LaRouche in Brazil, 2002: “Either We Shall Sail Together, or We Shall Sink Together”

In a solemn ceremony on June 12, 2002, then U.S. Democratic Party Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. was awarded honorary citizenship for São Paulo, Brazil by the City Council of that city of more than 18 million people, the third-largest in the world.

Addressing an overflow crowd of several hundred who attended the ceremony, LaRouche said that in these perilous times, there is no way the United States will come out of this crisis without the founding of a community of principle among the nations of the Americas and world. “Either we shall sail together, or we shall sink together,” he forecast.

LaRouche was invited to Brazil to receive this honor by Dr. Havanir Nimtz, the principal representative on the São Paulo City Council of Brazil’s Party for the Rebuilding of National Order (PRONA), founded by Dr. Eneas Carneiro, one of Brazil’s preeminent cardiologists and a former Presidential candidate. In his remarks at the awards ceremony, Dr. Eneas praised Mr. LaRouche’s revolutionary work in multiple fields of human knowledge, and thanked him as an American statesman who stands up for all humanity. Less than four months after hosting LaRouche’s historic visit to Brazil, Dr. Eneas was elected to Brazil’s congress with the largest vote total ever achieved by any candidate in the entire history of Brazil.

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