Xi Jinping: China and Italy the “Emblems of Eastern and Western Civilization”

Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping shake hands to applaud and thank the performers at a cultural performance at the Great Hall of the People, Thursday, November 9, 2017, in Beijing, China. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)

President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping shake hands at a cultural performance at the Great Hall of the People, Thursday, November 9, 2017, following a State Dinner in their honor, in Beijing, People’s Republic of China.


President Xi Jinping, scheduled to arrive in Italy today for the historic summit in which Italy plans to join the Belt and Road Initiative, authored a guest editorial in the leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Under the title “East Meets West — A New Chapter of Sino-Italian Friendship,” Xi begins: “China and Italy are both stellar examples of Eastern and Western civilizations, and both have written splendid chapters in the history of human progress. Being the birthplace of ancient Roman civilization and the cradle of the Renaissance, Italy is known to the Chinese people for its imposing relic sites and masterpieces of great names in art and literature.” He reviews the Silk Road connections between the Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire; Marco Polo’s travels and writings which “roused the first wave of `China fever’ among European countries;” the Italian Jesuits who restored East-West scientific and cultural exchanges in the 16th and 17th centuries; through to the 1970 establishment of relations between Italy and the PRC.

“China hopes to work with Italy to advance Belt and Road cooperation,” Xi writes. “Our two countries may harness our historical and cultural bonds forged through the ancient Silk Road as well as our geographical locations to align connectivity cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative with Italy’s plan to develop its northern ports and the InvestItalia program, and jointly build the Belt and Road of the new era on sea, on land, in the air, in space and in the cultural domain.”

What is the response from the Establishment in the Western world to this major step towards realizing the historic mission of mankind to bring the world together, to cooperate in creating a better future for mankind? Hysteria, against Italy, and against China, for daring to disrupt the “common purpose” of the West to counter the Chinese “threat” to “our way of life.” This was evident in the media response to the public event in Milan on March 13, in which the head of the Italian government’s Task Force China, Michele Geraci, spoke side by side with the Schiller Institute’s Helga Zepp-LaRouche in support of bringing the world together in the spirit of the New Silk Road. The western elite are even more terrified of the power of Lyndon LaRouche’s ideas in death than in life — his ideas have refused to die with the flesh.

A similar phenomena was seen in Germany yesterday, when the Biltzeitung issued a scathing attack on the head of the Federal Association for Germany-Silk Road Initiative, Hans von Helldorf, who spoke with Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche at a Belt and Road seminar sponsored by the Schiller Institute in Berlin on Feb. 27. One can be certain, that the trip of Xi Jinping to Italy, Monaco and France will change the dynamic in all of Europe.

People everywhere are confronted with the insanity of such programs as the Green New Deal and the anti-Belt and Road hysteria — let alone the danger of global war — and are recognizing the truth of LaRouche’s warnings, and his solutions.

The anti-China and anti-Italy tirades have repeatedly portrayed Italy as going against the wishes of President Trump. But this is simply more “fake news,” as Trump would say. While several of Trump’s cabinet secretaries, as well as his Vice President, regularly rant against the Belt and Road as an imperial plot to take the world away from the “only superpower,” the only time the press reported an anti-Belt and Road comment from Trump himself was a third hand report from a private meeting, which was subsequently shown to be a lie. Next week, Trump is sending his negotiators to China to proceed with plans for a US-China trade agreement, which could, and should, create the conditions for the US to join with Italy in embracing cooperation in the Belt and Road, a policy which LaRouche had long insisted was a necessary step towards ending the Anglo-American war party’s drive for confrontation and war with Russia and China, and bringing about a new paradigm based on the common aims of mankind.

Russiagate is close to collapse, and Trump himself has begun to identify the British source of the entire hoax. Awakening the nation to the nature of the underlying crisis — the confrontation, to the death, of the imperial British System versus the restoration of the American System of Hamilton, J.Q. Adams, Lincoln and Roosevelt, through the genius of LaRouche’s discoveries — requires that the campaign to exonerate LaRouche be spread far and wide.

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