Clapper: When We Interfere and Overthrow Governments, It Is for ‘The People’


Former DNI James Clapper took the opportunity of an interview with Bloomberg Saturday to brag about his (and other Americans’) role in interfering in foreign elections and overthrowing governments. Bloomberg’s Tobin Harshaw asked: “Speaking of election interference, you write candidly in your book that the U.S. has long tried to sway foreign elections where it had an important national interest, and you even cite a study of 81 examples. How do you square the current outrage over Russian manipulation of social media — which is kind of a tame practice compared to some of the things that the CIA did?”

Clapper: “I guess the way I think about that is that through our history, when we tried to manipulate or influence elections or even overturned governments, it was done with the best interests of the people in that country in mind, given the traditional reverence for human rights.”

The benevolent imperialist had said earlier in the discussion that his campaign to destroy Trump was driven by “the loss of what I’ll call the beacon of truth — where now it’s fashionable to have alternative facts or where ‘truth is relative,’ to quote Rudy Giuliani — this is very dangerous for the fundamental underpinnings of this country. What this has led to is assaults on our institutions and our values, which I spent over 50 years defending.” Of course, Clapper is most famous for his lie to the Congress about mass spying on the American people, and his many lies in Russiagate are now exposed internationally.

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The World Is Poised on the Brink of a New Order of Peace and Development

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo toasts DPRK Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee Kim Yong Chol at a working dinner in New York City on May 30, 2018. [State Department photo/ Public Domain]

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo toasts DPRK Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee Kim Yong Chol at a working dinner in New York City on May 30, 2018. [State Department photo/ Public Domain]



A truly spectacular transformation in the history of Mankind is now in clear sight, in the near future, if the citizens of the world have the courage to seize the opportunity. One recalls Friedrich Schiller’s famous epigram “The Moment,” reflecting on the results of the French Revolution:

“A momentous epoch hath the cent’ry engender’d,
Yet the moment so great findeth a people so small.”

Can the human race today rise to the greatness of this moment?

The Spirit of the New Silk Road, a process initiated by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche in the 1990s and embraced so powerfully by Xi Jinping five years ago, has brought about this great moment, together with the historical revolt of populations in the US and Europe against the cultural and economic decay across the western world. This is reflected in Brexit, the Trump election, the recent Italian election, and similar stirrings elsewhere.

Today, the divisions of the world into geopolitical blocs — the core of the British Empire’s capacity to maintain the power of the financial oligarchy in the City of London and Wall Street — is crumbling before our eyes. President Donald Trump has launched a peace and development process in the Korean Peninsula, working closely with China, Russia, and Japan. U.S. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman has announced that the urgently needed summit between Trump and President Vladimir Putin is finally being organized, with an agenda to resolve the remaining “cockpits for war” in Southwest Asia and Eastern Europe, especially Syria and Ukraine. In all such hot spots, success depends entirely on all parties following the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche — get the tractors rolling immediately, drive the development process from the beginning as the necessary condition for any political agreements. This is the premise of the New Silk Road — the win-win belief in the common aims and common rights of all people, creating peace through development.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his keynote speech to the Shangra-La Dialogue in Singapore on Friday, made clear that India will be part of this win-win approach, issuing a passionate plea for Asian nations, and all nations, to be finished with “great power rivalries,” adding: “Asia of rivalry will hold us all back. Asia of cooperation will shape this century.”

Ambassador Huntsman told “Fox and Friends” yesterday morning, when asked about plans for a Putin-Trump summit, that “both sides are looking favorably on that,” and that: “It is inconceivable to conclude that you can settle down the Mideast without the United States and Russia dealing with the hornets’ nest of an issue called Syria. And, it’s inconceivable that you can deal rationally with strategic stability and nuclear weapons when our two countries possess 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons. Isolation doesn’t fix things. It’s coming together.”

Trump is taking bold steps. The Russiagate scam continues to unravel, as the exposure by the LaRouche organization of the British role in the attempted coup against the President of the United States is now a leading feature even in the mainstream media. The complicit players within the Obama Administration’s intelligence community are now facing potential criminal prosecution themselves, and are further exposing themselves in their panic. Obama’s DNI James Clapper literally bragged to Bloomberg News Saturday that he and others “manipulated” foreign elections and “overthrew governments” on a regular bases, but that this is OK since “it was done with the best interests of the people in that country in mind — given the traditional reverence for human rights.” History will account for the “human rights” provided by the Anglo-American cabal to the people of Vietnam, of Iraq, of Libya, and of Syria, among others. It is precisely this mentality of “regime change” — simply a new term for the British Empire’s geopolitics — which Trump has rejected, and which is a major cause of the British panicked attempt to destroy him.

The new paradigm now coming into being is endangered by the rapidly deteriorating condition of the Western financial system. The European sector of that system is facing the revolt in Italy, the crisis at Deutsche Bank, and other potential sparks which could ignite the massive derivative bubble which is propping up the entire edifice. With Trump breaking free of the British coup plot, he must act swiftly to implement a Hamiltonian reform of the financial system, as presented in LaRouche’s Four Laws, to make it possible for the nation to both participate in, and contribute to, the unfolding of the Silk Road development process in every part of the world and beyond.


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LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast – June 1, 2018

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Fireside Chat with Diane Sare, May 31, 2018


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No, John Bull, The Markets Do Not Supersede Humanity

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to China, November 10, 2017 Photo: White House



Within hours of the President of Italy rejecting the slate of ministers submitted by the majority coalition, while issuing a speech which openly declared that the will of foreign investors and the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels overrides the will of the Italian people, all Hell broke loose across the western world. The fact that such a blatant declaration of the power of the British-centered financial empire over sovereign states is creating a massive backlash was lost on no one. The three other destitute states of southern Europe—Spain, Greece and Portugal—are facing similar disasters, with declining currency values and rising interest rates on their sovereign debt. The fact that the euro system as a whole is dysfunctional is increasingly obvious to all.

