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Former Obama Official Bragged about Intelligence Gathering on Trump—Before Obama Left Office

In a March 2 interview with MSNBC, for which network she is also an analyst, Evelyn Farkas, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration, and also an adviser to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, boasted that she … Continue reading

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Do You Want the FBI Running This Country?

Ever since March 4, when President Trump accurately said that he had been “wiretapped,” (surveilled) by Barack Obama, there has been a growing paroxysm of fear among some of our U.S. Senators and others. They may try to pretend otherwise, … Continue reading

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Why the British Hate Trump — Plus New LaRouchePAC Report Released

Executive Intelligence Review’s Michael Billington gives an exclusive breakdown of the British intelligence and financial operations being directed against the Donald Trump Presidency, and Jason Ross of the LaRouchePAC science team presents an introductory overview of the new LaRouchePAC report, … Continue reading

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Transatlantic Nations Face Financial Collapse and Civil War—Trump Must Go With Glass Steagall & Join the New Silk Road!

While the “color revolution” hysteria targeting President Donald Trump continues across Europe and the United States, the truth behind this “new McCarthyism” is also coming out. Calls for Trump’s assassination have appeared in several European press and across the blogosphere. … Continue reading

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Optimism must Trump Obama’s Conspiracy for War with Russia

Attorney General Sessions being sworn in January 10, 2017. Whitehouse Photo   No, the “sky is not falling” with the new ridiculous McCarthyist charges against Attorney General Sessions–if any of you had thought it might be falling. Rather, this is … Continue reading

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Financial Times DC Chief Calls for Ousting Trump To Save “The System”

Demonstrating once again that the British are controlling the Obama/Soros color revolution against the US government, the former Financial Times bureau chief in Washington, Edward Luce (who is still in Washington), penned an open call for a violent insurrection against … Continue reading

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Jail Obama for Treason

Obama and John Podesta. January 25, 2015 [White House Photo]   Barack Obama, after eight years of mass killing with drones and genocidal “regime change” wars, has refused to retire from his treasonous role, but is now leading an insurrection … Continue reading

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For the Sake of Peace, Obama Must Surrender His Nobel Prize

Barack Obama with the Nobel Prize medal and diploma during the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony Dec. 10, 2009. [Whitehouse photo]   DOWNLOAD PDF With only days remaining in his presidency, Barack Obama is continuing to escalate a potential world war … Continue reading

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As Bitter a Failure as Hoover, Obama Should Get Out Now

Obama at the Treasury before delivering remarks on the mass shootings in Orlando, FL, June 2016. Photo: whitehouse.gov Pete Souza   DOWNLOAD PDF When President Herbert Hoover had been defeated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, he spent the entire … Continue reading

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Putin Announces Syria Ceasefire Agreement; LaRouche Gives His Evaluation

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, during a televised meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, that documents relating to a cease-fire have been signed by Syrian opposition groups and the government of Syrian President Bashar al … Continue reading

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