entities could not be repaid. A witting Judge, Albert Bryan, barred any mention of the bankruptcy in the show trial which resulted in LaRouche’s conviction. Government witnesses were bribed and deprogrammed with evidence of such deliberately hidden from the defense. The Judges in the bankruptcy proceeding, the Boston prosecution, and a New York state prosecution, all condemned the massive prosecutorial misconduct involved. So did thousands of state officials here and international statesmen.

Exonerating LaRouche now involves a direct attack, by the signators to this campaign, on the dirty British gestapo methods which imperil our Constitution and our Presidency. Exonerating LaRouche now means opening the country, once again, to the great ideas of Lyndon LaRouche which offer the path to a new security architecture of international relations, rather than the path to war sketched by the British and their American lackeys. Exonerating LaRouche now means broad circulation of his ideas for the next 100 years, a sure path out of our present economic and cultural nightmare.

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