Even the Wall Street Journal published an op-ed warning that such a blatant disregard for the democratic vote will only “confirm the perception that the EU is immune to public opinion.”

That dangerously widens the divide between Europe’s people and institutions. Helga Zepp-LaRouche spoke more clearly:”The demise of the euro is coming, the power of the elites is coming to an end. Whatever they do makes it worse.”Deutschebank, drowning in derivative debt, has already admitted the failure of its effort to become the world’s biggest hedge fund. It’s new leadership is trying to shed its investment banking operations—a process which could alone be the trigger which explodes the entire system, making the 2008 crisis pale in significance.

Nor is the crisis contained in Europe. The U.S. and European banking systems are indistinguishable. In Brazil, after a truckers strike brought the economy to a stand still for 9 days, President Temer gave in and removed the new taxes he had imposed on fuel. Argentines are watching carefully, as President Macri is being told by his Wall Street controllers that massive budget cuts and depreciation of the peso will be the conditions on any IMF bail out, even as the current austerity measures have driven the population to the brink.

Of course, none of this will resolve the crisis. The western financial system cannot be “fixed.” The entire western banking system is awash with worthless speculative paper which is being serviced ahead of the needs of the human race. A new system, based on Hamiltonian creditary policies, can and must be implemented, as LaRouche’s Four Laws prescribes. Indeed, the fact that the two Italian coalition parties trying to form a government both call for Glass Steagall and a national infrastructure bank—the first two of LaRouche’s Four Laws—is to a great extent the cause of the terror in London and Brussels that led to their dictatorial rejection of the will of the people of Italy.

All of Asia is uniting around the spirit of the New Silk Road. President Trump is in the process of working with Asia to resolve the Korea crisis once and for all, through a “peace through development” approach. With Russiagate being transformed into Spygate within the U.S., due in great part to the LPAC intelligence reports on the subversive role of British intelligence and the Obama intelligence team, Trump should soon be free to bring the U.S. into full cooperation with the New Silk Road in building a new paradigm for all of mankind. The opportunity must not be missed.

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City of London’s Foolish Coup Against Italy Will Hasten a Financial Crash



The London-centered eurodollar elite have just used Italy’s State President to block its democratically elected majority government from taking office, effectively carrying out a coup against Italy.

Now, can any doubt remain, that British intelligence circles and European Union elites simply refused to accept Donald Trump’s election as U.S. President, and started a drive which still continues, to force him out of the White House?

Both Italians and Americans committed the same offense, of electing a government, or a President, who defied British geopolitics by wanting great-power cooperation with Russia and China, and who refused to follow orders and “market rules” of City of London financial powers’ on economic policy.

And in the case of Italy’s coup’ed majority government, its parties were even more open than was candidate Donald Trump, to enacting Glass-Steagall bank separation and national bank credit for productive employment and new infrastructure projects — elements of Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws” for economic revival.

It has become an outrage that London and Brussels EU elites, as well as neo-cons in the United States, denounce China and Russia as authoritarian dictatorships, while reserving to themselves the power to veto or overthrow any government which opposes British geopolitical, zero-sum policies. As the arrogant European Union Commissioner Günther Oettinger pronounced to an interviewer today, “The markets will teach the Italians to vote for the right thing.”

Helga Zepp-LaRouche stated today that this London-centered geopolitical paradigm — claiming to represent “Western values” — is, in reality, now shamed by the New Paradigm of mutual economic and scientific progress represented by China’s Belt and Road Initiative (and by its programs of space exploration, development of fusion energy, etc.).

A Bloomberg News editorial today acutely called the coup in Italy “Mattarella’s Folly,” referring to the Italian State President who vetoed the government on behalf of London and Brussels. Whereas Glass-Steagall and Hamiltonian national banking were muted issues in the elections in March, they will now be far more important in the new national elections for the Fall. In fact, the issue of obeying the austerity rules of the Eurozone, or perhaps, even leaving the euro, will now become as passionate as the aroused issue of fighting for democratic freedom itself.

Not only that: London’s Mattarella blunder gave Europe, at least, a hard new shove towards a major financial crash which was already threatening. With Germany’s biggest bank already in serious trouble, bank stocks led the plunge of stock and bond markets across Europe and in the United States. As this major financial crisis comes on, Glass-Steagall and LaRouche’s “Four Laws” will become fighting issues in the 2018 American elections as well.

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Memo to President Trump: Time to End the Special Relationship; Declassify All British Spawned Documents Concerning Your 2016 Campaign



By Barbara Boyd

As of this writing, the U.S. media has its knickers in a complete knot because of “Spygate,” the scandal evolving from the President of the United States exercising his constitutional powers to declassify secret intelligence documents bearing on the completely illegal investigation of his 2016 presidential campaign by the Obama White House, Obama’s intelligence chiefs, and their masters in the City of London.

In the view of the Anglo-American establishment, Trump is once again being insubordinate, refusing to be told what to do, unlike every American President since the death of FDR, with the exception of John F. Kennedy. So-called “experts” have been trotted out to sniff about “unsubstantiated,” “baseless” and “wild,” accusations, and “conspiracy theories,” propagated by the “unhinged” President of the United States. He aims, they say, to undermine the “rule of law,” which, according to them, emanates solely from the personage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. These experts are taking their cues from former DNI James Clapper and Obama’s CIA Chief John Brennan and include numerous former staffers for Special Counsel Robert Mueller when he was at the FBI, who have become official commentators on CNN and other cable ventures. As we shall show you below, this amounts to letting the future inmates run the institution. They warn how dangerous and illegal the President is being in demanding that the “independent” Justice Department submit to oversight by the Congress and how dictatorial he has become by asserting that the President of the United States can declassify documents about a coup being run against his presidency. Turning Abe Lincoln on his head, they seem to think they can fool all the people, all the time.

