Beginning of the End for ‘Russiagate’: Now Defeat The New McCarthyism

Attorney General William Barr gives a briefing on the findings in the Muller report at a news conference. April 18, 2019 (Fox News / Screengrab)

Attorney General William Barr gives a briefing on the findings in the Muller report at a news conference. April 18, 2019 (Fox News / Screengrab)



Attorney General William Barr said at his press conference yesterday morning that what Donald Trump faced at the beginning of his presidency was unprecedented: attempting to form an administration, while his own intelligence community was investigating him as an agent of a foreign power. Perhaps Lincoln’s having to dodge British-assisted Confederate assassination attempts to get to his inauguration was worse; nothing else comes close. The British intelligence hand orchestrated both attacks.

To cite a report by Barbara Boyd on yesterday’s release of the Mueller report, “When Donald Trump was informed by Jeff Sessions that a Special Counsel was being appointed, he said, according to Mueller’s report, ‘Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m f**ked…. Everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels it ruins your presidency…. It takes years and years, and I won’t be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.’

“Perversely, this absolutely true statement by the President, borne out by months of an insane inquisition which crippled his ability to act, is cited by Mueller’s crew of biased prosecutors for the proposition that the President repeatedly skirted obstructing justice. Trump, on the other hand, has constantly referred to the obstruction charges hung over his head by RESIST Congress members, the bipartisan Washington, D.C. ‘establishment’ and intelligence community, and a controlled news media as a brake on his ability to fight back and communicate directly with the American people about what was happening to their presidency and their Constitution.”

The President can now see his attorneys and the Justice Department begin to investigate the perpetrators, but the spotlight must fall on the British intelligence drive to entrap and stop or remove Trump led by Sir Richard Dearlove’s MI6 circles and “Five Eyes” collaborators.

Only then could the real traps of McCarthyism by which the President is still almost completely constrained, be attacked. His new American Moon-Mars mission; America’s industrial renewal and recovery of its heartland; his desired new infrastructure and science frontiers; his policy of great-power collaboration for the end of endless states of war: All these depend on the good, cooperative relationships with China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin which Trump desired as candidate and President.

That has been made impossible through his Presidency thus far, and still is — until British intelligence’s new McCarthyism is defeated.

Simply “no collusion, no obstruction” won’t achieve this. In these respect to these crucial objectives, Trump’s Presidency will remain “f**ked” by British intelligence until it is defeated.

That can’t be done except by the leadership of Lyndon LaRouche’s movement, in his name. He was the British imperial system’s American adversary for 50 years, during which London controlled the key policies of American presidents. LaRouche represented the American System of economics and the real America to many nations which otherwise saw British imperialism with American power. And he, with his “four economic laws” beginning with Glass-Steagall and Hamiltonian national banking, provided the economic and scientific policies to bring the United States into cooperation with other great powers for the benefit of humanity. Now, his exoneration — investigating and reversing the prosecutorial war against LaRouche which was overseen by the same Robert Mueller for the same British geopolitical power — uniquely will free up the American Presidency.

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