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Give Americans Some Credit

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchen being sworn in at the Oval Office. (photo V.P. Mike Pence’s Twitter)   DOWNLOAD PDF Given leadership, Americans are rejecting the British-initiated attempt to “coup” President Trump, force him out of office by impeachment, resignation, … Continue reading

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The Guns Are Out For Trump — He Must Move Fast To Join the Silk Road, Restore Glass-Steagall

Visit of Attorney General and Director of FBI. President Kennedy, J.Edgar Hoover, Robert F. Kennedy. White House, Oval Office. February, 23 1961   DOWNLOAD PDF Over the past weeks, a comedian/news commentator held up a picture of President Donald Trump’s … Continue reading

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LaRouche: Federal Credit to New York Transportation Crisis, Now —The Nation’s Economy Is at Stake

NTSB Members survey vehicles involved in the deadly Metro North train crash at Valhalla, New York. Feb 4, 2015 (NTSB photo)   For six months American voters have been waiting for President Donald Trump and the Democrats to take action: … Continue reading

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Fireside Chat with Paul Gallagher—May 4, 2017

Share the event, help build the audience!

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Truman Had No Middle Name; Or, How the British Recolonized America

EIR One-Minute short: As one of the last remaining living veterans of WWII, Lyndon LaRouche has dedicated his life to fighting to keep alive Franklin Roosevelt’s vision of the post-colonial, post-imperial world which those Allied soldiers fought to bring about. … Continue reading

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LaRouche On The Record: Restore Glass-Steagall Now!

EIR One-Minute short: With President Trump now telling Bloomberg that he is “actively considering” restoring Glass-Steagall, the role that the LaRouche movement has played for close to a decade in leading this fight is now more significant than ever, with … Continue reading

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June 5, 2015 – LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast

Today’s show was pre-recorded, we discuss both the World War III crisis and a short history of Alexander Hamilton. Tune in Saturday LIVE at 1pm Eastern. MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening, it’s June 5th, 2015. My name is Matthew Ogden, and … Continue reading

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