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China’s “Silk Road Spirit” Inspires France’s Macron: Will it Reach Berlin and Brussels?

Join us for this week’s Schiller Institute webcast, featuring Helga Zepp-LaRouche. In opening a three-day visit to China, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that, with the reinvention of the ancient Silk Road, which he called a “treasure of civilization,” China … Continue reading

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Friday Webcast, March 25, 2016

    In tonight’s webcast, we discuss the proper response to the attack in Brussels, the recent breakthrough conferences in Frankfurt and Cairo, and Space and Science as a basis for Universal cooperation among people and Nations. Tonight’s webcast was … Continue reading

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Belgian LaRouche Movement Agora Erasmus statement on Brussels bombings

Members and supporters of the Belgian LaRouche movement Agora Erasmus, who were close to the events in Brussels when they happened Tuesday, are reportedly safe. Agora Erasmus released the following statement following yesterday’s terrorist attacks: Today Brussels is in tears. … Continue reading

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Terrorists attack Brussels, ISIS claims responsibility

The city of Brussels, home to NATO and the European Commission, came under terrorist attack today. Attacks were carried out at Brussels’s Maalbeek metro station and soon after, two blasts ripped through the departure lounge of Zaventem airport. As of … Continue reading

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Lavrov Attacks NATO Interference in Ukrainian Affairs

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in Brussels for the NATO-Russia Council meeting on Wednesday, responded sharply to a NATO Foreign Ministers statement released yesterday which attacked the Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovich for refusing to commit suicide by joining the … Continue reading

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Finance Watch Brussels Conference: Break Up the Banks Now and Avoid Banking Union

A conference held Thursday and sponsored by Finance Watch, a Brussels-based Non-Governmental Organization that focusses on financial regulation in the European Union, included among its topics the need for separating Europe’s commercial banks from investment banks, and making this, not … Continue reading

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President of German Farmers Association Attacks Brussels Eurocrats and Green NGOs

  26 June (EIRNS) In his keynote to the national convention of the German farmers here in Berlin today, farmers association president Johannes Rukwiek lashed out against the green NGOs for their constant campaign against modern agriculture. He said he … Continue reading

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More international News on Anglo Tape Scandal

More international coverage of Anglo Tapes scandal; Fallbeispiel Anglo-Irish Bank: neuer Skandal um EU-Bankenrettung  from Germany http://www.bueso.de/node/6550 From the U.S,- LPAC  on Day 2 of the Anglo Tapes Scandal: Day Two of the Anglo Tapes scandal have created an aftershock … Continue reading

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Don’t be a sucker and fall for Joan’s new EU “anti austerity” spin

  A gaggle of double talking  EUrocrats published a phony op ed in the Guardian on Tuesday, 28 May.Since one of the signers was Joan Burton the Irish press went mad over this seemingly new initiative. Joan Burton is just … Continue reading

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Enda’s EU Buddies Didn’t Mention That They Are About To Destroy Ireland

RTE this afternoon reports that, in spite of non stop coverage of Apple’s tax scam in Ireland, Enda’s EU buddies were really nice to him and didn’t even mention the issue today. “Afterwards Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the row over … Continue reading

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