The Mueller Coverup – LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat

It is becoming increasingly clear to the American population that they are the victims of a massive psychological warfare operation which engages them, intellectually, on the level of a Manichean soap opera. For or against Donald Trump? Do you believe there is any reality to the Mueller report? How could there be given that it began and has ended as a British intelligence operation aimed at subverting the rising revolutionary spirit in the advanced sector and blinding people to historic developments led by China, and trapping an American presidency into impotence. We are in position to determine the future direction of this fight. We have insisted on the British control of the operations against Trump from the beginning and now many are coming to recognize it. As opposed to everyone else, the British recognized that Trump could win, given the rebellion that had already occurred with Brexit. Hence, the ferocity of their operations against Trump.

Now, they are exposed. Destroying their influence is in the realm of a method of thinking and ideas unique, at this moment in history, to Lyndon LaRouche. How do we use this moment to advance this fight. Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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