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“I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In . . . “

An Irish-American story of hope, from Elizabeth O’Reilly Jennings, long-time member of the LaRouche Movement. August, 1941.  The world was at war.  Hitler had overrun most of Europe, and was knocking at the door of Britain.  The aristocracy that, not … Continue reading

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Tribute to John F. Kennedy featuring Mozart’s Requiem

In celebration of John F. Kennedy’s 100th Birthday on May 29th, we are proud to replay a concert by the Schiller Institute Chorus, augmented by additional singers and an orchestra largely comprised of volunteers from the New England Conservatory of … Continue reading

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A Tribute: Mozart’s Reqiuem

Happy Thanksgiving from LaRouchePAC. As you celebrate this most American of holidays, we wanted to give you a gift to clear the mind and help shape the way forward. As you know, we view the recent electoral earthquakes throughout the … Continue reading

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LaRouche: Our Policy is Glass-Steagall and an Alliance with the BRICS

In the new situation created by a leading Presidential pre-candidate campaigning on Glass-Steagall policy against Wall Street, Lyndon LaRouche said in webcast with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee discussion on Monday that “He [O’Malley] got this policy from me, and … Continue reading

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Boston’s Holy Cross celebrates St Patrick’s Day – pictures

Slideshow: http://photos.pilotcatholicnews.com/Photogalleries/Cathedral-St-Patricks-Day-Mass/i-dd5ZqK9/A Cardinal O’Malley wrote in his blog: “There were bagpipes and step dancers and we always like to incorporate the Irish language into the liturgy. This year, the wife of the new consul-general of Ireland Carmel Ó Caollaí proclaimed … Continue reading

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LPAC Policy Committee · January 20, 2014

POLICY COMMITTEE PREVIEWS MAJOR NEW LAROUCHE DOCUMENT ON ‘A MUCH NEEDED GLOBAL STRATEGY’ Here is the transcript: DIANE SARE:  Good afternoon, and welcome to the Monday, January 20th, LaRouche PAC Policy Committee discussion.  Today is Martin Luther King Day, appropriately … Continue reading

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Cultural and Political Milestone In Boston • 1,200 Attend Schiller Institute Requiem Concert Honoring JFK

An estimated 1,200 people attended the Sunday afternoon concert performance of the Mozart Requiem in honor of the late President John F. Kennedy, sponsored by the Schiller Institute. The event was held at Boston’s Cathedral of the Holy Cross where … Continue reading

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Join Us in Boston for a Commemorative Performance of Mozart’s Requiem in Honor of John F Kennedy

For those of our readers who live in the Boston area or who have friends or family there, we would like to invite you to our concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of the performance of Mozart’s Requiem in honor of … Continue reading

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Rep. Lynch: Release of 28 Pages Would Help Decision-Making (About the Saudis); Plus further proof

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), when being interviewed by the widely-watched Piers Morgan show on CNN on Dec. 16, was asked about the censored 28 pages from the Congressional 9/11 report, and he answered with a veiled but obvious reference to … Continue reading

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Congressmen Jones and Lynch Introduce Resolution for Obama To Declassify 28-Pages of 9/11 Report

  The following statement was issued by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) on Dec. 3, calling upon President Obama to declassify the censored 28-page section of the report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry on the 9/11 attacks. According to the Boston … Continue reading

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