Lavrov and Tillerson Disscus Strategic Issues During Meeting at Russian UN Mission

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson held an hour-long informal meeting at the Russian United Nations Mission in New York. They reiterated their commitment to cooperate in Syria to eliminate conflict situations and reduction of violence, according to a statement by State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert.

“The two recommitted to deconflicting military operations in Syria, reducing the violence, and creating the conditions for the Geneva process to move forward, pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254,” according to the document.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that they also discussed cooperation on the Syrian crisis and other aspects of the situation in the Middle East and North Africa as well as the status of implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev said today that the meeting was a positive signal. “I see a positive signal in today’s meeting,” said Kosachev, who chairs Russia’s Federation Council (upper house of parliament) International Affairs Committee. “No doubt, the two countries, which are permanent UN Security Council members, should coordinate their steps ahead of the upcoming General Assembly. This is a good sign,” he said.

Nonetheless, Kosachev said it was unfortunate that in a interview with Face the Nation on CBS, Tillerson said that “if our diplomatic efforts (on North Korea) fall though, our military option will be the only one left.” Kosachev didn’t mention the fact that both U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley and National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster issued similar threats of military action, speaking on Sunday talk shows.

“As long as the U.S. and other Western countries, their allies and neighbors of North Korea — South Korea, Japan and other regional countries— leave open the possibility of external interference and toppling the current regime there, unfortunately North Korea and its authorities will continue implementing its nuclear program,” Kosachev warned.

“Definitely, there is no military solution there, no doubt that if any military operation is carried out, unfortunately, North Korea’s authorities will fulfill those possibilities that they have,” the Russian Senator stressed. “All this will end sadly not only for the region but for the whole world, including the US.”

“That’s why I sincerely regret Tillerson’s statement as this is definitely not a solution to the North Korean problem, recognizing that this is a problem, it is evident that it exists and demands immediate solution,” the senator said.

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Just Why Does Wall Street So Hate ‘The New Silk Road’ and Lyndon LaRouche?

Lyndon LaRouche at his 95th Birthday, joined by his wife Helga, and EIR Correspondent Hussein Askary. (photo EIRNS)



Another crash is looming over the Wall Street-City of London financial system, and the warnings of it are coming faster and faster, from the IMF to the Bank for International Settlements to Britain’s Adam Smith Institute, whose report last week called it “an accident waiting to happen.” Even one of the biggest of those banks, Deutsche Bank, is itself warning of gigantic bubbles and a “sudden correction that could destabilize the financial system.” Some 10-20% of companies in the United States and European countries are going to go bankrupt with any significant rise in interest rates, they are warning — the Federal Reserve is likely to trigger that rise this week.

It is time to remember that Lyndon LaRouche made a dramatic, internationally broadcast warning in July 2007: “There is no possibility of a non-collapse of the present financial system none! It’s finished, now! The present financial system can not continue to exist under any circumstances, under any Presidency, under any leadership, or any leadership of nations. Only a fundamental and sudden change in the world monetary financial system will prevent a general, immediate chain-reaction type of collapse.” And in that broadcast, he spelled out — including in legislative actions by the United States — what could have stopped that terrible breakdown collapse of 2008.

He has spelled it out again now.

There are three countries whose leadership must prevent another descent into chaos and mass unemployment like 2008: China, which came through that chaos and has driven the biggest share of economic progress since then with worldwide infrastructure projects; the United States, whose President Donald Trump warned late last year of “a giant bubble on Wall Street” and pledged to restore growth; and Russia. The very thought of those three great powers collaborating in a new economic development paradigm — China’s “New Silk Road” of great infrastructure projects — completely destabilizes the Anglo-American elite and “neo-Cons,” and London and Wall Street themselves.

As the first authors, decades ago, of the new paradigm of great infrastructure projects now unfolding under China’s “Belt and Road Initiative,” Lyndon and Helga LaRouche are the key to the potential for that collaboration of great powers for progress. Donald Trump’s mold-breaking presidency makes it possible for the United States to take part.

