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Tony Blair Signals British Monarchy Breakdown Crisis

The discredited Tony Blair’s sudden re-emergence today in a bitter televised attack on the potential next leader of Britain’s Labour Party, may be the next shoe falling in a British Monarchy breakup crisis, after furor arising from exposure of film … Continue reading

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The Bankers Are Not Happy With Osborne’s Announcement

The announcement by Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne that the government will “electrify” the ring-fence between retail and investment banking in the Banking Reform bill, did not please the bankers. The Daily Telegraph cites one unnamed analyst from … Continue reading

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Aug. 12 (EIRNS)–Regarding Tony Blair’s return to power to bring back the glory days of Labour, the London Observer (the Sunday edition of the Guardian) has it right. A hilarious column by Stewart Lee is illustrated with a cartoon of … Continue reading

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Michael Noonan Must Be Joking! – The HSBC drug bank and the Irish connection

Michael Noonan must be joking if he thinks that he can just shrug his shoulders and fob the nation off with statements such as “I am quite comfortable that he (Geoghegan) should continue in that role and there is nothing … Continue reading

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