Recent Updates on the War Danger

Lyndon LaRouche Emergency Broadcast

As the world sits on the eve of the looming breakout of thermonuclear war and economic meltdown, Lyndon LaRouche made an emergency international broadcast, calling for immediate action to remove Barack Obama from office, by purely constitutional means, as the only act which can guarantee the avoidance of a global nuclear holocaust in the very near term…

Lyndon LaRouche Emergency Broadcast


The Guns of Christmas

We currently sit on the eve of World War, threatening to explode over the coming days if not hours, which can only be averted if patriots head LaRouche’s call and impeach Barack Obama. This war to destroy all nations and cut the population to less than one billion, was envisaged by HG Wells in his “Things to Come” — a story of world war which began on Christmas Day…

The World in Review – Christmas Eve 2011


U.S. Top Brass Stand Firm Against Nuclear War

In an exclusive EIR interview Jeff Steinberg interviews Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on the coming threat of war, who is involved and what we need to do immediately to return to our republican principles…

Exclusive EIR Interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson


Helga Zepp-LaRouche European Call for Monday, Dec. 5, 2011


HELGA:  Ja, we are in the week which may either lead to a
blowout of the euro, or the implementation of a fascist
dictatorship, and both things are fully on the way.  But a
fascist dictatorship would not avoid the blowout, it would just
postpone it… maybe.  And we are still on a course for World War
III. So, there is no taking the warning down.  To the contrary,
we may be four days away from the collapse of the euro, or some
other atrocity, if not even less.
Now, the first news from Paris, today, where Merkozy are
meeting, is they came up with the ingenious proposal to move the
permanent euro rescue umbrella, the European Stability Mechanism
(ESM), to move it up from 2013, to the end of 2012; now that
gives you 12 months, which we simply don’t have.  And I think
some people are completely aware of it, and freaking out for
their own purposes.
Now, however, what they’re cooking up, even as unfeasible as
it is, is a complete atrocity:  I mean, this is a totally
soulless dictatorship, where you would have automatic sanctions
if the country would allow its budget deficit to rise above 3% of
GDP; now remember, in the last years, not one country was able to
able to stick to this 3%, they had total violations of the
Stability Pact by everybody!  Now, they want to have automatic
sanctions if the 3% limit is violated, and to introduce the debt
brake in all constitutions, {and} eliminate the unanimous
decision-making by all EU member governments, saying that 85% are
enough, so that no one country or a couple of countries can block
the whole thing.  And so, whatever they do, it’s completely
Before I go more into this euro financial question, let me
go into the war danger, because the war danger is unabated in the
wake of the sabotage actions in Iran, the incident of the British
Embassy, and then the following diplomatic reactions from
everybody else;  the accident, so-called, in Pakistan, this is
all still in the environment.
But the new twist in the situation is that because of the
resistance of Russia and China to a direct military intervention
of NATO into Syria, which was basically blocked by the Russian
warships moving into the eastern Mediterranean, they have now
come up with a Plan B.  And this “Plan B” essentially means that
they are trying not to have a direct confrontation, but to use
local Sykes-Picot puppets, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, to
create a pretext for a larger intervention by the U.S. and NATO.
So the gameplan is like this, that they convinced Turkey to
establish a no-fly zone and a security buffer zone between the
Turkish border and Syria, and to create the new bases for the
rebels to operate from and to attack Syrian troops.  Now,
obviously, this was very unfortunate, but this was pushed by Vice
President Biden, when he went to Iraq, where his proposal was not
welcomed, and then he went to Turkey where it was welcomed.  So
he pledge there support for the anti-Assad revolt, not military
support, but nevertheless support.  And the line which they’re
pushing, which is also reported in Arab press, Qatar press, Saudi
press, that Iran, Syria, and the Hezbollah would be pushing
sectarian wars between the Shi’a and the Sunnis, which is
completely ludicrous because this is what has been pushed by the
Saudis, the British, and Cheney and Bush, and is continued by
Obama, since about seven years at least.
So therefore, the situation remain extremely tense.  There
are reports about an American submarine and two more frigates and
two more destroyers crossing the Suez Canal, to the Eastern
Mediterranean deployment, so it really remains completely on
Now, on the forces moving against that, and in a certain
sense it’s really a race against time, who will be quicker, the
people who are deploying ({Aufmarsch}) for the war?  Or is the
people who are fighting against it, where we had all kinds of
American generals, both active duty and also retired, moving very
hard to prevent this from happening?  But naturally the push for
war remains equally there, as you can see by the Biden
But there is also in Israel, massive resistance, not only
coming from the former heads of intelligence services Mossad
(foreign), and Shin Beth (domestic), but also the head of the
diplomatic security office in the Israeli Defense Ministry, Amos
Gilad, warned in an interview that if there would be an overthrow
of Bashar al-Assad, there would be the danger of Muslim
fundamentalists taking over, and then, together with Muslim
Brotherhood control of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, that Israel would
surrounded by countries which all want to constitute an Islamic
empire, and that would be much worse for Israeli security
interests, than an Assad government, and that is absolutely true.
Because if you look at the situation today in Libya, which is a
