Mueller Releases Report: Now, Drive A Stake Through the Heart of the British Empire

President Trump at the Army Tank Plant at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio, March 20, 2019.



Robert Mueller delivered his long awaited report to Attorney General William Barr on Friday, March 22nd. On Sunday evening, March 24th, Attorney General Barr sent a letter to the leaders of the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, outlining Mueller’s principal conclusions. Mueller, despite a wide-ranging and completely politically motivated investigation, found that there was no conspiracy or collusion between any individual associated with the Trump Campaign and alleged Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election. That conclusion, despite its fabricated and dangerous premise about Russian interference in the 2016 election, is stunning: it is a complete exoneration of President Trump and his campaign, from a completely hostile prosecutor, concerning the wild and outrageous British and Obama intelligence agency claim that the President was under the thumb of Vladimir Putin.

True to Robert Mueller’s pedigree, however, he refused to exonerate the President from “obstruction of justice,” while not charging him with the crime. He left the decision on obstruction up to Attorney General Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who promptly announced that what Mueller presented them with as evidence of obstruction (mostly comprising the President’s public actions and statements) does not constitute obstruction of justice because the President lacked the corrupt intent necessary for the charge. In exonerating the President, Barr and Rosenstein consulted with senior DOJ career officials in rejecting Mueller’s maybe, maybe not, approach.

Thus, the adults in the room, as opposed to the politically unhinged and hostile Special Counsel, spoke.

The President, upon reviewing the Barr letter, spoke the truth, “this was an illegal takedown that failed,” and otherwise noted the enormous damage done by this affair to the country and the human beings caught up in Robert Mueller’s inquisition. Alan Dershowitz blasted Mueller’s non-decision on obstruction as a replica of what James Comey did with Hillary Clinton. Mark Levin angrily noted that Mueller never had a case for obstruction of justice and knew that he did not have one. Otherwise, he would have pursued the President’s testimony and fought for it. When we began this journey opposing the coup which sought to destroy a President and our Constitution, we called Mueller an amoral hitman who would do his job if the people of the United States let him. He clearly tried to take the President out. The problem is that no crime was committed and, Mueller, despite trying mightedly, could not magically create evidence where none existed. A significant portion of the population came to agree with the President, that Robert Mueller was engaged in a witch hunt.

Contrary to the claptrap about Mueller’s fortitude and honor, which is repeated over and over again here in Washington like a childish nursery rhyme, it really is a question of which horrendous real or fictional obsessed character you want to compare him to: Torquemada from the Inquisition, Captain Ahab from Moby Dick—take your pick. In leaving to others the decision on charges against Trump on obstruction of justice, he acted like the weeny he really is, in order to open a small crack the Democrats and their media friends can exploit for another day, rather than being run out of town on rails, right now. As Matt Taibbi put it, Russiagate was the WMD of this generation of journalists, a gigantic lie with devastating consequences for the country and the world. Mueller’s appointment was born of corruption at the top levels of the DOJ and FBI, where, after talk about wearing wires to set up the President and fomenting cabinet factions in support of the 25th Amendment, an endless Special Counsel investigation starring Robert Mueller seemed a sounder path to impeachment.

It was all generated by a request from British intelligence to unleash the full power of the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies against a presidential candidate, and then, an incoming President, using a crappy, amateurish, and obviously fabricated dossier produced by British spy Christopher Steele and promoted by the Clinton Campaign and Barack Obama’s intelligence, foreign policy, and defense establishments. As we have said before, this is the largest political scandal in American history. The Constitution itself has been, and is, at stake. Mueller’s May 2017 appointment immediately avenged the firing of James Comey, while allowing a coverup of the criminal actions of officials complicit in the coup, at the State Department, the FBI, the DOJ, and CIA. In the process, the crimes of the actual foreign intervenors into the 2016 election, the British and, to a far lesser extent, the Ukrainians, were also supposed to be buried.

The deflation of the Democratic Party and the media hacks who have driven the coup against President Trump has, since Friday, been audible and smelly, like a balloon of sulfuric gas having finally been pricked. Predictably, they have begun a new round of attempts to hype the results and cover up the evil at play here. Thirty-Four individuals indicted, 700 crimes, is the talking point which has emerged from Democratic Party candidates and the news media over the weekend, in the full-throated defense of Robert Mueller’s inquisition. To that can be added Sunday’s leading refrain from Congressman Jerry Nadler, which seems to go something like this: “Saint Bob didn’t decide about obstruction, and the evil Trump disciple William Barr stepped in and is attempting to cover up for the evil President. We demand to have testimony from Robert Mueller.”

They are desperate losers facing an American people likely to say: “stuff it—your time just ran out.” Our job is to make that happen.

Now, Let’s Do Real Justice

Justice now requires criminally investigating and jailing the perpetrators of the coup and ending all the actions against Donald Trump right now, including the seditious activity now underway in the Southern District of New York, by that state’s insipid Attorney General and the Manhattan District Attorney, and by Democratic members of Congress led by Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and Jerrold Nadler. Our Constitution specifically rejected the British Star Chamber as the means of settling political differences. Instead, our founders said we should settle them at the ballot box. The American people already knew about most of Donald Trump’s alleged sins when they voted for him in 2016. They voted for him anyway, because they wanted him to totally and irrevocably destroy the poisonous system imposed on them by two Bush presidencies and Barack Obama. Now, the Democrats propose to use the Congress to conduct opposition research for their 2020 Presidential campaign, a highly corrupt and illegal use of their oversight powers.

Justice means demonstrating to the American people, with the relevant underlying declassified documents, that they were the victims of a British military intelligence operation, undertaken for British strategic purposes in complicity with the Obama White House. This, not Russiagate, is the actual conspiracy which took place. This is the conspiracy which must now be prosecuted, quickly. The British, who began this operation as soon as Donald Trump announced for President, were acting strategically. They saw in Donald Trump what most Americans only sensed and hoped about. He is precisely the maverick, the outsider, who could end their Empire once and for all, by aligning with Russia and China and India, in a new Bretton Woods monetary agreement, an agreement between the most powerful sovereign nation states and economies in the world to fully develop the entire world to specifications reflecting the divine nature of human beings. This is what Lyndon LaRouche proposed be done. From there, humans can proceed to further realize their divine potential in joint projects to explore and develop near space while developing a higher platform of mutually advancing cultures. The most wonderful reckoning to be delivered about the coup against the President requires, now, the realization of this potential in the Trump presidency. The corollary involves promptly removing all British originated imperial ideas, premises, and intelligence networks from our nation. Lyndon LaRouche would be very happy with this perspective.

President Trump: Declassify all documents showing British meddling in the 2016 elections!

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