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Conyers’ Single-Payer Healthcare Bill Now Grows in Importance

Photo: USCapitol Flickr   To the failure of Obamacare has now been added the failure of the Republican attempt to make a cut-price version, while claiming to be “repealing and replacing” it. The quest of the health insurance companies to … Continue reading

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LaRouche: We Are On the Verge of Genocide

On Friday night, as the report came in that ISIS now controls at least 40% of the Syrian city of Kobane, Lyndon LaRouche stated that we are on the verge of a total genocide of the population of the Middle … Continue reading

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Drought Continues to Worsen in California and Western States

Last week’s forecasts that California had two years before it would run out of water, have been challenged by Prof. Jay Famiglietti, a senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who wrote yesterday in the Los Angeles Times … Continue reading

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White House Still Wants Death Panels; Rob You First

Obama Administration May Revive Payments for Nazi “Death Panel” Counselling The Pew Charitable Trust is circulating a story, being picked up in local papers around the country, that the Obama Administration will likely try to push through a new regulation … Continue reading

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Portuguese Government Seeks To Criminalize Exposes Of Its Nazi Destruction Of National Health Care

The medical community of Portugal has declared war on the bill drafted by the Health Ministry, which would prohibit doctors and other health care personnel from issuing public statements, either personally or by means of third parties, which “could call … Continue reading

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National Nurses United Fights Fascist Austerity with Devastating, Funny Ads

National Nurses United (NNU), the largest labor association of registered nurses has launched a devastatingly sharp humor series of TV, radio and Internet ads that demolish the Obamacare and insurance claims that “algorithms,” computer programs, and automated answering systems can … Continue reading

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Scandal Over Wait-Times for Treatment in Vets Affairs System Spotlights Bush/Obama Killer Takedown of Medical Capacity

In recent weeks, new charges have come to the fore that wait-times for visits and treatment in parts of the Veterans Affairs medical system are far longer than its stated goal of 14 days; records are being falsified; and deaths … Continue reading

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