The Federal prosecutor who 30 years ago was assigned to organize the “Get LaRouche Task Force” of prosecutors to put Lyndon LaRouche in prison, is now the “special counsel” trying to drive Trump out of the Presidency. Robert Mueller is trying to give President Trump “the LaRouche treatment.”

So agitated are the neo-Cons and financial barons about the possibility that the United States will join the New Silk Road, that their U.S. publication Foreign Policy has published a furious attack on the Helga LaRouche’s parliamentary campaign in Germany! They are determined to stop the progress of such a new paradigm anywhere in Europe or the United States.

But joining with the New Silk Road is exactly what the United States needs. If Trump is going to protect Americans from that “giant bubble on Wall Street” he warned of, and build a new economic infrastructure to make the nation productive and great again, this is the means. The American people need to take control over Wall Street by insisting on reinstating the Glass-Steagall breakup of the banks. That’s the first of the actions needed to bring the American economy into that international collaboration on great projects.




Two More Crash Warnings as Fed Gets Ready To Sell Assets

Following the report of the UK-based Adam Smith Institute last week that City of London banks were more overleveraged than in 2007 and “an accident waiting to happen,” two new warnings emerged today of the bigger crash threat from the U.S. and European corporate bond markets.

Deutsche Bank chief credit strategist followed up CEO John Cryan’s remarks last week that the central banks had created “bubbles everywhere,” with a warning that “asset prices globally are the most elevated in history.” This history involved is since 1800, and the measures complicated. But the bank is clearly reporting that the credit, or bond markets, are closer than ever before to the highest global average price possible, meaning the lowest global average interest rate possible. Their report says “While they remain this high there is always a risk of a sudden correction that could be destabilising to a financial system and global economy that seems to require such elevated asset prices.”

The report also points to the epidemic in Europe and the United States of bond issues with “lite” or no covenants, meaning the company’s ability to repay cannot be judged. A homey example is given by Jared Kushner’s family real estate company, which owes billions in loans on which it has lacked the revenue even to pay interest.

The latest quarterly report of the Bank for International Settlements contains a warning about a potential corporate debt crisis or collapse. It estimates that 10% of all European non-financial firms are “zombie companies” which have become completely dependent on borrowing at near-zero interest rates, and will go bankrupt with any significant rate rise. They estimate that the ratio in the U.S. corporate sector is 16% “zombies.” Recall that the IMF 2017 global review three months earlier estimated that 20% or more of U.S. non-financial firms would “default” with any significant rate rise, not necessarily the same as going bankrupt; so this is an equally serious warning. “Ultra-low rates have allowed these companies to keep operating…. “In the event of a slowdown or an upward adjustment in interest rates, high debt service payments and default risk could pose challenges to corporates, and thereby create headwinds for GDP growth.”

BIS says investors still think the central banks will return to quantitative easing as soon as any market quakes. “This underlines just how much asset prices appear to depend on the very low bond yields that have prevailed for so long.”

This week the Fed is deciding whether to start selling assets, pushing interest rates up if it announces that.

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LaRouchePAC Monday Update

Join us for our weekly Monday update, with your host, Matthew Ogden.


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Russiagate Debunked: Ray McGovern & Bill Binney Conference in NYC


On this solemn anniversary of 9/11, we commemorate the victims of those horrific attacks, but we also recommit ourselves to ensure justice for them and the American people. Those who withheld the truth contained in the now declassified 28 Pages, are the same who perpetuated the lie of “Iraqi WMD” and are now perpetrating the fraud known as “Russiagate.” This fraud was thoroughly and completely debunked at a conference sponsored by EIR in New York this past weekend, featuring William Binney, Ray McGovern, and Will Wertz. We feature excerpts of their presentations on our show today, and encourage you to view the full event and circulate it far and wide.

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It’s the Belt and Road or Blowout

Photo opportunity before the reception hosted by President of China Xi Jinping for the BRICS leaders and heads of delegations of invited states. September 2017. (


The reality facing the trans-Atlantic financial system has a way of asserting itself.

