Finish Taking American Presidency Back From the British Empire

President Trump Delivers Remarks and Signs an Executive Order on Energy & Infrastructure. He signs one of two Executive Orders to streamline Federal processes surrounding energy and infrastructure development Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Crosby, Texas.

President Trump Delivers Remarks and Signs an Executive Order on Energy & Infrastructure. He signs one of two Executive Orders to streamline Federal processes surrounding energy and infrastructure development Wednesday, April 10, 2019, in Crosby, Texas.



President Donald Trump’s approval rating among the American population has risen as the “Russiagate” coup attempt against him has been discredited; with Attorney General Barr’s delivery of the Mueller Report to Congress expected this week, investigation of the frauds of the “Russiagaters” can take off in earnest. The crucial events go much deeper than that.

The President apparently understands, if he does not yet proclaim it in his own name, what his key supporters know: that the drive to force him out came from British intelligence, because of his intent to turn American policies from geopolitics to economic cooperation and peace. Presidents since Truman, with the brief exceptions of JFK and Ronald Reagan’s SDI, have been under overall British imperial policy control since World War II.

With Trump’s inauguration a battle began to end that dismal reign over the U.S. Presidency, of Churchillian cold wars, regime-change wars and geopolitics. It began immediately with the rush by the Obama holdover intelligence chiefs to trap President Trump in the British intelligence-created “Russiagate.” The battle is still underway and the President could win.

But, it has been necessary from day one that the truth about the much more vicious prosecutorial and propaganda attack on Lyndon LaRouche, by the same British-led forces, had to be clarified — LaRouche exonerated — and his national and international development policies taken up. LaRouche had conducted a nearly 40-year fight for the American Presidency. He repeatedly stood as a candidate but with the broader aim throughout, of representing the real American System and the real American character to many nations, as opposed to the “British imperial” character those nations had seen since the Harry S Truman presidency. By becoming the leading statesman of international development programs and great infrastructure projects for the world, LaRouche was THE hated adversary of the British empire.

A campaign to exonerate LaRouche, gathering support internationally, will accelerate over the next two months leading into an American memorial for him in June, following extraordinary expressions of respect and appreciation for him already from senior South American statesmen in a memorial there last week. Its theme is “the triumph of Lyndon LaRouche.” An exoneration pamphlet is being produced setting forth his legacy.

The LaRouchePAC political organization decided this weekend to organize scores of chapters across the nation at the same time, to enable its leadership to address his many thousands of activists and supporters and recruit them, and new activists, to the exoneration campaign. Its mission is to allow President Trump to act to exonerate LaRouche, and thus defy and break the grip of the British imperial paradigm on the Presidency at last.

The President’s recent Moon-Mars mission decision is recognized as a ground-breaking new potential for American optimism and progress — but also, for scientific and technological cooperation with the other space-faring powers. Trump wanted great-power cooperation with Russia and China, as with India and Japan; “Russiagate” has blocked him; and now waves of anti-China propaganda are coming from the major media; from both political parties; from his own executive.

The Moon-Mars mission is vital. LaRouche’s movement will also be producing materials on the scientific and technological breakthroughs needed, the educational policies, international cooperation, and funding, employing LaRouche’s ideas to answer the question: Can humans return to the Moon in 2024?

This is the way President Trump’s other goal, to build a “shining new infrastructure for America,” can get underway. The attacks on China are an obstacle, and false. The genius of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche has shown that the historic “American System,” and China’s Confucian tradition, are both aspects of the paradigm of human progress which has to end Britain’s imperial paradigm.

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First ‘Image’ of ‘Black Hole’ Teases Imagination: What’s Mankind’s True Potential in Space?

First image of a black hole, captured by the Event Horizon telescope.


The Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) released the first-ever image of the environment immediately surrounding a super-massive black hole candidate (located at the center of galaxy M87). This provides the first1 direct visual-observational evidence of the physical existence of an event horizon — a physical boundary condition delineating a mysterious physical regime where the gravitational conditions are so intense even light cannot escape.

These first images of this anomalous physical regime provide a critical reminder to mankind: there is still so much to discover and understand about our Universe, we need to get off this small planet to continue to explore and expand our understanding—and President Trump’s Moon-Mars program provides a historic opportunity to take the next steps in fulfilling our shared, uniquely human destiny.

