Are the Trans-Atlantic Nations Capable, Culturally, of Ending the Decay and Launching a New Paradigm?

In a terrible loss for all humanity, the famous Notra Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire for 8 hours on April 15, 2019. The Cathedral was in repair/construction when the fire started. (Remi Mathis / Wikimedia / CC 4.0 Share Alike International)

In a terrible loss for all humanity, the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire for 8 hours on April 15, 2019. The Cathedral was in repair/construction when the fire started. (Remi Mathis / Wikimedia / CC 4.0 Share Alike International)



The above question is not merely a matter of speculation, or of personal opinion, but an existential challenge within the context of universal history. Never in the modern era has the human race been closer to breaking the power of Empire — from the Roman Empire, to the Byzantine, to the Venetian, and to the Anglo-Dutch Empire infecting the world still today. The U.S. President has demonstrated the courage to reject the “special relationship” with the British, and to declare the urgency and the necessity of building friendships with China, Russia, and other great cultures of the world, to end the vile regime-change wars of conquest and destruction, and restore the historic dedication of the nation to scientific and technological advancement of the productive forces, both on Earth and in Space.

And yet, we are also experiencing a chaotic collapse of culture across the trans-Atlantic region, as large portions of the population have succumbed to despair, with suicides and drug addiction striking every community; with youth brainwashed into campaigning against human progress based on pseudo-science predictions of catastrophe and extinction — not from nuclear war, but from progress itself. And the British and their neoconservative assets in the United States are frantically trying to stop President Trump’s effort to build friendships with Russia and China by provoking war — any war, be it in Venezuela, Iran, or the South China Sea — aimed at making nations “take sides,” and at maintaining the imperial divisions of the world.

Lyndon LaRouche warned that this moment would arrive, and that when it did, there must be a leadership available which addressed the whole person, and the whole world. There can be no political and economic solution which does not at the same time address the scientific dimension and the cultural, artistic nature of the creative process in each and every human being. The new Moon-Mars mission announced this month by President Trump and NASA director Bridenstine, to be carried out in full partnership with the other nations of the world, is the model for the scientific unity of effect in the world as a whole, lifting the spirit of every human being to see man in the universe, not bound to the Earth. But the cultural domain has no champion, as yet, other than this Schiller Institute, founded by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche precisely to address this world-historic question. This must be taken up as an equally urgent task by all men and women of good will.

China Daily on Saturday noted that, “With an increasing number of Chinese people, especially youngsters, getting addicted to watching short video clips on their smartphones, reading seems to have become a dying hobby. Books are not only the most powerful source of knowledge, they also open people’s minds to new, innovative ideas and give flight to their imagination.”

And how much worse is this phenomenon in the West, where what is called “entertainment” is dominated by musical and artistic ugliness, violence, and pornography?

The Schiller Institute is sponsoring memorials for Lyndon LaRouche on several continents, with the focus being the aesthetical education of man, the celebration of beauty and genius, both to honor LaRouche, but also to inspire people of all nations and all faiths to join the effort to produce, from this crisis of humanity, a renaissance of the human spirit, dedicated to the scientific and cultural development of all mankind. This is necessary, and it is entirely possible, in this moment of historical decision.


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