Mueller Magic Implodes; President Trump Wants to Put Women on Mars

Now that Mueller’s report has been turned in to the Attorney General, much fun has been had this week reviewing the corporate media’s three year engagement in the lunacy known as Russiagate. Saint Robert Mueller, it turns out, was just a little vindictive man, incapable of producing gold from straw, yet perfectly capable of massive destruction of human lives and that which makes our nation unique, the U.S. Constitution.

Now we are at a turning point and the real stakes are very high indeed. Our nation, the greatest achievement of civilization on earth as of the American Revolution and again, at the end of World War II, began a slow descent into hell beginning with the death of Franklin Roosevelt. We have been under constant ideological attack by the defeated British imperial enemy since our founding. Great Presidents, like Lincoln, McKinley, and Roosevelt, reclaimed the great American project, from long corrupt periods and presidencies where the British seemed to triumph. Our post war descent was hastened by the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, and the prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche. It seemed to hit rock bottom with what President Trump rightly called the “carnage” of the Bush and Obama Administrations. The news of the day is, however, this: the British Empire crowd, the people responsible for our long national nightmare, went all out to take out Donald Trump, and failed. There is now widespread recognition that the takedown of this President originated in London and, because of this President’s guts and determination, they have only succeeded in completely exposing themselves.

Asked why he was so ferociously prosecuted, Lyndon LaRouche said it was because of his life’s mission to revive the American System and its legacy. As fundamentally, he said, it was because of the way he thought, his understanding of history, his ability to foster creativity, particularly in others. In times of great crisis, like ours now, it is such men and women who fundamentally change the world. Donald Trump’s outsider status, his determination to kick over the chessboard, his devotion to those who elected him, and his courage, while obviously not on the same philosophical or aesthetic level as LaRouche, is what caused the reckless and stupefied effort to take him out, bringing into the sunlight whole aspects of imperial controls and institutions, which normally thrive in darkness. Those who knew Lyndon LaRouche can hear him counseling this President, “attack, attack, attack,” which the President is doing. He would also be saying, exploit the flanks, do what your enemies don’t expect, act on the basis of surprise. Trump did just that this week by promptly announcing that the United States will go back to the Moon in 5 years, colonizing it as preparation for future exploration and colonization of Mars. This is exactly the bold jolt to the national imagination needed now. It is a perspective only LaRouche and a few others popularized in our lifetimes. Now, everything is possible, if we take up Lyn’s mission and ideas and live them with the same passion he did. Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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