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To Stop World War III, Hillary Must Expose Obama’s Benghazi Lies

https://larouchepac.com/sites/default/files/20150730-hillary-obama.pdf Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has it in her power to stop President Barack Obama from launching a strategic conflict with Russia, that will, in all likelihood, lead to a thermonuclear war of extinction. All she has to … Continue reading

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New Benghazi Documents Show Obama Lied to the American People and Should Immediately Be Impeached

More than 100 pages requested under the Freedom of Information Act have been released to Judicial Watch. These documents, which are merely the tip of the iceberg, must lead to an immediate escalation of the investigation being conducted by the … Continue reading

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South Dakota Republican Party Passes Resolution Calling For Impeachment of Obama

FLASH: Coming directly on the heels of the initiation of impeachment proceedings in the British House of Commons against former Prime Minister Tony Blair, the South Dakota Republican Party State Convention has passed a resolution yesterday calling for the immediate … Continue reading

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Ansar al-Sharia Launches Major Attack in Benghazi

According to the Libya Herald on Friday, May 2, Ansar al-Sharia launched a major attack on the Benghazi Security Directorate, in which at least nine security personnel, perhaps more, were killed and as many as twenty wounded. Another eight security … Continue reading

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Libyan Prime Minister Flees Country; Al Qaeda in Charge

On Tuesday, March 11, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Martyr’s Loyalty Block led by Abd Al-Wahhab Mohammad Qaid, a leading member of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), finally succeeded in ousting Prime Minister Ali Zeidan by a vote … Continue reading

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Texas Rep. Stockman Calls for Special Prosecutor To Investigate Obama’s Crimes

In an Oct. 31 statement, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) called for naming a special prosecutor to investigate the crimes of Barack Obama, WND reports. Earlier this month Stockman had distributed to members of the House of Representatives the book “Impeachable … Continue reading

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CBS “60 Minutes” Special on Benghazi May Help Revive Call for a Select Committee

On October 27, 2013, CBS News presented a special edition of “60 Minutes” entitled “Benghazi.” The host Lara Logan interviewed three individuals two of whom, Andrew Wood and Gregory Hicks, have testified previously before the U.S. Congress. The third witness … Continue reading

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