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The Trans-Atlantic Financial Blowout: How Many Nations Will Bolt?

The assistant editor of the London Telegraph penned a quietly hysterical article yesterday, which begins: “It’s not quite Creditanstalt, the Austrian banking collapse that marked the beginning of the Great Depression…,” and goes on to say that last week’s profit … Continue reading

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You Call That a Stress Test? Euro Banks in Cardiac Arrest Will Be Pronounced Healthy

If your cardiologist tried a stunt like this— calling you into his office for a cardiac stress test, in which he told you not to bother riding the stationary bike, but just sit there while he listened to your ailing … Continue reading

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European Bank Stress Tests Are a Total Charade… Again

It’s obvious that you can’t run an honest stress test on Europe’s banks—which are all bankrupt beyond repair— unless and until you are prepared to put the vast majority of those banks out of their misery, which the British Empire … Continue reading

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