They bet that people won’t pick up and read the Constitution, establishing for themselves that everything President Trump is doing is perfectly and wonderfully legal. The Constitution places the ultimate authority for classifying or declassifying documents or information with the President although, in the normal course, that power is delegated to subordinate officials in the Executive branch. The Constitution holds that Congress polices the executive branch agencies, such as the Justice Department, the CIA, and the FBI. These agencies are not independent plenary powers, free to operate however they please. In fact, the Constitution says that Donald Trump is the boss of the DOJ and the intelligence community, no matter how much these agencies may rail against the founding fathers for establishing that fact.

So, the louder these so-called “experts” scream, the more you know you are on to something singularly important and devastating to those responsible for the current ruin of the United States. That something is the fact that Trump is right, and if justice prevails, most of Robert Torquemada Mueller’s case is going up in smoke and many of his favored witnesses will be doing time in jail.

A British Operation from the Beginning

We have learned in the past week that the Obama Administration and the British planted a long-time CIA/MI6 asset, Stefan Halper, to run operations against the Trump presidential campaign. As a matter of convenience, it has been claimed that Halper was an FBI informant, since MI6 and the CIA can’t legally spy on Americans. But his pedigree is solidly MI-6 and CIA, as we shall see. Revelations to date, point to Halper’s role in creating a trail of fake evidence linking the Trump campaign to Russia in the hopes of derailing Trump’s presidential campaign amidst fake charges amounting to treason. The same planted and fake evidence has been picked up and used in Robert Mueller’s inquisition against the Trump Presidency. It remains an open question to this writer whether Halper is the Trump campaign “informant” the FBI told British agent Christopher Steele about in the course of the FBI’s illicit relationship with Steele — or even the sole informant.

Christopher Steele, of course, is the author of the dirty MI6 dossier claiming that Trump was a Manchurian candidate personally compromised by Vladimir Putin. The British originated Steele dossier has been a staple for the media and, until recently, the backbone of the entire Russiagate hoax. Steele’s dossier was supposedly the “solid” investigative backbone used by the Senate Intelligence Committee in its Russiagate ravings and the FBI and Justice Department in applying for FISA warrants, and taking other unprecedented steps against an American presidential campaign. Over the past year however, through the dogged investigation of a few brave men in the U.S. House and Senate, Steele’s ravings have been exposed as a classic cash-for-trash dirty trick, paid for by Hillary Clinton, but legitimized and spun to the media by the Obama White House, FBI, DOJ, State Department, CIA and DNI. A huge public relations effort involving multiple magazine puff pieces on the British agent and whole books about his courage and rectitude did not succeed in vanquishing the fundamental truth exposed by the House Intelligence and Senate Judiciary Committees about Christopher Steele. In the hasty course of doing damage control concerning Steele, a transcript of the testimony of Glenn Simpson before the Senate Judiciary was released, unilaterally, by Senator Diane Feinstein. In that testimony, Simpson said that the FBI had told Christopher Steele that they had an informant within the Trump campaign. Needless to say, the President and his Congressional allies were interested in this unprecedented infiltration and Stefan Halper has been outed, by the New York Times and Washington Post, as the informant Steele learned about.

President Trump has displayed extraordinary courage in facing down a hostile intelligence community and their national media assets which control, for all practical purposes, the majority of the U.S. Congress. “Spygate,” and the recent feistiness by the President and his legal team, means this fight could be a major turning point for the better in U.S. history, provided that the President has popular support and aims at the most vulnerable flank of the operations against him — the illegal British intervention into the U.S. election — in which Stefan Halper and his close friend, Sir Richard Dearlove, were extremely significant players. The dirty Christopher Steele dossier, the operations of the strange Maltese Professor and probable British agent, Joseph Mifsud, and Halper’s interactions with Trump campaign volunteers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos all emanate from Sir Richard Dearlove’s British circle. They preceded by months the official opening of the FBI’s “enterprise counterintelligence investigation” and provide the fake evidentiary pretexts to justify that investigation.

The British actors who continue to play the central role in the coup against Donald Trump, hope that all the endless and tantalizing details being dumped about the coup — Michael Cohen, porn star Stormy Daniels, and whatever other barnyard remnants the “Resistance” is able to throw at the American people — will combine with the anti-Russian blind spot of U.S. Congressional investigators to bury the truth, the actual story here. The actual story, which we explore below, is that the British and their friends in the Obama Administration ran an information warfare operation against the American presidential campaign of Donald Trump, because they knew that Trump could win the election against Hillary Clinton, an uninspiring robot candidate who had completely lost touch with any Americans not associated with the bi-coastal elites. They violated numerous U.S. laws in the process.

As Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly insisted, this was an international operation, not something confined to the United States. The British establishment — in shock over the popular revolt represented in the Brexit vote, finding similar dissent throughout their European colonies, being outflanked by Putin in Syria and Ukraine, viewing China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a deadly strategic threat, and sitting on top of a hopeless speculative financial powder keg — faced the danger, if Clinton lost, of losing the United States, as their designated gendarme for the world.

