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Trump Versus Durbin: Who is the Real Hypocrite Fostering Institutional Racism? Why is this Happening Now?

  DOWNLOAD PDF Within days, and, at most weeks, the American people will have the evidence from the House Intelligence Committee and others that they have been watching a coup, since the summer of 2016, against candidate and then President … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: Trump ‘Friendship’ Tour of Asia Completed; Now Spread the Momentum for a New Era

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visit China | November 10, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks) DOWNLOAD PDF On Tuesday, Pres. Donald Trump will arrive back in Washington, D.C. from a five-nation Asian tour, … Continue reading

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Robert Parry Slams the `It’s All Russia’s Fault’ Narrative, Warns of New McCarthyism

Under the headline “Blaming Russia for Everything,” investigative reporter Robert Parry penned a scathing attack on the insane line coming from the liberal media and affiliated institutions, that everything that has gone wrong in the political process is Russia’s fault. … Continue reading

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Comments on Merkel’s Visit to the White House

“The atmosphere could hardly have been more uneasy between Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald Trump during her visit to the White House. No handshake for the cameras, next to no eye contact, strained faces for both of them. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Color Revolutions Are Acts of War

The fomenting of “color revolutions” to bring down governments or nations is an act of war. The strategy was developed, and is being actively promoted out of institutions centered in the neo-British Empire, particularly at Oxford, home of the Civil … Continue reading

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Neocons, the Media, and Liberal Democrats — Not Strange Bedfellows, But United British Assets

Then President Barack Obama and Senator John McCain, March 2009. Photo: whitehouse.gov   Two important documents were released on March 4 on the extreme danger of war being instigated by the hysterical and absurd demonization of any U.S. contacts with … Continue reading

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U.S. Congressmen Targeting George Soros’s Subversion in Macedonia

Over the past month, legislators led by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, have acted to determine the extent of British agent George Soros’s subversion … Continue reading

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