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LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – Why Lyndon LaRouche Must be Exonerated

  In a 2000 pamphlet entitled, “He’s a Bad Guy But I Can’t Say Why,” Lyndon LaRouche spoke of the reasons for the legal atrocity conducted against him: “The oligarchs’ rule is to weed out potentially troublesome persons of republican … Continue reading

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Xi Jinping: China and Italy the “Emblems of Eastern and Western Civilization”

President Donald J. Trump and President Xi Jinping shake hands at a cultural performance at the Great Hall of the People, Thursday, November 9, 2017, following a State Dinner in their honor, in Beijing, People’s Republic of China.   President … Continue reading

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Italy joins with China in battle for the New Paradigm, Geopoliticians Flip!

Helga Zepp LaRouche enthusiastically welcomed the decision by Italy to sign an MOU with China, to join the Belt-and-Road Initiative (BRI), as it demonstrates that the City of London geopolitical networks are losing their ability to dictate policy in Europe. … Continue reading

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Who is Lyndon LaRouche?

  LaRouche’s economic breakthroughs have provided him a unique ability to foresee economic crises and to provide solutions and superior policies for the future. How did he forecast the 2007–08 economic collapse when nearly everyone was caught by surprise? Why … Continue reading

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Brits Panic grows—Will Trump’s Missile Defense Plan Become LaRouche and Reagan’s SDI?

While one of the Empire’s favorite leak sheets, Buzzfeed, exposed itself with its latest lying story targeting President Trump, he opened the prospect that LaRouche’s design for the SDI might be back on the agenda. And while May and Macron … Continue reading

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LPAC Class Series #2, Jan 12: Science — not Mathematics! — is Key to the Economy

SPEAKERS: Jason Ross and Megan Beets, collaborators with Lyndon LaRouche in his “Basement” project, to draw out the connection of the history of science to economics LaRouche holds that, in order to understand the anti-entropic nature of the human mind, … Continue reading

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Fireside Chat – The British Come Out of the Shadows: We Will Prevent a Second Trump Term!

  Join us LIVE at 9pm Eastern. The British House of Lords just published a Report on what they want to do between now and 2020. They are emphatic: Donald Trump must not get a second term. They plan to … Continue reading

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