No one knows what actually happens within these mysterious regimes (beyond the event horizon), but, now, we do know that their existence isn’t mathematical speculation–it is a physical reality. The environment immediately surrounding an event horizon is the most extreme expression of Einstein’s general relativity mankind has ever investigated–with gravitational spacetime conditions so intense light can orbit the event horizon (as if the light were a satellite orbiting a planet). According to the scientists from the National Science Foundation who presented the first EHT images on April 10, the unique characteristics of this environment surrounding the event horizon at the center of M87 correspond beautifully to what was predicted based on Einstein’s theory.

The first EHT images are the product of an incredible international initiative, involving hundreds of scientists, dozens of institutions, and ten radio telescopes across eight sites around the world (connected together to operate as a single dish, through very-long-baseline interferometry). And the EHT is just getting started, additional telescopes are being brought into the project, and the EHT will move into observations at slightly higher radio frequencies–both of which will contribute to sharper images of their two main observational targets, the event horizon at the center of M87, and also the event horizon at the center of our own Galaxy (Sag A*). Additionally, scientists involved are noting that space-based satellites would be the next step, to further increase the potential of the EHT.

These supermassive phenomena at the centers of galaxies represent critical anomalies. Not only is the physical regime beyond the event horizon a mystery, no one exactly sure how or why these supermassive phenomena form at the centers of galaxies. Every galaxy seems to have one, and their mass systematically scales in correspondence with the size of their host galaxy—a relation no one can explain. They can be “active,” becoming the most energetic astronomical phenomena out there–shining brighter than their entire host galaxy, and emitting coherent and structured jets of plasma that can be larger than the galaxy.

The EHT is helping to open the door to many fascinating anomalies, but this is just the beginning. Mankind’s future requires the continued pursuit of these fundamental questions, and this pursuit requires initiatives like President Trump’s Moon-Mars program.

In 1986, Mr. LaRouche addressed this beautifully in his own outline for a 40 year perspective of a Moon-Mars colonization program, “The Science and Technology Needed to Colonize Mars”.

Here is the a full section of that paper, “The Scientific Objectives.”


“The astronomers are the first to tell us why we must go some distance away from Earth’s orbit. The Earth’s atmosphere prevents us from observing the full spectrum of radiation from the stars and galaxies, and we have reached near to the limit of what we can discover about our larger universe by Earth-based observatories. We can do a little better with telescopes and radio telescopes in near-Earth orbit, but for many important measurements, the area in the vicinity of the Earth’s orbit is a very dirty and noisy place. We must be able to measure the full range of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation in space, from the very long wave to the very, very short: from every distant star, galaxy, and other phenomenon to be observed.

“Building observatories as far out as Mars orbit, and beyond, will make young astronomers very happy, but our purpose for spending these many billions of dollars is obviously not merely to give astronomers some special sort of personal pleasure. The point is, with aid of such observatories, our astrophysicists will be able to answer many questions very important for life on Earth, questions which can not be answered without information from such complexes of space-based scientific observatories.

“As physical science progresses, what was accepted as the best physics yesterday seems to break down around the edges. Usually, when this first occurs, the physicists mumble the ugliest curse word in their scientific vocabularies: ‘anomalous.’ At first, they look at the embarrassing experimental results suspiciously, thinking someone must have played a mean prank upon them. Sooner or later, some physicists warn: ‘It’s no good calling these embarrassing experimental results “anomalies.” We have to face scientific facts; there is something wrong with our existing scientific textbooks.’

“The history of ‘anomalies’ is the history of fundamental progress in science. Modern science began with the work of Nicholas of Cusa. In 1440, Cusa published a book, On Learned Ignorance (De Dacia lgnorantia) which accomplished, chiefly, two things. Cusa presented a discovery which modern science calls the Principle of Least Action, and which mathematicians refer to as the isoperimetric theorem. Cusa proved that geometry, as then taught, contained a fundamental error, and that this error had a bad effect on our thinking about physics. In the same book, Cusa presented a way of thinking about physics which set the stage for the later work of such leading figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Kepler, and Leibniz. Every step of fundamental progress in experimental science since has centered around discovering mistakes, called ‘anomalies,’ in generally accepted scientific doctrines.

“By about the middle of the 19th century, with the work of Karl Gauss and his collaborators, science developed a more effective way of looking at this problem of ‘anomalies.’ It was established as a rule, that to settle any fundamental principle of physics, we must move away from the everyday scale of experimental work, and study the way in which the universe behaves at its extremes, the very, very large and the very, very small. In other words, we can not say that any physics principle is true experimentally, until we have proven that principle by means of astronomical observations and also on the size-scale of molecules, atoms, and subatomic behavior.

