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End of Russiagate Beckons US-Russia Space Cooperation Asteroid Defense


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Russian Civil Defense Chief Calls for Cooperation on Defense against Asteroids and Comets

Yet another high-ranking Russian official has called for international cooperation on the defense of Earth against the danger of asteroid and comet impacts. In an interview with the government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Minister of Civil Defense and Emergencies Gen. Vladimir … Continue reading

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Fusion and Directed Energy for a Dynamic Approach

There is currently no defense of Earth from future asteroid and comet impacts. The aim here is to provide an overview of a systemic defense capability, necessitating an increased capability encompassing the entire territory of the inner Solar System. While … Continue reading

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New Paradigm for Mankind Weekly Report – Wednesday Dec 4, 2013

Watch the full video here, and listen to the audio here. New Paradigm for Mankind Weekly Report Wednesday, Dec. 4 2013 JASON ROSS: Hello, today is Dec. 4th, 2013 and this is this week’s show of the New Paradigm for … Continue reading

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Europe Is Training the Next Generation of Asteroid Fighters

A new program, funded by the European Commission, to educate the next generation of scientists regarding how to deflect asteroids and manipulate potentially harmful Earth-orbiting space debris, held its first week-long training session last week at the University of Strathclyde, … Continue reading

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China Concurs “We Need New Technology Development To Detect” and Protect Against Space Objects

China was among the nine nations that put together a team of 59 scientists to study studying the Chelyabinsk object, the 60-foot-wide space rock traveling 43,000 miles per hour—60 times the speed of sound—as it ripped into Earth’s atmosphere above … Continue reading

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September 13th, 2013 LaRouche Webcast: Q7 – A NAWAPA brain trust to unite the Globe

The seventh question from the September 13th webcast. How would you establish a new global brain trust to unify the global scientific community around a unified mission, as presented in the new Thermonuclear NAWAPA XXI report? The strategic defense of … Continue reading

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