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Prince Charles Orders Crackdown on LaRouche in Australia

On Saturday 14 November, members of the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC), the federally registered Australian political party allied with Lyndon LaRouche, were manning a booth at the annual Agricultural Show in Albany, Western Australia, to present their policies to the … Continue reading

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Wall Street’s Pyrrhic Victory: Self-Defeat & the Bush-League Trickery

The exposure of Bush-Cheney torture by elected officials of the United States Senate has created a new situation in which a repulsive 12 years’-period of Bush-Obama presidencies can be ended. Although there is much more to be done in prosecuting … Continue reading

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Sign the Petition: The U.S. Must Join the BRICS

In today’s nuclear age, the consequence of a geopolitical policy of confrontation with Russia and China can only be the thermonuclear extinction of the human race. Therefore, every effort must be made to cooperate to solve the multiple crises facing … Continue reading

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Modi Addresses More Than 20,000 in Australia

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s address to an overflow crowd in excess of 20,000 (out of perhaps 450,000 Persons of Indian Origin in Australia) has caused a sensation in the country. The {Hindustan Times} reports that “the Sydney event is attracting … Continue reading

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Xi Jinping Addresses Australian Parliament

At the invitation of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, China’s President Xi Jinping took his proposal for a new order in Asia to the representatives of the Australian people. President Xi was invited by Prime Minister Tony Abbott to address … Continue reading

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BRICS Developments, September 23rd, 2014 – The Nuclear Rebirth

BRICS Developments, September 23rd, 2014 – The Nuclear Rebirth Global Nuclear Power Renaissance Accelerates: South Africa and Russia Sign Bold Nuclear Deal The pace of contracts to build new nuclear power plants continues to accelerate around the world; the world … Continue reading

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Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser: Break With The British Imperial Tradition and the Obama Asia Pivot

In his new book Dangerous Allies, released on May 1, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (1975-1983) has called for Australia to reassert its sovereignty and throw a monkey wrench into the British/Obama plans for thermonuclear world war by kicking … Continue reading

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