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Hillary Clinton Lost Big, Ignoring Collapse of Middle Class

While Hillary Clinton now blames FBI Director James Comey’s investigation of her emails for her loss, sane Democrats realize that it was her refusal to fight Wall Street to improve the the living standards of workers, unemployed, minorities, and rural … Continue reading

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Democrat Party, Like GOP, Is Disintegrating

The US system of political parties is disintegrating. Lyndon LaRouche has identified what he calls the “potty system” as being at the root of the dumbing down of the American population, forcing people to choose between two evil forces, both … Continue reading

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The System Is Coming Down; A New One Launched In New York Today

The Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor CC-BY-SA Next week’s Democratic debate in New York is liable to be fun, because the genie of breaking up the banks and shutting down Wall Street has been let loose again, and that, … Continue reading

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“Don’t be a chump for Trump!”

  A musical offering (& warning) to our fellow Americans: don’t be a chump for Trump! If you’re voting for Trump, you’re a chump, chump, chump! Because Wall Street’s behind is Donald Trump, They are crashing the country into a … Continue reading

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Can We Prevent the Drive to Thermonuclear War by Obama and the British Empire?

Lyndon LaRouche sharply warned on Sunday evening that “the world is on the edge of general thermonuclear warfare, and it’s coming essentially from Britain and from Obama. Obama is an agent of the British imperial system, and always has been, … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Our Intention Clear

We want active support, from us, to boost O’Malley’s campaign, because it’s necessary that his campaign be boosted, LaRouche said to associates Jan. 27. Take the things we recognize in O’Malley’s policy, as opposed to maybe some side issues, which … Continue reading

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Wall Street’s Enemy No. 1 Is Martin O’Malley; Hillary Must Be Dumped

Barack Obama’s lavish pre-debate praise for Hillary Clinton, in his Politico interview today, was presumably prompted by Wall Street orders, to try to save Clinton’s campaign as an obviously pro-Wall Street mouthpiece of Obama. Obama may have gone too far, … Continue reading

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LPAC Manhattan Project Shakes up Chelsea Democratic Presidential Candidates Forum

The rank and file of the Democratic Party organization in Manhattan are not yet moral corpses (although they do smell funny). LaRouche’s Manhattan Party intervened with the courage to uphold the truth, beckoning the New York Democratic Party towards an … Continue reading

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British Lash Out in Defense of Their Man Obama and Wall Street

Lyndon LaRouche today pronounced both Bernie Sanders and fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton politically dead, for their overt support of Barack Obama, including Clinton’s vociferous opposition to a return to the Glass-Steagall bill. That, LaRouche stated, leaves the Democratic … Continue reading

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A British Trick? This Is Not The Bernie Sanders He’s Represented Himself To Be

Click to access 20151012-a-british-trick-2.pdf On Sunday Oct. 11, just as Barack Obama was being shown up again, on “60 Minutes,” for the aggressive, blustering, but weak “British war President” he’s turned out to be, he received lavish praise from Bernie … Continue reading

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