Today’s Moon-Mars Mission as LaRouche Would Have Done It

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is seen during a NASA town hall event, Monday, April 1, 2019 at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is seen during a NASA town hall event, Monday, April 1, 2019 at NASA Headquarters in Washington. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)



President Donald Trump has followed up the big defeat for the “Russiagate” coup against him, by immediately setting out the boldest and most nationally inspiring goals for NASA and space exploration — just as Lyndon LaRouche advised any and every President to do during his lifetime.

The goals set out by the enthusiastic NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine yesterday afternoon were extremely ambitious. “This is a big charge, and it comes straight from the top”, he told NASA scientists and engineers and all other Americans watching. “This is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is a mission that you’re going to tell your grandchildren where you were when this was announced…. We’re going to the Moon in 5 years. This has NOT been done before.” And he added, “there are holes here” — technology breakthroughs needed in a hurry.

In fact, these goals can only be met with the support of a mobilized American people, and through cooperation with other space-faring powers China, Russia and India. Even after decades starving NASA of funds and missions, Americans of all generations still know that the frontiers of scientific knowledge, and of human achievement, are in space.

Lyndon LaRouche expressed this exactly in a published article in June 1985, “Private Initiative for Colonizing the Moon and Mars”, which EIR is republishing this week to get this scientific and cultural “remobilization” going. LaRouche wrote:

“Therefore, the best way to achieve breakthroughs in each and all of the kinds of applications of technological progress over the coming fifty years or so, is to create a mission-oriented, crash-program task-force, assigned to developing all of the technologies required for beginning the permanent colonization of Mars by some preassigned target-date, such as 2010 A.D….

“There is no advancement in the general level of technology which is not subsumed by the Moon-Mars mission-assignment? Very well, for a period of perhaps the next twenty years, let us write “Moon-Mars-colonization mission-assignment” wherever present custom would have us write the words “science” or “technological progress.” Every important breakthrough accomplished during that period, or longer, will be either implicitly required for accomplishment of the mission-assignment, or will occur as a by-product of that mission-assignment. Once all the technology needed for a permanent colonization of Mars is completed, perhaps twenty years ahead, we shall then shift the mission-assignment, to a next, more ambitious task…”

President Trump is opening up this mission at a point when China’s Belt and Road Initiative of infrastructure “great projects” has begun to be welcomed in Western (Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal) as well as Eastern Europe, and has started development projects in Africa. The neo-Cons infesting the White House may think they can block this with Cold War. But the progress of this project, first conceived of as Lyndon and Helga LaRouche’s World Land-Bridge, is continuing — and is vital to the future of humankind.

Bolton and the others may also think they can defy the President’s intentions to end regional regime-change wars and pursue great-power cooperation. His order for the accelerated Moon-Mars mission has the potential to mobilize the American population to insist on peace through scientific cooperation. That is how Lyndon LaRouche would have conceived it.


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