They panicked. As MI6’s Christopher Steele confessed to former DOJ Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, he and his friends across the pond were “desperate to stop Trump’s election.” They launched a furious operation to destroy Donald Trump because of Trump’s determination to seek a new, collaborative relationship with Putin and Russia and because of Trump’s pledge to end the U.S. role as world policeman. They found willing collaborators in the Obama and Clinton partisans manning the Department of Justice and Obama’s intelligence agencies, and in their longstanding assets in the United States. According to George Neumayr’s explosive report in the American Spectator of May 22nd, John Brennan said his extraordinary and completely illegal convening of an inter-agency task force at CIA headquarters to attack the Trump campaign in the early spring of 2016 was the result of Trump putting “the special relationship” with the British at risk. After assuming the Presidency, Trump refused to back down on his quest for better relations with Russia, despite everything they have thrown at him. In addition, he formed a personal friendship with China’s Xi Jinping. As a result, Perfidious Albion has doubled down on its machinations. It has acted to continue the coup while engaging in provocations and false flag operations against Russia, such as the Skripal poisoning hoax and the bogus claim that Assad used chemical weapons against Syria’s citizens. They seek to corner Trump into obedience, to cause his impeachment, or both.

The President seems to have focused his initial attention on getting certain documents at the FBI and Department of Justice declassified. He shouldn’t expect to find the story about this British operation in the files of the DOJ or FBI, however — they just got the manufactured end products. Whole chunks of information about this operation exist only in the files and recorded interactions of the Obama White House, Obama’s CIA, DNI, Treasury Department, and State Department as well as the British old boy spy networks and “private” spy companies affiliated with Sir Richard Dearlove, and with the official British spy agencies, MI6, and GCHQ. Senator Rand Paul has taken the right approach by forcing this issue with the new head of the CIA, Gina Haspel. Senator Paul has demanded to know what Haspel knows about the British/US spy operations against the President. Haspel, a devotee of MI6, a Russia hater, and an acolyte of John Brennan, was the CIA station chief in London during the entire 2014-2017 time period, and, thus, either a key player in these operations or someone who knows a whole lot about them.

Kimberley Strassel at the Wall Street Journal has repeatedly called for the President to use his power to declassify the documents which the Justice Department and the intelligence agencies are yelping about and withholding. Strassel is absolutely correct, but the declassification process has to be much larger. In our view, the relevant documents to be targeted for declassification in U.S. agencies include the following:

(1) all the documents referencing the allegations fed by the British, NATO allies, Ukraine, or Estonia, to U.S. agencies concerning the Trump campaign’s alleged connections to Russia beginning no later than 2015, if not earlier;

(2) all documents referencing the claim that Trump was a Manchurian candidate, a Putin puppet, as circulated through the Clinton campaign, the news media, and the Obama White House, State Department, CIA and FBI;

(3) all documents concerning the summer 2016 face to face meeting between John Brennan, GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan;

(4) all documents referencing British knowledge of an alleged Russian hack of the Democratic National Committees computers dating from 2015 or earlier; all documents in which the CIA’s Marble Framework was used to falsely attribute cyberattacks to nation states; all documents pertaining to Wikileaks acquisition of the DNC and Podesta emails; and all documents pertaining to former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney’s meeting with Mike Pompeo concerning the alleged DNC/Podesta hacks;

(5) all documents concerning surveillance and counterintelligence tools deployed against the Trump campaign and transition as the result of Executive Order 12333 or other classified techniques;

(6) all documents concerning entrapment and infiltration exercises conducted against the campaign, including, specifically, all State Department and intelligence agency documents concerning the June, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

These documents and all the documents presently under subpoena or otherwise requested by the House Intelligence Committee, House Judiciary Committee, House Government Affairs Committee, and the Senate Judiciary Committee related to the Trump/Russia investigation should be declassified now and shared with the American public.

To complete the picture, the President should also demand that the British provide him with all information from their side of the pond, concerning the role of British intelligence services or British intelligence-related operatives in attempting to discredit both himself and Vladimir Putin in the operation popularly known as “Russiagate,”an operation which continues to the present day on both sides of the Atlantic and throughout Europe. While the President’s allies in the Congress have proved to be terrific and courageous investigators, they are blinded by years of British brainwashing and partisan legends about Putin and Russia. They are attempting to sell the fake story that the Russians manipulated the elections but did so only benefit to Hillary Clinton or to sow “divisiveness” in an already deeply polarized and divided American public.

If the Brits don’t fess up and cooperate, then sanction them in a targeted fashion, starting with the City of London financial center, the heart of the new British Empire. This is the swamp which must be drained, the actual parasite now sucking the life out of the U.S. economy: the City of London, its offshore hot money financial havens, together with its American dupes and appendages. This is the swamp which would engage us in new and deadly wars targeted at both Russia and China. It is the center of the war being waged against the United States and its new President.

The Ever Shifting Story About the Birth of the FBI Investigation of the Trump Campaign

The Christopher Steele Dossier Blows Up With Multiple Casualties

Stefan Halper’s role in the coup against the President emerged as the House Intelligence Committee dug deep in order to figure out exactly how the unprecedented and illegal FBI counterintelligence investigation against the Trump campaign began. Initially, following leads from leaks to the news media by the intelligence community and Democrats, and their own investigation, House Republicans focused on Steele’s dirty dossier as the probable point of origin. That focus produced major scandals as House investigators discovered that the dirty, anonymously sourced, third-party-hearsay, hit job against the Trump campaign, parading as an intelligence product from the man who headed MI6’s Russia desk, turned out to have been paid for by Hillary Clinton, pumped by the likes of John Brennan, James Clapper, and the Clinton campaign to publicly Putin-bait Trump throughout the last weeks of the Presidential campaign, and used by Clapper and James Comey in a blatant attempt to intimidate the President-elect in a January 6, 2017 meeting at Trump Tower. At that meeting, Comey confronted the President with Steele’s fake claims, correctly referencing the experience as akin to his “J. Edgar Hoover” moment. James Clapper had previously leaked the contents of the dirty dossier to CNN. Comey told Trump he was telling him about Steele’s dubious dirt because CNN already had the dirty document and was about to publish it. Of course, Comey left out the fact that CNN only had the document because Clapper had leaked it to them. In addition, David Kramer, John McCain’s longtime aide, had the dirty document, having received it via British intelligence’s Sir Andrew Wood, a high level associate in Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, and from Christopher Steele, personally. Kramer leaked it to Buzzfeed. When Trump stood his ground and demanded that Comey investigate the source of the fake allegations, Buzzfeed published the British dirt, smearing the incoming President of the United States as a sexual pervert who had been compromised by Putin.

