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No, John Bull, The Markets Do Not Supersede Humanity

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s visit to China, November 10, 2017 Photo: White House   DOWNLOAD PDF Within hours of the President of Italy rejecting the slate of ministers submitted by the majority coalition, while issuing a speech … Continue reading

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British Empire Desperate to Maintain Control—Coup Operations Afoot in US, Italy, & Beyond

  We’re sitting on a powder keg. In Europe, destabilizations are mounting. In Italy, the latest phase of blocking sovereignty and the will of the electorate, occurred last night, when President Sergio Mattarella denied the ministerial roster submitted by the … Continue reading

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Brazil, Argentina Scuttle BRICS-Oriented Foreign Policy, Opt for London’s Fascist Free Trade Instead

With the illegal ouster of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, the era of fascist coups has returned to Ibero-America, and with it, a shift away from the BRICS-oriented policies of regional and international cooperation to promote economic development and continental integration. … Continue reading

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350,000 Argentines Demonstrate in Buenos Aires against Macri’s Brutal Austerity Policies

An estimated 350,000 people gathered on the streets of Buenos Aires Friday in a march and demonstration organized by the four major trade union federations to denounce President Mauricio Macri’s brutal austerity policies, demand that he declare a “job emergency,” … Continue reading

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The Greek Debt Is a Swindle—So Is the Entire Transatlantic Financial System, Sink It to Stop WWIII

Lyndon LaRouche today launched an international initiative, centered in Manhattan, to expose the utter fraud of the debt which is being attributed to Greece by the European Union and the British Empire’s banks. That debt is being used as blackmail … Continue reading

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The Whole World Knows Obama Is a Lame Duck; Now He Has to Be Brought Down

Surveying the global situation in the aftermath of the APEC summit in China, Lyndon LaRouche stated on Wednesday that Obama and the British are losing prospects, and are on a losing slope on all fronts. Everything is going in a … Continue reading

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Argentine Daily: Weakened Obama is “A Deplumed Lame Duck”

Argentine Daily: Weakened Obama is “A Deplumed Lame Duck” Roasted by Political Defeat Nov. 12 (EIRNS)–Two days after Barack Obama and the Democratic Party got smashed in the midterm congressional elections, commentator Emilio Marin of Argentina’s {La Arena} aptly characterized … Continue reading

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We Are Not Prepared

As we’ve reported in our developing story Ebola Arrives In A U.S. That’s Totally Unprepared, the Ebola crisis is one for which mankind must immediately rally, or face the prospect of extinction. These are some of the reports on the … Continue reading

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Argentine and Russian Presidents Reaffirm Their Alliance in a Lively Video Press Conference

  In an event that must have caused heartburn among London and Wall Street financial predators, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a lively video press conference on Thursday, before an enthusiastic crowd gathered … Continue reading

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A Life and Death Choice Between Two Systems

This week as the G-20 and the IMF/World Bank meet in Washington, D.C., the BRICS will be meeting on the sidelines to discuss further implementation of the BRICS New Development Bank, recently created in July at the BRICS summit in … Continue reading

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