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We are Winning. Don’t Negotiate. Don’t Screw it Up!

The events of this past weekend present the strategic situation in stark relief. On the one side is the massive display of power demonstrated in the Moscow celebration of the 70th anniversary of VE day, hosted by Russian President Vladimir … Continue reading

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BRICS Offer World ‘Win-win Cooperation’ on Security, As Well as Economics

  In much the same fashion that Chinese President Xi Jinping used his Nov. 12 joint press conference with Barack Obama at the APEC summit, to “welcome the active participation of the United States and other relevant countries, so that … Continue reading

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Emergency War Plan to Stop Ebola

A PDF version of this statement can be found HERE. Michael Osterholm, currently the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, is one of the worlds leading experts on public health and … Continue reading

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Is Joe Biden Writing the “29th Page?”

  While the Obama administration has forced its number two man to publicly “eat crow”—by apologizing for saying the truth—in order save the mere appearances of its “alliance” in the war against ISIS, some are more willing to acknowledge the … Continue reading

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“Thought Crime” And The NSA: British Detain Anti-Drone Activist

It came some twenty-five years after the malignant society described in George Orwell’s 1984, but the concept of “thought crime” and its expression in speech, is alive and well at least in the highest echelons of the Anglo-American intelligence community. … Continue reading

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London-Centered International Terrorist Deployment against Kenya

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta announced the evening of September 24th that the four-day attack on the Westgate mall carried out by international terrorists, had been terminated by Kenyan security forces. As of now, 72 people are known killed; 61 civilians … Continue reading

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Requiem for the Croppies, Seamus Heaney RIP

Requiem for the Croppies The pockets of our greatcoats full of barley… No kitchens on the run, no striking camp… We moved quick and sudden in our own country. The priest lay behind ditches with the tramp. A people hardly … Continue reading

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Even A Neocon Charges Aug. 21 Chemical Attack Was False Flag

30 Aug. (LPAC)  Kenneth Timmerman, a well-known neoconservative writer who heads a group called the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, has written a strong refutation of the so-called “proof” that the Assad government ordered chemical weapons attacks on a Damascus … Continue reading

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Lyndon LaRouche’s 30 August Webcast

Watch the Webcast Here Lyndon LaRouche answers the first question re: the changed situation in the Syrian war drive saying; As of Thursday evening, I had three possible options on the explanation of what might be the causes and results … Continue reading

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Ban Ki-Moon Wants Speedy Investigation of Alleged Use of Deadly Gas in Syria

26 Aug. (EIRNS)–Speaking from Seoul where he is on an official visit, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told reporters on Aug. 26 that there was no time to waste in investigating the alleged chemical attack. “The world is watching Syria, the … Continue reading

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