complete mess; also because of the lack of economic development,
the situation in Egypt is a complete mess; and Yemen, and so
So the anti-war mobilization and denunciation of that, also
in the context of the Medvedev speech, the whole Eastern European
theater with the European missile defense installation and the
Kaliningrad counterdeployment, we are remaining on the razor’s
edge, and don’t let down your guard for one second.
Now, that we are looking at fascism — Brüning and Schacht
without Hitler, for the moment — but no less brutal you can see
most clearly in Italy, where there exists an unbelievable, short
video on youtube, showing the press conference where the Italian
welfare minister, who used to be an accountant for an insurance
company, and therefore, working with statistics and a soulless
bureaucrat, when she had planned to give a press conference
together with Monti, announcing the cuts in the retirement and
pension system, when she was about to say the reforms would
require “sacrifices” from the population, was unable to speak
the word “sacrifices,” and broken down weeping, and lost her
composure.  And so Prime Minister Monti intervened, saying, “yes,
what she meant to say is, sacrifices.”
This is unbelievable, and you should use this video to the
hilt, because it is the absolute proof that Monti is an economic
hitman, if you ever have seen one, who’s targetting populations
in the most brutal form.
Now, what these cuts are that Monti is trying to impose, is
the elimination of the cost of living adjustment (COLA) for
pensions — in other words, they eliminate adjustment of pension
to inflation, and that at a moment when the hyperinflation is
really hitting.  This is a really a crime against humanity.
Then, they want to have a minimum of 42 years of paid-in
contributions before you can receive retirement pay; that means
if you are a youth, who is unemployed, and doesn’t get a job
until you 35, you would have to work until you are 80 before you
get paid your pension.  They want to increase the retirement age
to 66, and they want to basically no pay out a pre-agreed
standard pension, but only proportional to what you personally
paid in!
Now, that goes against the whole idea of a social system,
because it’s everyone for himself, it’s Darwinism, and if you
were unlucky enough to be frequently unemployed or some other
thing, you will not get your pension.  It’s really unbelievable.
So, one can expect that the trade unions will protest, but they’d
better do it fast.
Okay, coming back to this euro — I mean, what they are
cooking up, “Merkozy” — previously there were huge tensions
between the German position and the French position, because the
French side wants the EFSF turned into a full-fledged bank, so
that the EFSF could then take loans from the ECB without limit,
which is hyperinflationary, and obviously the French want it
because of the condition of the French banks;  then on the other
side, Merkel and the Germans so not want that, because they are
crazy and freak out about the danger of hyperinflation, but what
they propose is equally crazy, because they want to have a
“fiscal union,” and the transfer of sovereignty should go to a
nominal national budgeting commission, maybe the EU Commission or
some other entity.  And then the European Court of Justice should
be enabled to immediately punish “budget sinners,” which is just
crazy!  Who wants to be part of an alliance where you get fined,
punished, make cuts — there is nothing attractive in it!
Now, they all basically say that if this doesn’t happen soon
enough, then the IMF should be allowed to step in and do what the
Fed did, namely printing money.  So this is really insane.
Now, today was an unbelievable day of propaganda against the
d-mark and for the euro, where all the media in Germany, it was
like wartime Goebbels propaganda, or the Black Channel from the
D.D.R.  Because you had former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (SPD),
who made an unbelievable speech where he basically said the
Germans should be thankful, and we have to now give some of this
solidarity which we experienced back.  He played the whole, old
Nazi collective guilt recording to push this through.  And he
denounced, I think he probably meant Kauder, by saying that
anybody who is not going along with this transfer union,  is a
{deutschnationale Kraftmeierei) [German national muscle-man
show-off), somebody like these men with their big muscles in the
fitness club, going around flexing their big muscles to show off.
So then this was Helmut Schmidt saying this at the SPD, and
the whole SPD is for the euro.  Then they trotted out Helmut Kohl
from the CDU, and also Hans-Dietrich Genscher from the FDP, then
{all} the newspapers today, with one voice, talking about the
apocalypse that would happen if the euro were to detonate.  But
if you look at it, it’s not functioning because the {Bonität},
the credit rating, of French banks are in terrible condition;
Italy and Spain have to pay record interest rates; and basically
it was only because of the flooding of the central banks last
week, from the U.S., Japan, Canada, Great Britain, and
Switzerland, how this thing could be basically calmed down… but
only for one day! One day later, this whole thing was out of the
window already.
Now, there are many subtle and not so subtle articles that
Merkel, with her not wanting to go for Eurobonds is implicitly
threatening a breakup of the currency union.  So they already
have built-in the blame against Germany, that if it goes wrong,
that you can blame Germany.
But what Merkel wants is higher vetting of fiscal plans: So
basically, the governments have to hand over their budget plans,
and that will decided on before even the parliament sees it:
Automatic finds, loss of EU voting rights for culprits, just
these to be tried before the European Court, and the Greeks had a
taste of what that all means.  So, it’s such an unpleasant thing!
Why would anybody be for this kind of a European dictatorship?
There just no good reason.
Now there is also the absolute Achilles’ heel of the whole
thing, which was pointed out by the old 68er Daniel Cohn-Bendit,