On the one hand, there are thoughtful statesmen such as former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the Macron government’s envoy to this year’s Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, who told Xinhua Sept. 16 that “Europe should join the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative as soon as possible,” in Xinhua’s paraphrase. “Let’s grasp the opportunity and make more profits. I believe we’ll achieve win-win results through cooperating with our Asian partners,” Raffarin said. “France as well as other European countries need rapid growth. We should get involved instead of just discussing it, because we will lose a lot of time then. The initiative is very important for Europe…. China is offering a helping hand.”

Similarly, the government of Panama, which just established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China, having had relations with Taiwan instead for decades, is getting totally on board with the Belt and Road Initiative. During a visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to the country, President Juan Carlos Varela emphasized Panama’s importance as a logistical, port and air platform, and urged China to use Panama as its staging area for the Belt and Road Initiative for all of Ibero-America. Panama Canal Authority Economics Unit member Eddie Tapiero emphasized an additional crucial point: the Belt and Road “is a new business model of globalization in the world and Panama should not be alien to it. The U.S., as the main partner of all countries in Latin America, needs to be part of the initiative. With all the players working towards the same goal, the countries will achieve a balance in their strength and stability in the long term.”

Even the Rajoy government in Spain seems to have figured out which way the wind is blowing. After participating in the May Belt and Road Forum in Beijing, Rajoy’s government hosted a highly successful visit to Spain of China’s State Councillor Yang Jiechi, in which China’s further integration with the Belt and Road was discussed.

On the other hand, there are Wall Street’s supremely opportunist schemers, such as Jim Rogers, the Baliol-trained co-founder with George Soros of the Quantum Fund, who has now gone his own way as an “investor and financial commentator,” whose views, he admits, are best described as those of Austrian School monetarism. In an interview published by RT on Sept. 16, Rogers said that if the U.S. launches full-scale trade warfare against China, this would monumentally backfire and likely lead China and Russia to step in and promptly replace the current international financial system. “If they put sanctions on China in a big way, it brings the whole world economy down. And in the end, it hurts America more than it hurts China, because it just forces China and Russia and other countries closer together. Russia and China and other countries are already trying to come up with a new financial system. If America puts sanctions on them, they would have to do it that much faster.”

What these developments reflect, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized today, is that what is coming into being is the development of a new system that will work. LaRouche was the original designer of that new system, to replace the bankrupt British Empire, and many of the personalities that were involved with LaRouche in promoting that policy over the years, in every part of the planet, are coming back to play greater roles. This can be seen from Thailand, to Europe, to Panama. It is the influence of LaRouche, of his ideas, that is the driving force behind this dynamic.

Something is happening, LaRouche elaborated. The whole field is opening up; fresh water is coming back. Various people and political forces will come on board, and will get the job done. These are the people we must organize to that end, he said.




Central America Begins To Enter the Belt and Road; Waiting for U.S. to Join, Too

Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi today presided over the ceremony opening the first-ever Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Panama. “A new era begins in which we should be closer than ever on behalf of our people’s well-being. Geographic distance will not be an obstacle to our being allies,” President Varela said there.

Up until a few months ago, Panama, like most Central American nations, had diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and not with the PRC.

President Varela met with Wang on Sept. 16, and emphasized Panama’s importance as a logistical, port and air platform, inviting China to make use of it as China’s bridge and commercial arm into all of Ibero-America.

Three days earlier, Panama’s first Ambassador to China, Francisco Carlo Escobar, had presented his credentials in Beijing, where he emphasized in an interview published by Xinhua on Sept. 16 that Panama is very interested in the Belt and Road Initiative, and bringing the BRI to all Ibero-America. He told Xinhua that “Panama can be [a strategic place] … for logistical distribution and perhaps to present certain infrastructure projects which could help the Belt and Road Initiative in the region.”

Wang confirmed to President Varela that President Xi Jinping will receive him before the end of 2017 in Beijing, where he expects they will sign a number of the more than 20 agreements now being negotiated between the two nations. The Panamanian Presidency’s wire on the Varela-Wang meeting reports that Varela will also officially open Panama’s Embassy in Beijing and Consulate in Shanghai during that trip, as well as visit Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, to promote business and tourism.

