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Russia Holds the Strongest Position on Ukraine, Financially and Strategically

Russia is in by far the strongest position in relation to Ukraine, both financially and strategically—a far stronger position than the United States or the European Union—a City of London analyst said to EIR on Friday. Ukraine’s economy has been … Continue reading

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‘Delayed Glass-Steagall’ Amendment Narrowly Defeated In U.K. House of Lords

A long debate on the Glass-Steagall Act in the House of Lords Nov. 26-27 saw the U.K.’s Cameron government battling on behalf of City of London banks, to avoid the prospect that Glass-Steagall bank separation be set up as the … Continue reading

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Q and A with Putin on Syria

http://eng.kremlin.ru/news/5912 QUESTION: You mentioned the topicality of a trip to the Far East, but Syria is also very topical. Last night the British Parliament voted against military intervention, and some countries, including Germany and even the NATO alliance have expressed their … Continue reading

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