After almost two years of FBI investigation, Steele’s main claims either could not be verified or stood refuted. But against its own guidelines, in the Fall of 2016, the FBI used the unverified Steele Dossier to procure a FISA warrant on Carter Page, never telling the Court that the Clinton campaign had paid for Steele’s hit job and that Steele himself had been terminated by the FBI because he lied about his contacts with the news media. This warrant was obtained and continued even after the Fall 2016 departure of Carter Page from the Trump Campaign, and was, reportedly, preceded by FISA warrants in which Page was a subject dating back to 2014. In other words, Carter Page, one of many weird members of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Advisory Board, was a walking government microphone. Prior to formally terminating its relationship to Christopher Steele in October of 2016, the FBI told the British agent something which, under relevant guidelines, should never have been disclosed to a foreign agent: that they had an informant in the Trump Campaign. After his termination, Steele continued to feed his information into the coup plotters through a different official channel, Bruce Ohr, the former Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States. Ohr’s wife Nellie, worked for Steele’s American employer, Fusion GPS. As a result of the Ohr/Steele relationship coming to light, Ohr was demoted. Senator Chuck Grassley continues to demand Ohr’s testimony and is pursuing other avenues concerning Steele’s actions.

True to the clandestine nature of this entire affair, the Steele dossier was not delivered to the FBI by normal law enforcement or intelligence channels. Rather, it arrived by way of the very partisan U.S. State Department, formerly led by Hillary Clinton. Steele had previously provided more than a hundred memos to assist Victoria Nuland in her role as U.S. case officer for the British inspired 2014 regime-change operation in Ukraine. Nuland authorized the initial July 2016 meeting between Steele and Michael Gaeta, the former FBI Eurasian organized crime task force member who had worked previously with Steele and was now stationed in Rome. Gaeta reported Steele’s bogus claims about Trump and Russia to FBI headquarters. At the same time, Steele’s friend at State, Secretary Kerry’s long-time counsel, Jonathan Winer, vouched for Steele and put him in touch with Clinton operatives Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer who made similar bogus claims about Trump and Russia. Steele used the Blumenthal/Shearer charges to corroborate his own wild charges to the FBI. At the center of the initial Steele memos was the July 2016 trip to Moscow by Carter Page. As we shall see below, Stefan Halper struck up a relationship with Page almost as soon as Page stepped off the plane from Moscow in London, in July of 2016. This relationship continued, involving numerous meetings and correspondence, until September of 2017.

Based on the exposures by the House Intelligence Committee, and Steele’s referral for criminal prosecution by Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsay Graham, the Steele dossier has become a political hot potato in the ongoing narrative promulgated by the coup meisters. Their current diktat is that it is to be referenced only as part of a larger mosaic which can somehow, when taken altogether, legitimize the unprecedented FBI investigation of the Republican presidential nominee. In the meantime, Tom Steyer and other Democratic Party Silicon Valley billionaires have provided over $50 million to Fusion GPS and Steele’s British Company in an all-out effort, led by Senator Diane Feinstein’s former staffer Daniel Jones, to somehow resuscitate the Steele dossier’s bogus and discredited claims.

Narrative #2: Papadopoulos Did It

With Steele’s British tale embroiled in scandal, a new official narrative has been ginned up and provided to the Congress and the news media. This narrative says that George Papadopoulos’ drunken claims to the Australian High Commissioner in London, Alexander Downer, at a high-class London bar, provoked the FBI’s investigation of Trump. It presents Papadopoulos interactions with the Australian, Downer, the Steele dossier, and, now, the spy, Halper’s interactions with Papadopoulos and Carter Page, and the alleged Russian hack of the DNC, as if they were all separate events rather than aspects of the same large British operation to fabricate a pretext for the FBI to investigate Trump.

According to this narrative, the drunk Papadopoulos, stalked and courted by Downer, mouthed off to the Australian diplomat in May of 2016, that he knew that the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Downer reported this to the Australian government which then reported it to the FBI after the June 15, 2016 attribution of the “DNC hack” to the Russians by Crowdstrike and the July publication of the DNC emails by Wikileaks. Crowdstrike was paid for its attribution services by the same Democratic Party law firm which was paying Christopher Steele. This new narrative, however, has multiple problems, in addition to the fact that it is incredible on its face. The biggest problem is that when it is followed through, it exposes the months of CIA and MI6 illicit activities preceding the official opening of the formal FBI counterintelligence investigation in July of 2016.

We now know, as the result of the recent declassification of the FBI’s Memo originating the investigation, that Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort were the immediate targets of the FBI/Trump counterintelligence probe — code named Crossfire Hurricane — and formally opened in July of 2016. Not to make too much of it, but the FBI didn’t even use an American name to disguise this British-originated operation and the manufactured evidence which accompanied it into FBI files, instead adopting a line from the Rolling Stones’ “Jumpin Jack Flash” as the investigation’s moniker.

