Italy joins with China in battle for the New Paradigm, Geopoliticians Flip!

Helga Zepp LaRouche enthusiastically welcomed the decision by Italy to sign an MOU with China, to join the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI), as it demonstrates that the City of London geopolitical networks are losing their ability to dictate policy in Europe. The Italian decision will be advanced by Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Italy. And while the Fake News hacks at the Financial Times and other media see this as a threat, citing leading neocons as authorities who demand that this be stopped, there are twelve other EU members which have signed agreements with China, joining more than 150 other nations. The days of the unipolar world are over!

This is still a dangerous world, as indicated by the ranting of the U.S. commander of NATO, Gen. Scaparrotti, who warned the Senate that more must be done to counter “Russian aggression.” The same networks which are pushing for strategic provocations against Russia and China are becoming more open about how they intend to use the “Green New Deal” to dramatically reduce population, and are escalating their plans to impeach Donald Trump, as his strategic orientation is an impediment to these plans.

The geopoliticians and their unipolar worldview must be decisively defeated. This can most efficiently be accomplished by bringing the U.S. into the New Paradigm, through a rejection of geopolitics. One major flank which can accelerate this process is the exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche, who has been the leading adversary of the British imperial forces for the last half century. Our job is to fulfill LaRouche’s mission to defeat this empire, and bring the U.S. into the Community for a shared future.

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