“It has also been recognized, off and on, since the work of Leonardo da Vinci, that we must also prove principles of nature in a third region of physical experiments and observation: living processes. Today’s progress in optical biophysics is reminding us of that, once more.

“In brief: The practical importance of astrophysics for life on Earth is that without the special kind of knowledge of laws of the universe we gain from astrophysics, we are blocked in scientific progress on the scale of everyday practice. Astrophysics, microphysics, and optical biophysics, are the frontiers of all scientific progress on Earth today.

“To explore the behavior of the stars and galaxies, we must measure the full range of radiation from those sources. We must measure not only the visible light, but also microwaves and radio frequencies, the very large infrared spectrum, the ultraviolet, the X-ray region, and so forth. The farther from the Sun we make those observations, the better. What we are searching for is “anomalies” in our present textbooks’ physics. We are searching for the kind of evidence, which compared with work in microphysics and optical biophysics, will enable us not only to uncover those ‘anomalies,’ but to solve them.

“The rate at which science progresses on the surface of the Earth depends very much on these kinds of coordinated investigations.

“A considerable amount of benefit can be gained from unmanned observational stations placed in various locations around our solar system. More and more, we are faced with the fact that there must also be manned laboratories and manned observatories in space, as well.

“So far, most of our space exploration has been based on these kinds of objectives. This will continue to be a large part of man’s work and life in space for the foreseeable decades ahead.

“Once we move to place observatories and space laboratories at interplanetary distances, the idea of permanent colonies in space pops up. Once we think of putting a few dozen scientists and technicians at interplanetary distances, we are already raising the question of space colonization.

“The logic of the problem is simple enough. To support a few dozen scientists and technicians in the ‘front line’ missions of research in space, we must have a much larger number of people there to maintain the life-support systems on which those scientists and technicians depend. As soon as one has sketched the table of organization for the persons necessary simply to maintain those life-support systems, we realize that once we have decided to put a few dozen scientists and technicians into front-line space missions, we might as well put a few hundred such scientists and technicians out there. The size of the life-support staff needed to sustain a few dozen scientists, would actually support hundreds with relatively little more effort.

“Once we have decided to put observatories and laboratories a significant part of the distance toward Mars-orbit, we see it is much better to go all the distance, and take advantage of the fact that Mars is the most convenient place to establish a logistical base for the more remote stations.

“Once that point is settled in our minds, we must estimate the minimum population on Mars necessary to maintain all functions indispensable to life support on that planet. Even with continued logistical support from the industrial base on the Moon, we are in the range of a city-sized population in our initial Mars colony. We must stop thinking in terms of the word base, as we might say ‘Antarctica base’; the word we must use i s permanent colony, a chiefly self-sustaining, permanent colony on Mars.

“We might look at the project in this way. Think of it as recruiting several thousand scientists, and supporting research technicians, to staff the major U.S. laboratory in space research. However, instead of establishing this university-like research center in the middle of Arizona, we place it on Mars . To provide the goods and services the scientific teams and their families require, we develop a small city around the research center, analogous to the case of Los Alamos.

“This population is composed of human beings, not robots, and also not fellows clomping around in space suits in some Hollywood science fiction sort of space opera. Without a human ecosystem, many of them would go mad, or nearly so. Building an atmosphere on Mars so that the colonists could bicycle or hitchhike around the planet’s highways, might be a bit far fetched for the foreseeable future; cities and farms in Earth like artificial environments, under large domes, is the more likely prospect for the foreseeable future. With in such domes, human activity and environment must be as Earthlike as possible. Think of a similar center placed in the middle of the Sahara Desert: pretty bleak and unlivable outside the oasis under the air conditioned dome.”


For more on LaRouchePAC’s scientific perspective on “supermassive black holes” see Ben Deniston’s 2016 class, ‘Galaxy Project VI: Singularities and Anti-Entropy’.

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Bill Binney (former NSA) on the Arrest of Julian Assange


Julian Assange was arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London today for failing to show up in court in London in 2012, and pursuant to a previously sealed, March 2018 indictment from the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia. That indictment charges him with conspiracy with respect to Chelsea Manning’s leak of secret and sensitive information to WikiLeaks, which published Manning’s material, later covered and republished by the Guardian, the New York Times, Der Speigel, and El Pais. Assange announced through his attorneys that he would fight extradition on the indictment.

