President Trump Is Right; John McCain Was a Fascist Genocidal Monster

Senator John McCain admiring the U.S. State Department funded “Maidan” riots in Kiev which overthrew the elected President of Ukraine, December 14, 2013.


The media on March 21, 2019 is full of rage at Donald Trump for calling out a dead man, Senator John McCain. Their legend for the day is that an enraged President is kicking a corpse carrying all the possible military medals of the United States on his burial suit. The President, they say, has violated every protocol of official Washington. As usual, official Washington, complicit Republican U.S. Senators, and their attached media circus are lying, outrageously, to the American people. It is not that unexpected, since McCain famously referred to the media as his “base.” Hence, the title of this short reminder about the man.

With respect to Trump, McCain not only campaigned against him, he engaged, with the British, in an insurrection to overturn the result of the 2016 election. It was McCain who played the critical role in the plot to make the outrageously false MI6 Christopher Steele dossier public. It was McCain who agreed to be the news hook for the leak of the entire Steele dossier to numerous news outlets. It was McCain who can rightly be blamed for the fact that the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States was greeted with blaring headlines, worldwide, claiming that Vladimir Putin had the goods on the new American President; that Putin caught him cavorting with prostitutes in Moscow who pissed on a bed formerly occupied by the Obamas at Trump’s direction. This was the central sick, fake, and outrageous claim peddled by Washington’s favorite Viet Nam war hero and his MI6 sidekick, Christopher Steele. The McCain family turned the McCain funeral into an anti-Trump festival pursuant to the former Senator’s explicit directions, with the President forced, by the dignity of his office, to grant their every wish for a state funeral from which he was personally banned by the family.

The magazine, Executive Intelligence Review, documents, in numerous articles, McCain’s wholly sponsored political rise. It was funded by his second wife’s mafia derived millions. To obtain these millions he left the wife who had stood by him throughout his captivity in Viet Nam and raised his three children. Cindy McCain, the second wife, became a drug addict after her marriage to McCain. She stole drugs from her own charity and attributed the addiction to her marriage. McCain’s political aspirations always involved allegiance to British political goals. His Navy Admiral father, John McCain, Jr., schooled his son in the superiority of British imperial methods. His father’s favorite poem was “Ave Imperatrix,” Oscar Wilde’s ode to empire. McCain and his “bull moose” colleague, Joe Lieberman were key orchestrators of the Iraq War, knowingly implementing Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations thesis for permanent war and genocide in the Middle East. Following the Iraq disaster, McCain repeatedly supported outright terrorists, including Al-Qaeda and what would become Isis, in bringing similar genocidal wars to Syria and Libya. The wars he sponsored and advocated in the most bellicose ways possible left millions dead and the entire region devastated and ablaze. Not out of character for someone who still insisted on calling the Vietnamese “gooks” and was known for spontaneous fits of rage and hatred toward colleagues in unguarded moments.

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