An official from the Economics Unit of the Panama Canal Authority, Eddie Tapiero, zeroed in on the real strategic potential of these relations, when he said in a recent speech on “Panama’s New Relations with China and the Possible Implications for the Canal: OBOR,” that beyond increasing trade through its new relations with China, Panama is also joining in the Chinese intiative “which will change the world in the coming years,” the Belt and Road Initiative which, he said, the United States must also join.

Panama’s La Estrella quoted Tapiero Sunday: The Belt and Road is “a new business model of globalization in the world, and Panama should not be alien to it. The U.S. as the main partner of all countries in Latin America needs to be part of the initiative. With all the players working towards the same goal, the countries will achieve a balance in their strength and stability in the long term.”

The Belt and Road was also emphasized in Wang’s stop in Costa Rica, the only other Central American country which has relations with the P.R.C., established 10 years ago. Before Wang’s visit, on Sept. 1 President Luis Guillermo Solis had spoken with enthusiasm of the potential of Chinese-Costa Rican relations, but argued that before participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, bilateral relations should first be expanded. However, after Wang’s visit on Sept. 15, where he met with both the President and Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel Gonzalez, Gonzalez said Costa Rica is ready to actively take part in building China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which will promote Costa Rica’s own development. He added that Costa Rica is willing to explore trilateral cooperation with China and Panama.

Teddy Roosevelt has to be rolling over in his grave. And Lyndon LaRouche’s friend Gen. Manuel Noriega is surely smiling happily.

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Enemy of the New Silk Road Paradigm: Saudi Genocide in Yemen

Destroyed house in the south of Sanaa. Photo: Mr. Ibrahem



New revelations on the role of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, pose the imperative: the ongoing Saudi genocide against Yemen must stop; the Saudi-related networks perpetrating such crimes against humanity must be brought down. Acting on this, opens the way wide for the entire world, including the Mideast, to participate in the New Silk Road—the Belt and Road Initiative—development drive, which is the necessary “peace through development” process needed to end the perpetual warfare in the region.

What is required, is the creation of an international investigative commission into Saudi Arabia’s actions against Yemen, and a set of immediate actions. China this week, indicated its support for such an investigation, and a “political” solution.

  • Stop the Saudi bombing and all other attacks on Yemen.
  • Stop the Saudi blockade of Yemen’s ports.
  • Stop all outside interference in Yemen, to allow a return to the process of negotiation which existed before the start of the bombing, to proceed to resolution of domestic differences.
  • Provide immediate food, water, sanitation, medical, power, public health, and all other social relief in full.
  • Provide any and all other humanitarian and economic aid urgently required, especially for transportation, shelter and logistics.
  • Initiate stand-by preparations for international collaboration to re-build Yemen, and welcome its participation in the development drive of the ‘Maritime Silk Road’ of Eurasia-Africa.

Yet Britain has blocked every attempt at even an international investigative commission, while the UK and the United States continue to supply arms to the Saudi “Coalition” perpetrating the criminal assault. On the American side, the very same backers of Saudi crimes are working to bring down the duly elected government of President Donald Trump. In turn, these interconnect with the British sponsors of the Saudi royalty, going back to the founding of the Saudi Kingdom.

New Evidence; Bob Mueller Complicit

The new 9/11 revelations, which came out on the eve of the 16th anniversary of the attack, concern specifically evidence of direct Saudi government involvement in the 1999-2001 preparation of the aircraft attacks—including a “dry run” flight attempt in 1999, and show a pattern of cover-up by then FBI-Director Robert Mueller. This is the same Bob Mueller who ran the “Get LaRouche Task Force” in the 1980s, and now leads the investigation-assault against Pres. Donald Trump today, on the bogus charge of Russian interference in the U.S. election.

The new, damning documentation comes in a lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, filed in New York Federal District Court, by a group of families of 9/11 victims. These plaintiffs have filed an amended complaint, citing FBI documents, showing that the Saudi government employed and financed two Saudi “students” in the U.S.— Mohammed al-Qudhaeein and Hamdan al-Shalawi—whose attempts to gain access to the cockpit of an America West flight from Phoenix to Washington, D.C., in November, 1999, were of such a threatening nature that the plane made an emergency landing in Ohio.