There are a handful of uncompromised people who know something about the leak of the DNC and John Podesta emails to WikiLeaks. That leak is at the center of the Russiagate hoax the British have conducted against Donald Trump, the United States, and Russia. Those people are Assange, who insists the materials did not result from a Russian hack, former Ambassador Craig Murray, who says he received a USB stick from an insider source in the United States and got it to Wikileaks, and former NSA Technical Directory Bill Binney, who has performed independent forensic studies of the DNC files and found them consistent with a leak but completely inconsistent with a hack conducted by Russian military intelligence over the internet, as claimed by Robert Mueller.

Do you think that if Robert Mueller could prove Binney wrong, he would have hesitated to indicting Assange for conspiracy? More likely, this is a late move to limit what Attorney General Bill Barr will be allowed to investigate and it should be called out for what it is: a coverup. Watch this.

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Assange Arrested by British; Belt and Road Forum Convenes – Which Road Will Be Taken?


Yesterday, Attorney General Bill Barr said he was investigating spying on the Trump Campaign, stating the obvious implication which anyone would draw from the FISA warrants, informants, and wiretaps which have already been disclosed as critical aspects of the fake Russiagate attempted coup against the President of the United States. Barr noted, “spying on a political campaign is a big deal.” The reaction among frenzied Democrats, who stand to be exposed as credulous fools unqualified for any office by any real investigation, was equivalent to the reaction you might expect if the extremely dignified Barr had stood up and relieved himself on the floor of Congress. John Brennan, who stands to go to jail if any real investigation is conducted, opined that Barr had deliberately thrown an incendiary stink bomb, violating the “rules” of the game, requiring some form of immediate draconian discipline. At the same time, those involved in the coup are moving to coverup its most crucial features. That is what is involved in the arrest this morning of Julian Assange in London. Assange knows all about the so- called “predicate” for Russiagate which Barr has sworn to investigate – how the leaked materials from the DNC and John Podesta got to Wikileaks. As a result, Assange’s life is very much in danger. Similarly, Bill Binney, the former technical Director of the NSA has demonstrated that there was not a Russian hack of the DNC resulting in the WikiLeaks disclosures at the heart of Russiagate. Despite the fact that Binney briefed Mike Pompeo on his findings at Donald Trump’s direction, Binney’s findings seem to have not made their way to the President and were not followed up. In fact, Binney is being blacked out by the same mainstream news media who Donald Trump calls the enemy of the people. So, far, this also includes Fox.

In the meantime, the second Belt and Road Initiative Forum will convene in China, representing the new dynamic of international cooperation for development of the world which the attempted coup in the United States was designed to halt or contain. Pursuing this flank with LaRouche’s Four Laws as the basis, means the United States can come out of a decades long nightmare victorious. Join us for tonight’s discussion.

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Soylent Green New Deal: Recipe for Depopulation?


Trump’s planned Presidential Committee on Climate Security might destroy the climate change fraud and help challenge the anti-human paradigm that makes people susceptible to believing it, which will be a tremendous liberation for the human species. Our team reveals the origins of environmentalism (eugenics 2.0) and counters the top claims about the “climate change” hoax that must be defeated to end poverty on the planet.

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Pompeo Goes Abroad To ‘Beat’ China at Development — While Failing U.S. Infrastructure Kills at Home!

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and fellow foreign ministers participate in the NATO plenary session at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on April 4, 2019. [State Department photo]

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and fellow foreign ministers participate in the NATO plenary session at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., on April 4, 2019. [State Department photo]



Secretary of State Mike Pompeo leaves today on a 5-day fool’s errand to Latin America, seeking, with meager funds for development, to denounce and expel China from the region. A region in which it has become, for many countries, the largest foreign investor and the largest trading partner, while the Bush and Obama governments acted as regime-changers and collectors for Wall Street debt vultures and hedge funds. The failure of Pompeo’s “mission” may have been predetermined by his critical omission, as CIA Director in 2017 — helping to withhold crucial evidence that the ‘Russiagate’ coup attempt against President Trump was based on a fraud at the start. Pompeo then was personally presented — at the President’s request — with hard evidence from a senior expert that the core claim, the Russian hacking of DNC computers, was false. It never went beyond CIA Director Pompeo to any other intelligence services or to any committee of Congress. ‘Russiagate’ raged on.

The President yesterday morning called ‘Russiagate’ a “coup to bring down a President”, and called it treason, which implies involvement of a foreign power as instigator. His recent Twitter messages have shown he understands British Intelligence, MI6 and GCHQ, were initiators at the start of the attempt to force him out. Attorney General Barr told the Senate Appropriations Committee today that Trump and his campaign were “spied on – a very big deal.”

