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Interview with Nomi Prins

Financial analyst, Author and fmr. Goldman Sachs Managing Director, Nomi Prins sits down with EIR’s Paul Gallagher to discuss just how rotten the current financial system is, making a sobering case that we are far worse off today than we … Continue reading

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What Can You Do For Mankind?

Presidents of Russia and China seen here after agreeing to a large set of “Win-Win” economic cooperation projects. 2015. [en.kremlin.ru]   The worst thing that can happen to a bankrupt and decadent empire, whose continuing control depends on the mental … Continue reading

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EIR Testimony on Maryland House Resolution HJ4 moving Congress To Restore the Glass-Steagall Act

Testimony of Paul Gallagher, Executive Intelligence Review Economics Co-Editor March 3, 2017 Committee Chair and Delegates, Thank you very much for holding today’s hearing on the resolution to the U.S. Congress to restore the Glass-Steagall Act separating commercial bank units … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Nations Face Financial Collapse and Civil War—Trump Must Go With Glass Steagall & Join the New Silk Road!

While the “color revolution” hysteria targeting President Donald Trump continues across Europe and the United States, the truth behind this “new McCarthyism” is also coming out. Calls for Trump’s assassination have appeared in several European press and across the blogosphere. … Continue reading

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Trump Addresses Congress: Will Obama’s Coup Attempt Against Him Be Defeated?

President Trump addresses CPAC on February 24, 2017.   The intense attacks on President Donald Trump by liberal, “globalist” media and party leaders in Europe and the United States, are being exposed as a coup attempt against any U.S.-Russia cooperation, … Continue reading

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Financial Times DC Chief Calls for Ousting Trump To Save “The System”

Demonstrating once again that the British are controlling the Obama/Soros color revolution against the US government, the former Financial Times bureau chief in Washington, Edward Luce (who is still in Washington), penned an open call for a violent insurrection against … Continue reading

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Jail Obama for Treason

Obama and John Podesta. January 25, 2015 [White House Photo]   Barack Obama, after eight years of mass killing with drones and genocidal “regime change” wars, has refused to retire from his treasonous role, but is now leading an insurrection … Continue reading

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