FDR Would Be At The Great Summit in Beijing Today; We Have To Restore Trump’s Presidency

A portrait of Franklin Roosevelt painted during the WW2 years.

A portrait of Franklin Roosevelt painted during the WW2 years.


The most important question in the world today was posed by China’s ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai: “Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Sit Out the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Indeed, how can the head of any great power sit out the Second Belt and Road Forum which starts in Beijing today? What voluntary economic/cultural development event can gather leading figures from 140 countries, including nearly 40 heads of state and government, comparable to what Franklin Roosevelt’s United States itself could summon to Bretton Woods in 1944 to fashion a new credit and monetary system?

Those Western European and U.S. think-tanks and media — beginning three years ago with London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs and Cambridge and Oxford Universities — which have been claiming the Belt and Road will hyper-indebt and collapse the world economy, have no answer for this event in Beijing. Have 140 nations’ leaders — and last year all African heads of state but one who attended the China-Africa summit — ALL been snookered into a “debt trap” at the same time? Have they ALL been seized by a perverse compulsion to have China steal their technologies or their ports?

Quite the opposite. There obviously is a new and very important, optimistic commitment which has taken hold over the past six years, to develop through modern basic infrastructure-building and high-technology new industry and communications. A new paradigm.

It’s thinking as FDR thought about development, about the Bretton Woods system and the United Nations. Donald Trump the candidate, and before that the politically interested businessman, was drawn to such ideas: the Strategic Defense Initiative; Moon-Mars missions; sweeping new infrastructures; he even spoke of China’s Belt and Road in these terms early in his Presidency. The British intelligence “Russiagate” attack and the resulting new McCarthyism against Russia and China, have ruined that for two years.

Now that British attack has failed in its objective — a coup — and has been thoroughly exposed. The President, himself, in a Twitter message this morning, arraigned “United Kingdom Intelligence” for the whole attack on his Presidency. The world has taken note. Now the British Queen, as Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche proposed yesterday, must apologize to the President during his state visit June 3-5. And the myth among the remains of Mueller’s report — that Russia attacked the U.S. election process — stands still to be debunked.

And Trump’s presidency is still to be restored from the infestation of neo-conservatism and neo-McCarthyism.

One figure over the post-World War II period thought of international development on a still higher level: Lyndon LaRouche, whose World Land-Bridge concepts led to the Belt and Road itself. LaRouche combined developing-country investment and infrastructure great projects with the irreplaceable “science drivers” of space exploration, fusion power development, laser and plasma technologies. He conceptualized a New Bretton Woods credit system and worldwide “Glass-Steagall” bank reorganization from that standpoint. And he fought London’s financial and geopolitical empire with every breath for 50 years.

With Trump’s blast against British intelligence today, the door is clearly open to restore the Presidency. It will be done only by winning full appreciation and respect for LaRouche’s extraordinary ideas and accomplishments.

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA

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