It is claimed that Papadopoulos learned about Russian possession of Clinton’s emails, about six weeks after the 28-year-old ingenue inserted himself into the clumsily and hastily formed Trump Foreign Policy Advisory team in early March 2016. He learned this from a mysterious Maltese professor, Joseph Mifsud, who, according to Robert Mueller, had to be a Russian intelligence agent targeting Papadopoulos. Throughout March and April of 2016, Mifsud courted Papadopoulos, giving him a job, introducing him to someone he falsely claimed was Putin’s niece, introducing young George Papadopoulos to Ivan Timofeev of the Russian International Affairs Council, and claiming to George in a meeting on April 26, that he has just met with high level Russian government officials in Moscow who had “dirt” on Clinton in the form of thousands of her emails. Papadopoulos eagerly passed this information on to Trump Campaign officials in the form of written emails and public Facebook chats, while constantly seeking to set up meetings with high level Russian agents he believed he could broker. His offers were refused, but a huge document cache was fabricated and created, providing the pretext for further investigation. As we will further detail below, it now appears that Mifsud was also a British intelligence operative.

On July 7, 2016, Carter Page traveled to Moscow to give a speech at the New Economic School. He flew to London immediately after, where he met Stefan Halper at a Cambridge University event about the 2016 U.S. elections, and continued to communicate with Halper through September of 2017. Christopher Steele was at the same event, positioning himself, according to some accounts, right behind Page. Page’s July Moscow trip forms a major part of Christopher Steele’s first memos concerning Russian contacts with the Trump Campaign. Steele claimed, absurdly, that Carter Page had been offered a major share in the Russian state oil company, Gazprom, if he could broker the ending of the Magnitsky Act sanctions on Russia.

In between the courtship of Papadopoulos and the Page meeting, another set-up meeting to feed the growing FBI fake file, occurred at Trump Tower in New York City on June 16, 2016. As we detail below, a British publicist, Rob Goldstone, wrote to Donald Trump, Jr. to set up a meeting with a Russian lawyer who would deliver “dirt” on Hillary Clinton straight from the “Crown Prosecutor of Russia.” Although nothing like that actually occurred at the meeting, the fake evidence trail had been created for future prosecutive purposes. This meeting was exploited by another high-level British intelligence agent, Bill Browder, who formally complained to the Justice Department that participants in the meeting had violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Eleven days after the Trump Tower meeting, Christopher Steele wrote his first memo noting that the Russians and the Trump campaign were in contact, developing “dirt” about Hillary Clinton in a well-designed collusion operation.

In September of 2016, Stefan Halper, out of the blue, offered $3000 to George Papadopoulos to write a paper about oil fields in the Mediterranean. Papadopoulos went to London, met Halper and was aggressively queried by him about his knowledge of Russian hacks of “the emails,” circling back on the fake facts presented by the Maltese professor. Papadopoulos allegedly said he didn’t know what Halper was talking about, much to Halper’s chagrin. According to some accounts, Halper also used a sexy assistant to try and enmesh boy George further in his sway. He met with Papadopoulos on multiple occasions following this introduction. At the same time, Halper met with Sam Clovis, who chaired the Trump Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, and sought a formal position in the Trump campaign.

As revealed in the media to date, Stefan Halper, while still operating on or through Carter Page and Papadopoulos, on behalf of the FBI, the CIA and MI6 against the Trump campaign and the incoming Administration, sought an ambassadorship in the Trump Administration, reportedly in an Asian country. He used Peter Navarro, Trump’s anti-China trade assistant, as his emissary.

The Inconvenient Facts of the Matter

The claim that the FBI initiated an unprecedented investigation of the Republican Presidential nominee based on a drunken and very ambiguous conversation with George Papadopoulos about Hillary Clinton’s emails is ridiculous. It is backpedaling revisionist history and never happened. Hillary Clinton erased 30,000 emails from her illicit and unsecure basement server, and it was assumed by many that the Russians (and potentially other hackers) had them. They were eagerly sought by the Republicans in pursuit of their claim that Clinton engaged in illegal activities and compromised classified information through her use of her email private server. It is simply beyond a stretch to insinuate that Mifsud and boy George were privy to British intelligence information, allegedly passed to the United States in 2015, that the Russians had hacked the DNC, or that the Russians would confess their dirty deed to the likes of Joseph Mifsud.

Moreover, the Russian hack of the DNC and 2016 handover of files to Wikileaks never happened. On a simple level, the very clumsy official narrative instructs us that the Russians were inside the DNC’s computers as of 2015, the DNC was warned about it by the FBI, and yet nothing, absolutely nothing, was done about this. The tip that the Russians were inside the DNC computers, of course, came from the British. William Binney, the former technical director of the NSA, points out that the NSA monitors all internet activity throughout the world and would be able to document and demonstrate the alleged Russian hack and any internet transmission of DNC files to Wikileaks, if, indeed, either event ever happened. No such document has been provided. Rather, the American public was told to rely on “assessments” from intelligence analysts hand-picked by John Brennan for the assertion that the Russians hacked the DNC and John Podesta and gave the product to Wikileaks. When confronted about this evidence-free “assessment,” Brennan simply states that he “does not do evidence.”

Binney and others have demonstrated that the DNC files which ultimately ended up at Wikileaks derived from an internal leak, not a Russian hack, as Wikileaks has consistently asserted.

“Russian Hacking” Exposed as Inside Job”

It is noteworthy that the CIA’s Marble Framework allows the CIA to create false-flag cyberattacks by planting behind false signatures of behavior in order to attribute cyberattacks to other countries. The FBI never did any forensic analysis of the DNC’s computers. Instead they simply accepted the analysis of Crowd Strike’s Alperovitch, a Russian born anti-Putin fanatic who, aside from being paid by the DNC, associated himself with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Lab. The Lab itself is incorporated into NATO’s Centre for Strategic Communications, a British operation which has been conducting cyberwar against Russia and “exposes” about alleged Russian disinformation activities since the 2014 coup in Ukraine.

