LaRouche, Trump, and the Resurrection of the American Space Program


At the President’s rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan last week, an iconic image emerged from the crowd shots. Seated right behind the President was a man wearing a shirt which had a picture of President John F. Kennedy wearing a MAGA hat. Reports from the Midwest after the rally is that the President’s supporters are stoked and passionate about what the President announced just after Mueller’s witch hunt was put on pause. We are going back to space. We are talking about colonizing the Moon and Mars. This is what making America Great actually means and most people who were inspired to great scientific adventure by John F. Kennedy’s challenge to the American population to get to the Moon recognized that a similar great challenge was now inspiring them. They know that the technological and economic spin offs from such a great adventure can power an economy into entirely new dimensions of prosperity.

Lyndon LaRouche fought for this perspective throughout his life, stipulating the crash programs necessary and the buildout of the entire economy on a new infrastructure platform as its necessary corollary. Join us for tonight’s Fireside Chat as we discuss the next steps in this campaign.

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