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Russiagate Debunked: Ray McGovern & Bill Binney Conference in NYC

  On this solemn anniversary of 9/11, we commemorate the victims of those horrific attacks, but we also recommit ourselves to ensure justice for them and the American people. Those who withheld the truth contained in the now declassified 28 … Continue reading

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An “Old Man” Among Us: Happy Birthday, Lyndon LaRouche!

  On September 8, we celebrated Lyndon LaRouche’s 95th birthday. In today’s broadcast, we take a retrospective glance back five years to Mr LaRouche’s 90th birthday address, where he called for an end of the established “party system” and a … Continue reading

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U.S. Situation Dire: New Silk Road Is the Way Up and Out!

President Donald J. Trump’s Presidential Address to the Nation | August 21, 2017 (Whitehouse Photo)   DOWNLOAD PDF The U.S. situation is extremely dire and dangerous. The coup operation is in high gear to box in President Trump, to do … Continue reading

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Lyndon LaRouche on Martin Luther King: The Leadership Which Is Lacking in the Current Phony Debate

When you listen to this video, reflect, where have you heard anything like this discussion of leadership from anyone active on the present political scene? Obama absolutely did not have it. Quite the opposite. He championed the identity politics which … Continue reading

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Manhattan Town Hall event with Ray McGovern and William Binney

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee member Diane Sare is joined by VIPS representatives Ray McGovern and Bill Binney to further explain the contents of their memo to the President exposing the dangerous fraud of Russia-gate. The presentations are then followed by a … Continue reading

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LPAC Monday Update – August 14, 2017

Tune in for our what-you-need-to-know Monday show, with your host Matthew Ogden and special guest, Mike Billington from Executive Intelligence Review magazine.

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The British Role in the Coup Against the President

Artist depiction of the burning of the White House by the British following their victory at the Battle of Bladensburg, August 24, 1814.   DOWNLOAD PDF The following is an excerpt from a presentation made by Will Wertz from the … Continue reading

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