Andrew McCarthy, Kimberley Strassel, and Byron York have all noted, that the final House Intelligence Report on Russian Interference in the 2016 Election states that James Comey briefed the principals of the National Security Council “on the Page information,” in “late Spring of 2016.” The principals were the highest ranking national security officials of the Obama Administration. Apparently, according to the same report, shortly before the Obama White House principals meeting, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Loretta Lynch all met. The subject was the same: Carter Page. The Democratic version of the House Report states that the FBI interviewed Carter Page in March of 2016. Page had previously collaborated with the FBI in the prosecution of Russians operatives in 2013 who allegedly targeted Page for recruitment while referring to him constantly as an “idiot.” Most U.S. media accounts of Page’s activities, including those of the President’s supporters, echo the Russian sentiment. The friendliest accounts call him an “eccentric” and a “knucklehead.” From the moment he insinuated himself into Trump’s Foreign Policy Advisory team, in March of 2016, Page began a public speaking campaign strongly supporting Putin and Russia while denouncing the United States.

Michael Flynn joined the Trump campaign as an advisor in February, 2016. Paul Manafort joined the campaign to manage convention operations in March and was named campaign manager in May. Both were hated by the Obama White House and the British: Manafort for his activities on behalf of the duly elected President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, who the British and Americans deposed in 2014, and Flynn for exposing Obama Administration direct support of terrorists in Syria while also seeking better relations with Russia’s Putin in order to deal with international terrorism. According to the BBC, and other sources, in the early spring of 2016, no later than March, John Brennan had convened his completely illegal inter-agency task force at CIA headquarters operating off of “British tips” about Trump and Russia and targeting the Trump campaign.

Sometime in the summer of 2016, GCHQ’s Robert Hannigan flew to Washington to deliver some type of product to Brennan personally. Hannigan resigned, unexpectedly, following the U.S. election. It is possible that Hannigan was providing the intercepted communications between the patsies, Papadopoulos and Page, and their Russian and Trump campaign interlocutors. Most informed observers believe that Hannigan’s resignation was a late British effort to dissociate the government itself from the election operations against Trump. For those who might not know it, it is completely illegal for the CIA to spy on American citizens, let alone an American presidential campaign, or to farm out that activity to foreign intelligence agencies.

All of what we have said here derives from the House Intelligence Committee reports, court documents, and well-informed reporting. It plainly shows that the British used the Obama CIA and DNI and a bevy of their own agents, to create the fake basis for the FBI Crossfire Hurricane investigation of Donald Trump, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort, with Page and Papadopoulos, at least used as plants for fake and false allegations, if not, themselves, compromised as informants.

The People Across the Pond; Looking Behind the Curtain

Sir Richard Dearlove, KCMG, OBE, was Christopher Steele’s boss as head of MI6 from 1999-2004. Steele and his business partner, Christopher Burrows, remain extremely close to Dearlove. By their own accounts, Sir Richard mentored and shepherded their calculated information warfare operation against the Trump campaign. A major force in the U.S./British anti-Russian Henry Jackson Society of neo-Conservatives, Sir Richard is widely blamed, correctly, for the fake intelligence which led the United States into the disastrous Iraq War. Christopher Steele’s private intelligence firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, makes a great deal of money, according to Steele’s own account, providing “intelligence” to warring Russian oligarchs, the perfect cover for disruption and low intensity warfare operations against the modern Russian state.

Stefan Halper, the son-in-law of the CIA’s Ray Cline by his first marriage, has a long history with the CIA and the Bush family. In the 1980 presidential campaign, Halper worked with a team of CIA agents promoting the candidacy of George H.W. Bush. After the Republican primaries, Halper was accused of pilfering certain documents from the Carter campaign disclosing how Carter would deal with Ronald Reagan in the general election. You would think that MI6 could come up with someone new to run intelligence agency operations in elections, not an aging veteran of the trade. Later, Halper chaired Palmer Bank, which is where Oliver North laundered money destined for the illegal Contra insurgency operation. From 2001 through 2015, Halper taught international affairs and American studies at Cambridge. In the British intelligence trade, universities are prime grounds both for recruitment and for spying operations. Halper and Dearlove have been described as very close friends and together chaired, for years, the Cambridge Security Initiative which featured policy talks involving spooks from throughout the world. From 2012 forward, Halper earned more than a million dollars working on contracts with the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, the spook domain formerly chaired by the utopian Andrew Marshall. His chief engagement there appears to have been in producing multiple studies bashing China.

Alexander Downer, Halper, and Dearlove share deep connections to another British private intelligence firm, Hakluyt & Company, described frequently as the favorite retirement home for premier MI-6 spies. Richard Hakluyt was a 16th century geographer who is described as a principal inspiration for the formation of the infamous British East India Company. This private company, not the British government, was the heart of the British Empire. Downer was on the advisory board of Hakluyt. He has also been associated, in his role as a diplomat for Australia, with a $25 million grant to the Clinton Foundation to fight AIDS. Dearlove is personally close to Hakluyt’s founder, Mike Reynolds, the former head of station in Germany for MI6. Stefan Halper has co-authored two books with Hakluyt’s Jonathan Clarke.

This group’s targeting of Michael Flynn dates from Flynn’s attendance at a Cambridge Intelligence Seminar in February of 2014, while he was still director of the DIA, if not earlier. According to the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, who has provided the best reporting on Halper’s activities, Halper falsely claimed that Flynn had been compromised by a Russian woman at the Seminar, Svetlana Lokhova, and reported this bogus claim to U.S. authorities while circulating it in the U.S. and British news media. Lokhova is still a teacher and researcher at Cambridge and Halper’s claims were found to be baseless. This dovetails with the focus on Flynn in Luke Harding’s book, Collusion, which attempts to salvage Christopher Steele’s reputation. Harding, MI6’s favorite reporter, details extensive British intelligence reporting and investigation of Flynn based on the simple fact that he visited the headquarters of the GRU in Russia in an official capacity. Many believe that Flynn’s firing by the Obama Administration was based on British complaints.