in an interview with Deutschlandfunk this morning, where he
accused Germany of blackmailing all the others!  I mean this is
really unbelievable:  He said, Germany is blackmailing France and
all the other countries.  And then however, he points to the
Achilles’ heel, by saying:  All of these schemes aren’t enough,
because even if you go for this treaty change, moving up the ESM
to the end of 2012, instead of mid-2013, this will be 12 months
from now, and we need the money now!  In the next four months,
Italy needs at least EU150 billion, and where is this money going
to come from?  Will it come from your pocket, from the
Deutschlandfunk? He asked the interviewer.  Totally crazy!
Anyway, so there were articles in the {Daily Telegraph} that
Germany can not go along, because the German voters will not
accept that.  They will accept all kinds of things, but they will
not — absolutely not — accept money printing!  And if Merkel
allows this to happen, then the German people will riot, and on
top of that, the Eurozone quantitative easing will not work.
Because even if you do it, the same debt-driven problems will
return, only even worse.
So that is the chorus of idiots in the media, but the fact
is, there is no solution to this whole thing.  Then there are
tons of articles, “What the Euro Apocalypse Would Mean for
Germany,” and all the economists for all the leading banks came
out saying, the idea to return to the d-mark is absurd, and the
collapse of the euro would be worse than the Lehman Brothers
collapse, and on and on.  And the failure of the euro would be
burdened with terrible social consequences:  You would have
closing of borders, capital controls, and limited access to bank
Now, obviously, this is insane, and there is only one
solution, and we have to push it like hell, and that is
Glass-Steagall!  Because only if you get rid of the speculative
derivatives overhang, do you have any chance to solve this
problem. So, this is unbelievable and we have to increase our
mobilization for Glass-Steagall, because we have to count on the
fact that it will come, at a certain point, to a situation where
the failure of all of these policies will absolutely visible.
And then, we have to have people ready in every country who are
prepared to put in the Glass-Steagall solution.
Now, an additional problem to the crisis in the
trans-Atlantic region is the mounting problems in China, where
inflation has now reached 10%; but the other problem which is
coming to the fore, which we knew was building up for a long
time, was and that is, the real estate bubble in China is about
to bust.  Because there are many, many large areas in many
cities, where you have luxury offices, you have ghost cities with
empty apartment houses; you have started roads which end in
nowhere, and obviously, this is a result of China’s losing its
export market, because of the U.S. and Europe, and also
obviously, that either they go for a real physical economy only,
or they will be drawn into this whole maelstrom of collapse.
Now, the other major noteworthy thing is the fact that there
an absolutely massive anti-Russia propaganda campaign, naturally
around the election result in Russia, yesterday, where the Putin
party, United Russia, went down from 63% to 49.7%, which is
obviously a serious loss; but together with the party Just
Russia, which is a kind of social democratic party which has
always supposed Putin in all crucial points, they still have
together a two-thirds majority, while the ridiculous Yabloko
party, which is a Yeltsin period leftover, and pushed by the
West, only got 2.6% and therefore won’t be in the parliament, and
not a factor at all.
But there is a coordinated campaign about so-called
“election manipulation,” etc.  Now, Putin had given a speech a
week ago, where he had said that the countries who are spending a
lot of money, trying to sabotage and influence the Russia
election, should rather use their money to get their banking
system in order, that speech is not being reported by the media,
So, there is, as I was told by the U.S., there is serious
motion towards impeachment of Obama, there is a lot going on
which we are not yet reporting in the briefing, because it is in
various degrees of mobilization, but I think it’s important to
know that it is going on.  And there are very important groupings
in both in the Republican Party and in the Democratic Party who
know that something has to be done immediately about the Obama
problem. And you had the very important beginning of the campaign
to write-in Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, which
is January 10th, so that’s very soon.
So don’t get panicked.  Understand that the population is
panicked, because as we saw last week, we had a very, very good
result by going with the war danger up front, straight; people
were very shaken up  and open.  This morning you had a pattern,
in all of the German locals: No reaction, people running away
like crazy, and the only way I can explain that is that you had
this absolutely massive campaign about the apocalypse of the euro
collapse and therefore people have existential fears.  And we
have to get under their skin, by telling them there {is} a way
out, but they have to really move now.
So therefore, what I can tell you: We have to absolutely
turn this around, because as we can see in the United States, and
also in Europe, there is nobody except us who raises these issues
in a public way.  You have efforts by the politicians to keep
reality away from the people, and try to make policy behind their
back, and establish a British Empire oligarchical dictatorship,
and we are the only ones who are taking the population seriously
and telling them that they have to take responsibility as state
citizens in this situation.
So we are in the very hot phase of the battle, and this
week, I think will bring some decisions, and next week will be
completely different than this week.  So therefore we have to
absolutely prevail, because the alternative is not acceptable.
And that is what I wanted to say.

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