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British Intelligence Hitman Crows that Brazil Crisis Marks End of the “BRICS Fantasy”

In his article in the March 7 Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-­Pritchard, the avowed British Secret Intelligence Service (MI­6) stringer for British intelligence notorious for his role in orchestrating the slander operation against President Bill Clinton, proclaimed today that, in his view, … Continue reading

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Why Martin O’Malley is a very different kind of Irish American politician by Niall O’Dowd — Irish Central

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination yesterday.Photo by: Amy Davis/Baltimore Sun Martin O’Malley made it official yesterday on a perfect day in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor where he announced for President of the United States. … Continue reading

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Kesha Rogers: Message on Post APEC Summit

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LPAC Policy Committee Show 3 November2014

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Daily Mirror’s Joe Cahill accusations a new low for British journalism

by Niall O’Dowd, Irish Central Journalism standards in Ireland and Britain appear to have reached a new low with an anonymously-sourced article in the Daily Mirror.The article claims the late Joe Cahill, one of the founders of the Provisional IRA … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton: Vote With Me, Forget About Obama

  Former President Bill Clinton has hit the campaign trail in Arkansas this week in support of four embattled Democrats; and his message appears to be that he understands Democratic and independent voters want to vote against Obama, but they … Continue reading

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Don’t Try To Control An Uncontrollable War • Impeach Obama Now; Create A Solution For The United States

In its development since the mid-July “Fortaleza” summits of the BRICS and supporting nations, the new policy of peace through development for all nations has changed the potential of the whole international situation. The New Silk Road policy of China, … Continue reading

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