Halper and Dearlove resigned as conveners of the Cambridge Security Initiative in December of 2016, claiming that it had been infiltrated by the Russians. According to other MI6 related leaders of the seminar series, this charge also was completely bogus. As of 2018, Dearlove has resumed his association with the Cambridge intelligence seminars and Svetlana Lokhova is listed as a speaker for a program on May 18, 2018. Such are the ways of British intelligence operations.

The capper in this spy story so far, though, is that the strange Maltese professor who provided the fake Russian dirt concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails to Papadopoulos, also appears to be a British intelligence operative. Numerous reports link Mifsud to Claire Smith, a major figure in the upper echelons of British intelligence who vets all UK intelligence personnel. Mifsud has disappeared off the face of the earth since his doings were exposed. In a statement to the Italian press, before his disappearance, he denied being a Russian operative and stated that he was a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and the Clinton Foundation.

The June 2016 Trump Tower Meeting, Time for Another Look

No examination of British operations against the Trump campaign would be complete without revisiting the meeting on June 9, 2016, involving Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, and Donald Trump, Jr. and five other people, only one of whom was Russian, the lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. By all accounts provided by participants, the meeting was very short, and involved the Magnitsky Act sanctions imposed by the U.S. Congress on certain Russians. These were, of course, the same sanctions referenced by Christopher Steele in his bogus claim that Carter Page was involved in a bribe involving Gazprom shares and rolling back the sanctions.

The emails, setting up the meeting do not reflect what actually happened. These emails, written by British publicist Rob Goldstone, purport to offer dirt, straight from the “Russian Crown Prosecutor” about Hillary Clinton, for use by Trump, along with further offers of help directly from the Russian government. Right after creating this very crude fake file, Goldstone disappeared on what appeared to be a world-wide tour of gay bathhouses, only to turn up significantly later. The document trail for future use was created and there was no need to stick around. Can anyone be blind to the pattern here?

On July 15, 2016, just before the FBI opened its Crossfire Hurricane charade, Bill Browder, filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice concerning four participants in the Trump Tower meeting and others for failure to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Browder’s complaint claimed that Veselnitskaya’s contingent at the Trump Tower meeting, none of whom were Russians, were engaged in unregistered Russian lobbying activities, namely, attempting to overturn the Magnitsky Act. Browder, the grandson of the former head of the Communist Party U.S.A., renounced his American citizenship in 1989 to become a British subject, and has since operated at the highest levels of British intelligence. His Magnitsky Act sanctions were the brainchild of Jonathan Winer, previously referenced in this spy saga, for his role in laundering the Christopher Steele dossier to the FBI. Browder, Winer, and Steele have had a years-long “close friendship” according to statements made by Winer.

According to Foreign Policy Magazine and others, on July 11, 2017, a hacker going by the name of “Johnnie Walker” published a trove of emails from the private account of Lieutenant Robert J. Otto, who is tasked to a secretive unit in the U.S. State Department focused on Russia. Newsweek magazine states that Otto is the nation’s “foremost” intelligence guy concerning Russia. The emails have not been authenticated. However, they include an email purported to have been written on the day of the Trump Tower meeting between Otto and Kyle Parker, of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, featuring a picture of Russian attorney Natalia Velselnitskaya’s house in Russia. Parker credits himself as the actual author of the Magnitsky Act sanctions against Russia, and is a close friend of Bill Browder. Velselnitskaya claims that her children have been threatened as a result of her participation in a legal case questioning the bona fides of Bill Browder and the factual foundations of the Magnitsky Act. The picture of her house in this context suggests another level of intense surveillance directed at Trump Tower on the day of the meeting, and the possibility that threats to her family were actually governing Veselnitskaya’s behavior. Strangely, Veselnitskaya was in the United States based on a State Department visa granted over strident U.S. Department of Justice opposition.

As we noted previously, Christopher Steele’s first memo in his dirty dossier was written 11 days after the June 15, 2016 Trump Tower meeting and alleged that the Russians were providing the Trump Campaign with negative information about Clinton as part of a well-crafted collusion scheme.

We are told that President Trump is a target of Special Counsel Mueller regarding this meeting because he provided “false exculpatory” information to counter media accounts which originally portrayed the Trump Tower meeting as a smoking gun in the Trump/Russia collusion saga. As the President has otherwise correctly characterized Mueller’s obstruction of justice fantasies, the special prosecutor seeks to criminalize the simple act of fighting back against a frameup Mueller must know, by now, was orchestrated by the British and the Obama Administration. Based on this writer’s experience with Mueller in the prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche, however, it is probable that our own Torquemada was in on the game from the day he was appointed.

A Personal Post-Script

This very British tale of fabricating and planting evidence may seem foreign to what anyone learned in civics class about the American legal system. Here is an anecdote from the Boston prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche, supervised by Robert Mueller, for you to ponder. Through extensive surveillance and infiltration during the two years prior to the Boston indictments of LaRouche and his associates, the prosecutors in the LaRouche case knew that some of the LaRouche defendants in that case recorded all significant conversations in their notebooks for future reporting purposes. Mueller’s lead prosecutor, John Markham, tasked an FBI informant, Ryan Quade Emerson, to suggest that the defendants obstruct justice and Emerson’s remarks were duly recorded in the notebooks. Markham then used the fabricated notebook entries, in his opening statement to the jury, as proof that the LaRouche defendants intended to obstruct justice, without disclosing the fact that he authored those comments or that he laundered them through an FBI informant into the notebooks. U.S. District Judge Robert Keeton, reflecting the judicial norms of previous times, found in that case that Mueller, Markham, and their DOJ supervisors engaged in systemic, institutional, prosecutorial misconduct.

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