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The Four Powers and Our Role

LaRouchePAC organizing in NYC. December, 2018 [Eli Santiago / LaRouchePAC] Most of our fellow-citizens have not got the slightest idea of how the world has fundamentally changed. As Lyndon LaRouche had long forecast, and as he has fought ceaselessly to … Continue reading

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How To Outflank Mad Theresa May’s March to World War III

  What can explain the lemming-like reaction of Trans-Atlantic governments to the hysterical escalation of the British Empire against Russia in the Skripal affair? As Helga Zepp-LaRouche has emphasized, there is only one explanation, namely, the desperate fear of the … Continue reading

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Fireside Chat with Bill Jones, March 15, 2018

Join us for a discussion with Bill Jones, EIR Washington D.C. correspondent. Over the past two months, Western intelligence agencies, led by the British, have launched an all out active measures campaign against China’s great Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). … Continue reading

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Good Prospects Lie Ahead; Blast Apart What’s In the Way!

The meeting between the North Korean leader and high-ranking officials and the South’s special delegation took place in the main building of the Workers’ Party of Korea in Pyongyang on March 5, 2018. Source : KOCIS(korea.net)   DOWNLOAD PDF There … Continue reading

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Tariffs Divert Again from Productive Investment, Silk Road Link

Yangshan Deep-water Harbour Zone, Port of Shanghai.   The steel and aluminum tariffs announced by President Trump are his second attempt — following “tax reform” — to improve the U.S. economy while being blocked from following through on his “build … Continue reading

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Ibero-America Joins China’s BRI, Will North America Be Next?

  EIR’s Intel Director for Ibero America, Dennis Small, discusses the recent agreement of the CELAC nations (all nations in the Western hemisphere except U.S. and Canada) to participate in China’s Belt and Road Initiative. This includes the Caribbean Basin … Continue reading

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To Defeat the Culture of Death, There Has To Be A Renaissance Movement

Helga Zepp-LaRouche shortly before her appearance on an English language dialog TV show during her trip to the Belt and Road Forum in China. Spring, 2017   DOWNLOAD PDF Helga Zepp-LaRouche today addressed the global strategic situation, and the national … Continue reading

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