And Russian President Putin, speaking to media at the Arctic Forum in Finland, made clear that he understands that Russian-American relations can be restored to joint pursuit of peace and disarmament, and defeat of terrorism, only if the “intrigue” of Russiagate is purged.

President Trump has stated publicly that his actions in the temporary failure of the Hanoi summit with North Korea, were directly affected by the then-ongoing ‘Russiagate’ antics of House Committees. In fact, all of Trump’s intended policies of great-power cooperation for peace and economic development, including intended economic collaboration with China as well, depend on the complete exposure and punishment of those who started and ran the ‘Russiagate’ coup attempt.

Thus the tragic farce of Pompeo’s attempt to drive China out of developing countries with promises of aid in infrastructure development.

Not only did his actions or omissions contribute to driving President Trump to accept constant sanctions, attacks, threats against China and Russia by neo-Conservatives like Pompeo, and sabotage of the President’s own attempts to end war in Syria, Afghanistan, the Korean Peninsula.

His “mission” itself is farcical because the long-neglected and abandoned basic economic infrastructure of America itself, which could be called merely “crumbling” 20 years ago, is now being hit with repeated outright failures resulting in thousands of deaths and massive economic damage. The worst breakdowns result from the fact that plans to engineer major flood- and storm-protection have been cast aside for half a century or more, “for lack of funds.”

What development lending and funds can the United States then offer nations in Africa, South Asia or Latin America, unless it is by cooperation with the other great powers, particularly China which is doing far, far greater work with the Silk Road? New international credit institutions must be set up, as Lyndon LaRouche proposed for 40 years and China has begun – which requires the United States have a national credit institution itself for infrastructure and industrial development — it has none. It must, in fact, join the Belt and Road.

For this, President Trump’s full liberation from the British coup attempt is key. It must be pursued using Lyndon LaRouche’s economic policies and his exoneration.

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VIPs Calling for Lyndon LaRouche’s Exoneration

Here is a selection of VIP signers supporting our call for President Trump to exonerate Lyndon LaRouche. We will be updating this list as our campaign develops. For more on LaRouche’s exoneration and where to sign and share the petition, visit this page.


Fouad Al-Ghaffari
Founder, Advisory Office for Coordination with the BRICS
Sanaa, Republic of Yemen

Rev. Andrew Ashdown
Priest, Church of England
Has led frequent truth-finding missions to Syria
Author, The Stones Cry Out: Reflections from Israel and Palestine
UK – Winchester, Hampshire

William Binney
Former Signals Intelligence Director, U.S. National Security Agency
Member, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
USA – Washington, D.C.

Abraham Bolden, Sr.
First African-American Secret Service agent in U.S. history, under President Kennedy
Author, The Echo from Dealey Plaza: The True Story of the First African American on the White House Secret Service Detail, and His Quest for Justice After the Assassination of JFK
USA – Illinois

Ellen Brown
Founder and President, Public Banking Institute
Author, Web of Debt and other books
USA – California

Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos
Former Secretary General, Black Sea Economic Cooperation
Former Ambassador of Greece

Hon. Edwin W. Edwards
Governor, Louisiana (1972-1980, 1984-1988, 1992-1996)
Representative, U.S. Congress, Louisiana 7th C.D. (1965-1972)
USA – Louisiana

Mike Gravel
Former U.S. Senator from Alaska (1969-1981)
Read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record
USA – California

Fred Huenefeld, Jr.
Member, Louisiana State Democratic Central Committee
USA – Monroe, Louisiana

Sen. Tony Iwobi
Vice Chairman, Foreign Affairs and Emigration Committee, Italian Senate

Joseph Janco
Director, The Eurasia Center
USA – Washington, D.C.

James George Jatras
Former Foreign Policy Advisor to U.S. Senate Republicans
USA – Virginia

Dr. Vladislav Krasnow
Founder and President, Russia & America Goodwill Association
Russia, USA

Dr. Kirk Meighoo
Former Senator, Parliament of Trinidad & Tobago
Host of podcast “Independent Thought and Freedom”
Advisory Board Member, The Integrationist (Caribbean)
Trinidad & Tobago

Dr. Chandra Muzaffar
Founder and Director, JUST International

Dr. Eduardo M.A. Peixoto
Retired Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of São Paulo
Former Brazil delegate to the World Health Organization
Former Superintendent, Technical Board, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)
Brazil – São Paulo

Justin Price
Representative, Rhode Island State Legislature (R.-Dist. 39)
USA – Rhode Island

Gian Marco Sanna
Director, Camerata Geminiani
UK, Italy

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