The two were arrested when the plane landed, and questioned by the FBI, but were released. The FBI later “discovered” that the two had been trained in Afghanistan, had regular contacts with one of the Saudi hijacker-pilots and a senior al Qaeda leader from Saudi Arabia, now held in the Guantanamo prison; were employed by the Saudi government; and were in “frequent contact” with Saudi officials while in the U.S., including attending a symposium hosted by the Saudi Embassy and chaired by the Saudi Ambassador. The Saudi Embassy even paid for the pair’s tickets for the “dry-run” flight.

There is also new attention to the attempted cover-up by then-FBI Director Robert Mueller, which puts him into the spotlight for his role against Trump today. At the time of the investigation by the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, Mueller prevented the Congressional investigators from interrogating an FBI informant, Abdussattar Shaikh, who had harbored two of the 9/11 Saudi hijackers in San Diego before the attack. Mueller removed Shaikh to an undisclosed location so he couldn’t be questioned, defying even a Congressional subpoena for his testimony. Sen. Bob Graham, Co-Chairman of the Joint Congressional Inquiry, thinks that Mueller acted on authority of the White House, indicating the Bush family’s alignment with British/Saudi geopolitical crimes.

Yemen—Stop the Carnage; Investigate the Crimes

In Yemen today the death and destruction are solely at the hands of Saudi Arabia. The latest U.N. report (Sept. 5) estimates the civilian death toll at at least 5,500 in the past two-and-a-half years (over 10,000 deaths total); with thousands more injured. Cholera cases have exceeded 600,000, with at least 2,000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization. Water and sanitation services have been devastated. Millions are dislocated. There are at least 19 million people in need of humanitarian aid, and over 7 million in desperate need of food. But the Saudis are blocking relief shipments. The Saudis have bombed multiple hospitals, schools and social gatherings. Britain and the U.S. are supplying arms; the U.S. is providing re-fueling and surveillance. In releasing details, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said Sept. 5 that Yemenis are suffering from “an entirely man-made catastrophe.” On Sept. 11, for the third time in three years, Commissioner Zeid asked the U.N. Human Rights Council (of 47 nations) to launch an investigation into violations of international humanitarian law.

On Sept. 13 at a Geneva meeting of the Council, China and several other nations indicated their willingness to back such an international inquiry into the atrocities in Yemen. The Chinese delegate said of the idea, that, “We agree with the moves, including the COI [Commission of Inquiry], to promote the political solving of the Yemen crisis.” Canada and the Netherlands provided a draft text for the Council to establish a COI. But Britain and the U.S. opposed it; Saudi Arabia and cohort nations boycotted the discussion altogether.

Rescue, Rebuild

As horrible as the destruction of life is in Yemen, it is not a “special case.” It expresses British/American policy over the past 60 years, of perpetual war under various banners: regime change, R2P (Responsibility to Protect,) human rights, and other lies. Look at the series of battleground nations: Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen. Syria has been able to resist, with the assistance of Russia. Before that, Vietnam. This must stop.

We can now break with this horrible legacy, and its perpetrators, whose system opposes the general welfare. We can join together in the policy of the New Silk Road, whose capability and intent to serve the common good of mankind, are evident in the way that millions of people in many nations, are collaborating in projects of mutual benefit.

In the United States, there is a new, deep wave of compassion for humanity, and will for development, in the aftermath of the devastation in the Americas from the hurricanes and Mexican earthquake. Americans are looking forward to the economic projects which must be done for the future, and looking back, on how essential projects were not done—flood defenses, water systems, advanced power infrastructure, space-based climate analysis—because they were claimed to be too “costly,” given the U.S. commitment to the various wars, from Vietnam, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, and now Yemen.

No more. Never again. We now can rescue and rebuild.

The first version of the above statement was issued Sept. 12; it was updated Sept. 16, 2017

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Manhattan Town Hall event with Ben Deniston


LPAC Basement member Ben Deniston is the featured guest on this week’s Manhattan Town Hall. He discusses the extraterrestrial context of the recent set of powerful hurricanes, and other global phenomenon which occurred during the same period.

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